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I FELL IN LAKE AGAIN Fishing Adventure

The weather looked great, so for the first time we decided to head out and go on a mission, determined to catch at least one fish. We took a list of locations and went to tick them off, until I fell through a slippery tree and got cold and wet. lol
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  1. didnt you upload this in summer?

  2. Carl and Alex are awesome! replying to a lot of comments but can they reply to this one?? we will find out soon

  3. Do u just ring the lakes on google and go fish it and not ask for permistion

  4. Great video guys, im new to the channel but if you have the time do you mind Dming me on instagram and answering a few questions? And keep up the good work guys!!

  5. Itsurboylogesz 123

    Great vid I watched it back in the summer when you guys first recorded it but it's a pleasure to come and watch it again love the vids lads keep it up 👌🏻

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Thanks so much man, yeah just adding all the videos from our now deleted Extra Channel. Want to have all our videos in one place. :)

  6. Good quick vid keep up the good work

  7. did that last carp die

  8. André La’Course

    Pure entertainment lads 😂👍

  9. Nice video well done 👍

  10. didn't you guys publish this before

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Scott Huting m Yeah it was on our now removed 'extra' channel. Just adding all the old videos to this main channel as we no longer use the extra one.

  11. Awesome video , cant wait for summer !🎣🎣

  12. As a fellow fishermen and blogger I find you videos really engaging and am think of joining the to roles of mine together like you do . Thanks for you comment and if you could show some love and sub to my channel cheers lads keep up the good work

  13. Alex is always eating ))

  14. Hi lads, yet again another brilliant little video of you 2 doing what you do best!! I've got a really nice little lake near mine that I go to all the time, proper up close and personal little lake and you won't believe the carp that come out of there "Stunners" and Alan Blair would say. And what's better it's an old abandoned irrigation lake, if you ever wanna go just let me know. I'm in essex so not to far for you guys to come. keep it up lads

  15. You deserve more subs for the effort and Quality of these vids…well done lads

  16. I remember that well! The more you big yourself the harder you fall hahaha

  17. great video keep it up

  18. Still Legends and 2017 has just started!

  19. you guys rock thank you for your hard work and great fishing shows!

  20. blue monkey gaming

    Why re upload guys ?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +blue monkey gaming Becuase we decided after a year that trying to manage our extra channel was too much work so we have deleted it and are moving our videos over to the original channel. Hope that makes sense :)

  21. The Dream Catcher

    Diggin this daily upload thing

  22. thinking about what you guys said about getting rid of the "extra" channel and youre going to release video every friday on the regular channel. You could always do shorter videos through out the week sporadically and longer video every friday.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yeah that would be mega, thing is 1 video a week is hard enough as it is, but we will try and be as regular as possible around work and stuff :)

  23. U are th3 best channel on YouTube I really enjoy your content after a long day at school.

  24. loving the uploading daily great idea .

  25. How do u find places like this

  26. Guys, you can not put subtitle in Spanish? 🙏😇

    • Are you sure they are not auto-generated? I can't find them. Check your settings.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      We would love to be able to add subtitles in all languages, but it can be very expensive to get the translations done. Sadly we don't make any profit from these videos so we can't invest in subtitles yet :(

    • Carl and Alex Fishing – I understand perfectly, I personally just see your work and other things I'm happy, thank you :) one day we have to go fishing😊

    • Carl and Alex Fishing really. don't u guys make money off it yet? my 3k channel makes money. I can help you guys out with joining a network if you'd like you would probably get $2 per 1k views. do u have Skype? my Skype is sky_killer518

  27. Love your videos the best fishing videos on you tube well done

  28. Is this a re-upload?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yep it used to be on our (now taken down) Extra Channel, people asked that we move all our content to the main channel incase they want to watch again in the future. Hope thats ok :)

    • +Carl and Alex Fishing Of course keep up the great content

  29. What river is that?

  30. This is a same vid of quite a while ago

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yep it used to be on our (now taken down) Extra Channel, people asked that we move all our content to the main channel incase they want to watch again in the future. Hope thats ok :)

  31. Was this reuploaded

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yep it used to be on our (now taken down) Extra Channel, people asked that we move all our content to the main channel incase they want to watch again in the future. Hope thats ok :)

  32. i lold

  33. Love it guys

  34. The Zanzibarbarian

    You fished the River Ouse in Sussex that I fished, and loved so much, some 40 years ago. 50 or so yards further down stream, where the river divides, is where I caught my first fish from that river. A 2lb 2oz Chub!!
    Though I have a question. Was the heavily  weed over grown pond the one that is 100 yards from the river? Between the river and the old convent? If so, it's changed one hell of a lot. Used to be full of 5lb to mid-teen carp then.
    The river, on the other hand, looks pretty similar to when I fished it.
    Nice work again lads. However, I must point out that on some waters, wading is not allowed :-))

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      That's awesome! Yeah the pond is pretty close to the weedy little lake is just in the field next door like you say about 100yrds from the river. It was very very shallow now almost no water left! Very overgrown now too.
      Thanks for the comment, we will try to stop wading in future ;) hehe

  35. Great video but I know how that feels😡😡🐟🐟

  36. Hi Guys,
    Great fun there. No hangups or hype. Just noticed you have over 40K subs and clearly you have got it right. Certainly your filming is naturally talented and that in my view is what will make your Channel explode in time to the levels that the lads in America enjoy.
    Lets show them what we in the UK can do Guys, your more than capable and i will support this Channel as much as possible. I love TA Fishing Channel, check it out Graeme is incredible.
    Fantastic Lads here's to the better weather coming, i know i cant wait !
    Steve in Fife.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Hi there Steve!
      Thanks a lot man, appreciate the comment :) If our channel ever reaches HALF the people the bass fishing YouTube Channels do, then we would be mindblown. At the end of the day though, stats are stats, the important thing is that we enjoy our fishing and every now and then someone else is inspired to go fishing too :) That's what keeps us going!
      Tight lines, here's to the future :)

    • Wow that's a faster response than a 911 call lads Ha Ha,
      Great stuff boys,
      Steve in Fife.

  37. did you guys re upload this or am i just imagining thinks😂

  38. carl and alex you shod go to beaver farm fishrey

  39. carl and alex you shod go to bever farm fishrey

  40. Lukasz Brzezinski

    hapy new year carl and alex

  41. lake jumper!👌👌

  42. Extreme Philly Fishing

    Digging the vlogging, especially since you folks are from another continent. Heh. Keep catching them! Tight lines!

  43. I loved that beautiful common right at the start

  44. Hate that it when that happens!

  45. what line/hook do you lads use for free lining bread?

  46. Did you know if there were carp in the small ponds you saw on Google maps??

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