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Nash Bivvy Heater

Using nothing other than 5 tea lights inside the central chamber testing has shown temperatures raised by as much as ten degrees Centigrade, yet the matte black coated steel Heater eliminates the dangers of gas bottles or fuel burning products as space heaters.

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  1. Top product from a top company well done nash 👍 when is the hi protect tube out please 🤔

  2. around 40£ whot a jokeeee hahhahahaha

  3. Raise the temperature by 10 deg C ????

  4. Another expensive and pointless product from Nash

  5. Candles ???? Are you kidding ?

  6. Candle Lantern £15 eBay

  7. Been doing this since the 80s.. in old bean.. soup tins.. cost nothing

  8. so over priced for 10'c of heat you have either got to have to much money to buy this or just plain crazy.when you can just buy a gas heater and a carbon alarm and stay alot warmer for less money

  9. 10 degrees, well I would like to see that study

  10. Coleman blackcat if you can find one.been using it for years.

  11. This costs £35 ahhahahah r u joking

  12. Purchased!!

  13. back on the bank with the Beanz

    5 free tea lights….jog on you si

  14. £35!! Baked bean tin (65p) with some tealights (£2.25 100pack).. Will look great with the Korda floss caps and all the rest of the nonsense

  15. cool stuff

  16. 189 PLN. You are greedy, very greedy.

  17. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha u should get locked up for this £35 is criminal if it wasn't for Alan Blair I'd unsubscribe

  18. read all the comments you idiots …not one positive …yhink Alan Blair is back on the crack

  19. The nash bivvie heater £1045. 99

  20. Bivvy heater. Bivvy lighter. Do not knock this over when you get a run. Not a great idea Nash.

  21. When does the titan hide comes out ?? Pls answer

  22. Is that taking the piss?

  23. Nash pizza warmer. Flowerpots are just as good. Save ur money.

  24. omg how many comments slagging this off because of the price, 35 pound isn't a bad price I don't think. If rather that than be cold…

  25. Ahahahaahahah

  26. What a lot of old rubbish

  27. Seriously Mr Nash. You need to take a long hard look at the muppets you’ve been employing in product development over recent years. They are making a joke of your business. I’m no korda fan boy by any means, by they are leaving you for dead. They bring out the massive selling tackle safe, and you bring out a fucking thirty five quid tea light holder and a bloody plastic pathway. You dropped a bollock by ditching your best baits a few years back and had to do a quick uturn. Do yourself a favour, out the clowns you currently have, get Adam penning on the blower, he’s been kicking around since he shot his mouth off and lost his job at korda. You could do a lot worse, oh actually you already are. I weep for happy hooker.

  28. 41,99 EUR ….. naja , für 9,95 e hätte ich es mir noch überlegt , aber die armen wollen ja auch noch was verdienen hmr… Bekommen 😉

  29. PMSL…………and hardly safe, when it has huge holes in that if you knocked it over would allow the candle flames to light the whole bivvy up? Wtf?! It would be safer and a whole lot cheaper, to just use an old ceramic flower pot with a short, big candle in its base……………probably warmer, more light and if you did accidentally knock it over, the flame would be unlikely to reach the bivvy surface!

  30. I'm sorry but if you stick a heater on with a open front shelter it doesn't warm it up let alone 5 tea lights couldn't justify £35 for something that costs penny's to make ……

  31. Eliminates the danger of fuel burning products?. Guess what a candle is doing……. Correct burning fuel, that's what a fire is all about. burning up fuel

  32. Basically a tin can for 35 quid.. Buy a can of beans, eat the beans and stab holes in it. There's ya bivvy heater.

  33. Halarius …………and then the price 🤢😂👎🏻

  34. Horror freak London

    Flower pot holds heat better and works fine…….not plastic you nutters!! Teracotta!!

  35. come on kev is this the best your design team can do if so i think you need give their heads a good wobble or give them their p45's,,,you drop some of your best baits only to realise you dropped a bollock and then bring them back again. your team have dropped another bollock with this…

  36. I’ve seen what a candle can do, up in flames not for me.

  37. 5 mins with the stove on full.. job done

  38. Wowzers, testing shows its a rip off, why bring out these brand damaging products, if id have bought one of these id of never bought nash again

  39. Uco candle lantern all the Way! 1 candle burns for 7 hours! Nash lol

  40. Got to pay the wages somehow, next week don't miss the new Nash chocolate coffee mugs. RRP £47.99

  41. Thats me done now no more nash you guys are taking the piss its like an april fools two months early … a F**KIN tin can with 4 tea lights £35 LOL the markup must be unreal (pound shop product) …kevin needs to ask his marketing team 1 question would you buy 1 , if any of them reply yes sack them because there not right in the head … im out

    • Mark Smith ha ha well said 😂.Thats why he,s a millionaire tho.Everything in carp fishing is a rip off.Just need look at all these super rigs.The more bells n whistles they can get u to ad to the hook the more theyre making off you.Ronnie rig a prime example.

  42. 1 tea light can rase the temp in a bivvy by 5c it's a well know old school trick using a bean tin to do the same fucking robbing cunts next it will be tea lights in a nash packet that will cost you 30 pound for 10

  43. yeah right 10 degrees, with an gasheather is that an big fight to get

  44. Try £4.99 and I might tempted (forget the free tea lights, they're easy enough to come by)

  45. Hey if you cant deal with the cold stay at home and watch old repeats of Rainbow. bout your level, winging whining moaning wakners.

  46. Seriously, is this a joke?………………

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