Tuesday , February 13 2018
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Nash Banklife Gazebo

The Bank Life Gazebo is the centre of the social, whether holiday carping, open days and fish-ins or gathering to compare catches and eat and drink on long sessions.
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  1. Big up the Nash team❤️

  2. Rrp £1200

  3. Fishing And fortnight live streams

    Good but can’t afford it

  4. when are you guys doing a video for the titan hide??

  5. Made in China for next to nothing, sold worldwide for £1200

  6. Wonder if you can use this as a bivvy x

  7. cant think of a name

    Nash seriously needs to think about prices that suit the working class none of your products are a convenient price for the average family of England i love Nash products and often find myself diving deep for something that shouldn't be as expensive as it is but just because fans of the company pay the prices does not mean its an ideal turnover for everyone dont mean to criticise to much but im starting to turn my nose at most things they bring out now

  8. Obscene price

  9. This is why other anglers laugh at carpers…………I go bass fishing on remote wild beaches in all elements in just a coat, and you lot have to have a Gazebo for fishing around a sheltered duck pond. This is glorified camping and havinn a llaaff with your mates…………I will stick to real fishing thanks.

  10. Excellent product well done nash 👍 ☺️

  11. And they say flyfishing is dear!!! All this pricey, crap tackle you dont need, just to catch named stocked goldfish…………………so sad. What do u lot get out of it?? This isnt real fishing??

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