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Making A Soft Plastic Fishing Lure. The Sushi Whip Tail Grub

creating the master lure from polymer clay making a rtv mold and then pouring the lure

Link to a List of tools, materials and suppliers

If you re interested in buying a mould then follow the link

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  1. His breathing is so Annoying

  2. Show….

  3. Яғни бұқаралық сіз GRUB модельдеуге пайдалануға бірі болып табылады?

  4. Creepy crawlers

  5. Lol instead of buying so many things for that lure it would probably be cheaper to get bulk packs of lures of Amazon or eBay

  6. Love your videos! Im trying to put out vids just like this. Just get started though. Check out my videos?!

  7. ผมคิดถูกละที่จะซื้อมาใช้แทนที่จะทำเอง

  8. buen trabajo

  9. Did this as a kid of sorts with a Creepy Crawlers toy set that I owned. I actually had some luck with the fly and centipede, but they didn't hold up all that well. After one or two catches the lures would be all but demolished. Still I remember being happy back then because it was something that I made.

  10. Jovana De almeida souza


  11. OR you can get silicone and normal already made lure then you can make a mold

  12. Korneliusz Oreluk

    All of that hard work to make a lure that cost about 50c each

  13. Man, the action on that is better than some store boughts

  14. fishing is my favorite sport

  15. Hello Paul. I don't know if you know this but WikiHow has taken your video and used it on their site. Please see this link.

    • The Handmade Fisherman

      Thanks for the heads up. In this case they have done it the right way by embedding my original video so anybody can click on it and come back to my channel rather than uploading it as their own. Thanks for keeping an eye I really appreciate it.

  16. Patricia Martinez

    que podes pescar

  17. Amazing, I have to try this

  18. very interesting. Thumbs up for no music

  19. what type of clay or plastic did you use to sculp the fishing piece? whatever you used i need it! ive been trying to find something like this for awhile please and thank you

    • ok so i see down in the commenta you said you used sculpey clay so now my question is what casting material did you use?

  20. The breathing in this was so annoying lmao

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  22. You are great, and so are videos etc. Just thought I'd mention: your videos captures allot of annoying sounds, like microwave oven beeps, door opening and closing etc. I do not believe viewers actually enjoy these sounds. Kind regards

  23. That breathing tho

  24. Could you get the gelliton and the soft plastic at Hobby lobby?

  25. but one side is flat.need full mold not one side.but good learning video thinks

  26. It would have been cooler had you would've shown us you catching a fish on it 😉

  27. All that work just for it to get snagged on a rock or some weeds but still a great video keep up the good work 👍

  28. Wow so much work goes into making these lures, if only you could buy then for under a dollar

  29. so much work for a shitty flat sided plastic.

  30. Craig Howdeshell

    I am really impressed with the techniques you used to make this, I can use this to make other things as well. You made it look very easy and the end product works great! Good job.

  31. Donald Touma Touma

    I could hear his breath

  32. Mantaris Cheap Loser

    and here i thought it was gonna be easy

  33. awesome video bit maybe some music or talking?

  34. This is extra af I'll just go to Walmart

  35. Mclovin Outdoors

    Why do breathe so heavy it's all i hear it just like you ran a 5k

  36. needs some music, tired of listining to heavy breathing

  37. This is too satisfying

  38. Or I guess you can call it the most satisfying video ever

  39. It looks like Moui's hook from "Moana."

  40. Take 1 day to make one lure or spend 5 cents hard choice but this is alot cooler awesome video

  41. to skusin!!!!!

  42. This is more expensive than expensive grubs u can buy made

  43. Met de la music !!! Pour tes vidéo

  44. Watching this was boring as fuck

  45. I have a bold idea

  46. I have a bold idea

  47. How are you allowed to have a camera+knife+tools in prison wtf????

  48. Hours of work with things that coast more then a dollor bag of worms

  49. Plastercine?? How to spoken

  50. Awful lot of stupid comments by people with zero imagination. I know several people that made a nice amount of money doing this. In fact I have made a few bucks myself. You can experiment making different designs and colors. There are endless combinations. After awhile the experimenting was as much fun as using them. I made mine the lazy way by cutting a few pieces of other worms and glueing them. None looked near a good as this grub. You did a fantastic job on this. Making an injection machine for soft plastic isn't really that hard. I think you could sell a bunch of these. You could put a straight tail on it or shrink it or stretch it out and make a worm. Lots of things you could do with your talent. Great job good luck. Then these guys with no ambition can buy your stuff when they go to Walmart.

  51. Cool video

  52. Plz subscribe to my channel 4da views

  53. Dylan Van Bloppoel

    Ore just bay one😃

  54. That's a lot of work, but looks like fun. Great job. Might try it myself come winter.

  55. Plot twist: it’s a real fish in the pool

  56. To complicated for my brain

  57. You do all that work and on the first cast you get hung up and loose it. Lol

  58. I appreciate having soft plastics more than before I whatched this seen how they are made

  59. I hope you made 1 million of these and sold um or sell your mold I didn't realize how much work it takes to make these great job

  60. Silver and gold Vevo

    It's swimming like a little fish!

  61. You should actually fish with the lures you make

  62. itsa verry verry cool vedeo i m fising 10

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  64. ****inhale******* ****sigh**** ******exhale****

  65. Wait you have to have a grub to make a grub. ?????

  66. Love the action in water. Great job!

  67. Waaaaaooo

  68. Hi mate, do you sell any of your moulds? I really need a mould to make my own

  69. Very satisfying

  70. Wow a lot of time and thought went into this process. Thank you

  71. Awesome thank you for the idea

  72. cool. but I think it would still be cheaper to just buy some twister tails.

  73. Pittsburgh Steelers Fan

    who else though he was a complete fucking idiot when making the mold thinking it was the lure itself

  74. Pittsburgh Steelers Fan

    waste of 11 min of my life tbh

  75. so, I wind up with a grub that's flat on one side?

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