Sunday , November 17 2019
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We have a match to see who can catch most small perch and pike on lures. Using a range of lure fishing tactics we catch lots of mini fish, but who will be the champion? lol
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  1. arent these just re-uploads from your second channel

  2. nice videos i love it👍👍

  3. great video absolutely love it

  4. So many quality videos in one day, cheers!

  5. tommiexgameplay HD

    isnt it winter in the uk

  6. Loving these videos eating them all up .

  7. Great video guys, have you a link or place to look for those micro lures? Looks fun and what to give it a go

  8. great video guys like always

  9. whats the name of the lure? if anyone can tell me thanks

  10. I've got notifications on

  11. Have u posted the same vid

  12. how come your re-uploading some old videos?

  13. What's the name of the song? Loving the vibe it gives.

  14. looks a nice place that bet there's some cracking fish in there top angling lads 🎣 👍

  15. PGH Bottom Feeders

    Very interesting video and love watching your videos

  16. Nice what resivior is that

  17. looks like such an awesome place to fish

  18. Loved it. I was lure fishing on a canal a couple of weeks ago.

  19. I love all of your videos!! I'm from Germany and at my home aren't so big perches….

  20. Re upload ??

  21. What lure rod and Baitcaster is Alex using? Btw it's Hazasfishingexpeditions, I made a new account 👍🎣

  22. Great fish guys👍🏼 shows u can still catch this time of year!

  23. what mainline were you using in the first part where you were catching pike? and was it a jig rig?

  24. the fish you are getting are great to eat!

  25. another reupload ?

  26. wow, you have 2 new cars…. thats a dream in my country… and yet you still handle the college, job and fishing

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +lalos Thanks Lalos, we are really lucky to be able to drive to fishing spots! the van is not ours it is owned by the company we work for, the little black car is Alex's. We could never afford those cars without getting a good job, which is why I left college early to try and get a job as a cameraman :)

  27. go to rudgyard lake if you want to catch a load of pike

  28. MAN! i wanna catch one of those little Pike! forget the bigguns'! haha. Do you guys use any sort of really light trace for the ultra light lure fishing if you expect Pike to be present? Any brands you can suggest?

  29. Very cool video, record more spininng. Cheers!

  30. Окунь Европейский :)
    Клевая рыбалка! Заходите и к нам посмотреть видео! ;)

  31. Nice video

  32. Next time you edit the video, have carl name on the right and Alex name in a box on the left , then do a number count in the box, so we can see how many total at the moment.

    Plus maybe name in the bottom middle at which angler are we watching .

    Just some suggestions

  33. What Lures are they? And where do you get them from? Great video!

  34. Whats the best method for big perch?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      It varies venue to venue, some respond well to bait fishing, this could be using a ledgered or float fished prawn, worm, maggots and live baits are known to select big perch. And sometime lures can be more effective, the best thing to do is be prepared to try lots of different things and you will soon find out the best method! Good luck!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing thank you

  35. You should do a shed tour of your carp equipment

  36. Ryley Stacey blogs 101

    What rods do you guys use

  37. love micro lures

  38. Frankie Mcconville

    Hi really nice video, what plugs are u using

  39. what is the best tackle for this kind of fishing?

  40. looks like Ardingly res, with low water. If it is, it didn't fish well for me yesterday, from the banking using lures.

  41. LureoftheOutdoors

    Nice video, lure fishings the best!

  42. the specialist hunter

    nice vid
    watched over 20 times xD
    what lures you use for your fishing?

  43. I saw you on jonbs chanl I subed

  44. Hydras Morfar Supreme gaming Svensson

    Vem är Svensk här?

  45. Where is this lake I would love to fish it

  46. Make it look so easy lol, good session lads.

  47. You obviously have no fish welfare in mind! Throwing or dropping the fish back in is not a good advert for our hobby!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Thanks for the comment and sorry for not showing more care. I can assure you every fish swam off fine though, no fish were damaged in the making of this video. :)

  48. Where is the place your are fishing?

  49. what res is this really wanna fish it myself love my perch fishing

  50. Hello viewers of my comment, I just started my predator fishing channel, would be cool if you checked it out.. My birthday is in 2 days would be amazing to get a few more subs than 2 :D

  51. What rods and reels are you using?

  52. Why So Salty Fishing

    Awesome Vid! Check out and subscribe to our channel! We have some badass fishing edits coming soon!

  53. What lures were they?

  54. what a very good idea with regards to gaining points.

  55. How come you need a wire trace for perch? They don’t have teeth do they?

  56. Entertaining video, and lack of swearing made it suitable for showing to my lad, well done.And also well done Alex for knowing how to release is catch properly, rather than just lobbing them back in Carl :p

  57. love you vidio and buitiful fish

  58. what kind of pike is that it is a pencil

  59. What reels are they? They are so cool!?

  60. Cheralyn Etherington

    is that Ardingly?

  61. Great video it’s what fishing is all about👍 just out of interest is there a charge for fishing the Res ? Like that

  62. pike not perch lads

  63. silvo stevanello


  64. Where was this

  65. Joep Duijvestijn

    Pleaseeee do this again now

  66. Where is it you're fishing here?

  67. Thats wasn't fair, haha. A pike is usually long and slim, whereas a perch is short and fat. Pike should only have been one point ;)

  68. Alex at least you've got a bigger one that carl if you know what I mean

  69. I want to go fishing so bad but mums not letting me out the house 😂 I can only go with my bro but he’s working…

  70. What are those lures called please?

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