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Lure fishing for pike! – Pike everywhere! part3

Another fun session pike fishing in a shallow water lake, all pike where caught on the 22cm westin shadteez.


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  1. pit bikes ireland

    shoutout please

  2. Is the area you are catching all the jacks a shallow area of the lake? Jacks normally pile into the shallow areas a few weeks before spawning, in which case the big girls should not be too far away!

    • yeah there in a pretty shallow area, the deepest part of the lake is 2 meter and the jacks where all in 0.5 to 1.3meter of water, cheers

  3. Alright bud whats the name of that lake

  4. I've been with your channel since 100 subs Can I please had a shoutout?

  5. Such a race. What is the lure at around 7 minutes? Cheers mr.DB!

  6. Bro could u try some spinners at your local venues I would love to see it!

  7. Did you catch them all on the same lure?
    How much do they charge you for the boats?

  8. Another great vid mate, keep em coming !! Where is this lake ? Cheers

  9. When you find lots of small pike in a venue it normally means all the big ones have been cleaned out. Someone was probably hungry. The scars are from mating, nothing to do with being attaked by a bigger fish.

    • theres plenty of big pike in there, its a large water thats normally 90% covered in weed where the pike hide most of the time, but in late winter when the weed has died off the small pike tend to hide in the reeds to get away from the cormorants and big pike so there quite easy to find

  10. Lure Fishing Lloydie

    You are just allowed to fish these places? Fucking awesome man. every good lake or river around london is carp syndicate or no fishing

    • yeah can just fish it whenever, pike fishing is the only type of fishing that gets done on this lake, and theres only about 10 boats for a 500 acre lake so its quite low pressure too haha.

  11. Blinking hell how many pike in there lol?

  12. Which brand and model of baitcaster is that reel? Great video gained another sub

  13. What's the name of that lake and where do you go fishing?

  14. Nice video.. Where did you get that lure from?

  15. Alexander Winkler

    Brilliant vid!
    And nice healthy pike as well, awesome😊

  16. What would be the simplest, most effective lure that you can just cast and retrieve for pike?

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