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MONSTER TROUT on a 4 weight Fly Rod (4wt) – The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

You would think that Monster Rainbow Trout require the maximum size fishing tackle. But the Totally Awesome Fishing Show takes it to a whole new level. Taking out a big Trout using just an ultra light 4-weight fly rod really should be asking for “Double Trouble”. But with Graeme as guide and cameraman, filming T/A editor Mike Pullen with his first attempt at 4 weight fly rodding, they show that it can be done – in style!! Mike gets 3 new P.B’s in a row (his previous being 10lb 9oz), and viewers get some great action with a rod near breaking point! Plus a hyperactive Graeme giving Mike target instructions. Those big trout don’t stand a chance. This episode moves from the beginner to the advanced in one huge step, with loads of tips & techniques for fly fishing.
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Totally Awesome Fishing is a weekly free-to-watch fishing show brought to you by father and son Graeme & Mike Pullen. Our videos feature lake fishing, river fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing, fly fishing and big game fishing. As well as How-To videos. Our aim is to help the average angler CATCH FISH!

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  1. What brand rod are you using?

  2. well I think I am gonna give fly fishing a go thanx to your vid,,nice simple terms explained well some of these negative comments are not deserved thanx for the tips enjoyed them keep up the good work

  3. Thank you for the tutorial. I just started fly fishing so, this a good video for me.

  4. Now, I like this video. Fantastic watching you fight that first fish, and it turned out to be a monster that could feed a small Cambodian village.

  5. Not a big tail

  6. Those are some seriously fat fish!  They must be American!  Ha….I can say that because I am American.  I have never seen trout that fat…..they must be farm raised.  I used to raise fish and we would feed them dog food and they would be big and healthy.

  7. Did ha see da fish rise behind Graeme at around 1:35 @tafishing

  8. Really great informative video. What do you think would be the farthest that 8ft rod cold cast?

  9. the intensity is amazing

  10. trout can not see color

  11. an 8ft line with a fly 30 to 40with out and weighted 40 to 50 where you want to cast

  12. This was fake, but I loved every minute of it. great fisherman tell the greatest stories. good job on the video. Wicked entertainment!

    • They made a really good job of the photoshop. I don't know how you can photoshop a picture to give it the appearance of breathing. The camera obviously has different lighting settings to the one used for filming. My dads features editor of trout fisherman and passed on all his skill to me and my brother. Please don't try and tell me how to fish.

    • +Ryan Fling firstly, this isn't fake, it's very real. Secondly, at no point in this video did we say we were fishing for wild trout. Thirdly, our show is about teaching people how to catch fish. A beginner is more likely to catch their first fish this method (as you have clearly said that you take your children fishing like this) as oppose to taking a beginner to a huge wild river with overhanging trees where they will likely spend most of the day snapping their fly off and spooking fish. Better to learn HOW to catch a fish first, then work up and improve your technique. Finally, the fact that you think the fish has been 'photoshopped' is frankly quite funny. We don't own photoshop, but we do know how to run the biggest fishing YouTube Channel in Europe. Thanks for your comment

    • +TAFishing ignore the Tin hat brigade, 77,000 other people love your cracking videos, me included.

    • Marshall morris

      +Ryan Fling I believe they told you like a true gentleman

    • +Ryan Fling
      You need to get your eyes sorted out if you think thats a photoshopped fish.

      The main difference between fishing at this place and out at the coast or in natural environments, is that at this place – you know there's fish.

      It still requires skills to catch a fish – even in a man made pond with fed fish.

  13. "its fucking HUGE!" i was in stitches, beautiful fish and video guys 😀

  14. If fish cant see color then why not just black and white lures. Sometimes I fish with a blue one or a red one because thats the color the fish are biting. Bass lures come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. To believe fish dont see colors is just being contrary.

  15. amazing video guys

  16. i s monster fish a different species of trout

  17. 17:51 "Ma ma Mia!" It's Chinese not English hahaha.

  18. A. Nice Costas.
    B. While I return from fishing the snake river ( Idaho) in 9 degree (F) December weather, it is fun to see someone catching massive trout, even if it is a stocked pond. I was stoked with my 19in Bow that made my day worth the trip. Your videos make me want to go to England with manicured banks and 10 lbs.+ stocked trout! I really do enjoy your videos; I wish that was my reality.
    C. The question I have is that I saw you giving action to your nymphs in an earlier video, which I usually try to dead drift in a river setting. I imagine this is related to the difference in flowing water vs still pond? Do you strip nymphs in a lake/pond setting? Since I caught my first fish on a fly rod 2 months ago, and I am HOOKED on this form of take, I want to gather all the info I can. Currently I am steamer fishing the Snake River. My goal is a 10 lbs trout on a fly rod out of a river. Any advise for landing this level trout in a non-stocked setting?

  19. I'm a you tuber 🙂

  20. they can see colour

  21. what kind of fly

  22. try getting circular polarizing lens filter for the camera so we can actually see through the water

  23. Starts at 13 minutes

  24. GREAT video! I might suggest you get a polarizing filter for the camera to add another dimension to the video.

  25. That was great … it looks like you 2 really had fun !!


  27. he walks into the branch ahahah

  28. I take it, if you got a 4wt rod you use a 4wt WF line?

  29. Junior Fisherman

    That looked fun! I can only imagine how exciting it would be to see a giant trout eating your fly! I am going to try doing some stalking with a 5 wt fly rod.

  30. A polarising filter on your camera would be a good investment.

  31. Lol the intro song is that song from that motorcycle game😂😂😂

  32. Great quality Fly Fishing shirt, at first that it would be too big for my husband but it was not. It fit just right.

  33. Trout can't see color yet you talk about fly colors. Ha

    • I think they see in black and white.The different colours would be various contrasts of grey.But of course grey is a colour as well,so well spotted.

    • TAFishing Though the trout you are catching are hatchery fish meaning they eat brown pellets, so why not, can they see brown pellet?

    • I've had days at Teal Inlet, Bluff Cove and Swan Inlet where the sea trout will only take red aglias, other days only a blue spotted spinner will do. They react to colour for sure.

    • TAFishing it's a scientific fact that they see in color they have cones and rods (more than people do) which gives them colored vision also trout under 2 years of age can see ultra violet colors.

    • Nicholas Burr ummmm

  34. I'm not into trout fishing,but i watched this video from start to finish, and enjoyed it… great video.

  35. Fantastic! Subscribed.Thanks for a great show. Going fishing now^^

  36. Where is this fishing spot???

  37. Where Are the pond in England. And Can People fish there

  38. THAT is the biggest tarot I have ever seen

  39. Like to see these guys fish a true trophy western Stillwater.

  40. Dem trout not racist innit

  41. Trout most certainly can see in colour – they have RGB sensors. They also have an extra set of sensors specifically sensitive to UV light, which disappear by the age of 2. Notwithstanding they are perfectly capable of seeing in full colour, with a bias towards bue light, particularly in clear water.

  42. only the kick the have a trout like that on the line

  43. This is just my opinion but I think trout can see color because sometimes I like to use power bait when I'm not fly fishing. They're so many different colors of power bait. The only colors I seem to have luck on are white and pink or white and orange! That's why I think they can see color.

  44. this dude can't fish

  45. You should see added the time 40 seconds in of when the monster trout(s) is caught on screen or to the description section with a minute beforehand to get the play-click-length I would have given to you; I'm just not going to watch 30+ minutes to get to a 2 minute sceen. Especially here in the futuristic future of 2016!

  46. I think probably the largest trouts I've seen were in New Zealand.

  47. all your catches were huge and beautiful…

  48. cool I fish up a big mostr

  49. You make a big deal out of using a 4 wt. rod. But what size tippet is more important, with the amount of pressure you were putting on those fish I think you must have been using a heavy tippet, maybe at least 3x.

    • Usually about 5lb mono,6 at most,more for the teeth of a big trout to abrade on. I have also used 2 weights,same thing,5lb for abrasion.

  50. Commercial bred & fed Trout try catching wild 10Lb Tasmanian wild brown

    • We have hundreds of fisheries like this in the UK,if not thousands.Its a multi million pound industry.They have stocked and caught Rainbows to over 30lbs,and Browns to almost that weight as well..Called Put and take. Its the norm here.Anyone can pay and fish them. Unfortunately we don't have wild Tasmanian Browns here in the UK ,just like I'm guessing you don't have 20lb plus Rainbows over there.

  51. This looks like a nice little lake, the trout lake I go to only has 2 -4 lb trout but I managed to pull out a 9lb chunky rainbow today that was hiding and eating off the bottom for years

  52. 15:07 your trying to cast out far but you have your fly line threaded around the rod which wont help.. Something I often do..

  53. Bike race soundtrack

  54. fantastic sport with those fish, good camera shots from the master great fishing all round felt like i was landing the fish while sat here at home good tag teaming

  55. fishing-for- reel

    i like how u caught the trout while u where talking

  56. What is in the shampoo bottle your using? And how does it help bring the fly into deeper water? You may have explained but I'm having a difficult time understanding your accent at moments thank you for your time sir I do appreciate your videos

  57. pumping rainbows with drugs an steds lol

  58. Go to 19:20 for the fish

  59. Hi Graham, I just wished to make a scientific comment if I may about something you said 10 mins into this video on trout not being able to distinguish color? clearly, you have not researched how a fisheye works but they must distinguish certain color refractions within water because if we take all salmonids species the males in particular in their natural habitat in American rivers especially all use red and magenta and green colors in the sexual display to attract hen fish? also, spots which are white and red and often white piped fins and mouths so to me the suggestion trout do not see color has to be false because so many flies and the materials they are made from have vibrant colors and ultraviolet refracted qualities? this argument raised massive debates back in the late 70's about red and white maggots and why red always targeted certain fish like perch and still does? when they put a camera through a fishes dissected retina they were amazed to find fish see in a few different refractions of color and ultraviolet was one of them? so yes! it makes a monumental difference?

    • Great answer.But what about sea trout fishing at night (pitch dark is best)…what colour fly is used then ? Does it matter which colour ? I often drop a comment in our films to get a "nibble",but yours has to be one of the better answers. Thanks for taking the trouble.

    • Strangely I heard from many anglers in this instance of sea trout, realistically it can be more movement and disturbance rather than colour, like a pike it will snap at anything passing in front of its nose, but I have also found black or a black dressed flies with a small amount of twinkle flash strangely works best even though to our naked eye the water seems pitch black, to the fish laying in a lie on the riverbed looking up they see a small amount of surface light from perhaps the moon and the fly or spinner is silhouetted against the surface film and something going over their head they will snap instinctively, after all, they are in rivers to breed, pretty much like the salmon debate, do they actually feed in freshwater? questioned many years ago so why then do they take maggots fished hard on the bottom say for barbel in the Severn? I even saw this for myself on a river in Wales where Salmon after a flood were corralled into a pond type 20ft crystal clear deep hole where anglers sat around fishing static maggot for them and caught, not all the time but they did catch? so with stomachs that are supposedly shrunk do they feed or is this again like your sea trout feeding on the predation snapping at anything that goes by or in this case do the salmon get sick at looking at a bunch of maggots wriggling in front of their nose and snap, Going back to the original question of colour? it must have a reason and play a significant part in a fishes life to display colour, otherwise, if they never saw or responded to the colour they would not need to be any significant colour variation at all? The red snapper, for instance, is red or dark orange because below 150feet white light does not penetrate and red shows as deep blue or purple, I was an Ex Deep-sea Diver so I do know about this? predators cannot see red at this depth so it hides or camouflages the fish from attack? look at all the colours our own native brown trout displays especially in our chalk streams, they have piped fins and all colours of wonderful spots so if nature did not intend fish to see such beauty you have to seriously question why then aren't all fish bland, colourless and drab?I believe colour does play a significant part, it has to?

  60. They can see colour but I guess light blue could blend in with the sky.

  61. Finally you Guys! Fly rods! But Yer not using dry flys for trout?? I Must needs watch.

  62. If trout can't see color only movement, then why do they bite on stationary power bait. Scent doesn't really play into it as some colors seem to work better than others.

  63. Yeah, its like fishing in an aquarium…. but you know you'd do it …. 'specially on a 4wt…. I know I'd do it…. stop fronting…

  64. must be exhilarating landing farmed trout in a stocked pond.

  65. Just amazing. I would love to know what camera you have on your head, as i am about to purchase one. Any help appreciated. Tight lines. Fab.

  66. It is stillwater stocker, no big deal. Try to fight the same fish in the rapids of raging mountain river

    • But we don't have rapids of raging mountain water ??? Fine if you live in the right place,but we don't so we have to catch whatever we can. If I was steelheading on the Thompson (and I have) I would not advise the same gear. Or The "raging mountain river" like the Vedder in B.C.(and I have) would mean different gear. And you don't need the raging river.Try a double figure Bonefish on a standard 7-weight in 6 inches of water ,all a different type of fishing techniques.The main thing is to enjoy whatever you catch.

    • No problem with different content but call it "Totally Awesome Fishing Show"??? Check Todd Moen's films, that's what i'd call awesome fishing show

  67. Lol the bike race music

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