Thursday , July 19 2018
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Nash Tackle’s Bullet Mono – Mainline For Carp Fishing

The world famous Nash Bullet Mono is back! Low stretch, fast sinking and long casting, Bullet has never been bettered for strength and abrasion resistance. For more details check out our website:
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  1. Looking good guys !

  2. Excellent well done nash 👍

  3. sweet just what we need!!

  4. so what about the nxt d-cam mono confirmed by kevin that its better then the bullet above and beyond

  5. alex p. 2084 2000

    So what is the the differences between the nxt-dcam and the new bullet?
    Just marketing?

  6. Leandro Apolonio guia de pesca

    Vende esta linha? Envia para o Brasil? Quero também os alarmes que usa nas varas.

  7. Witam żyłeczka piękna ślicznie się prezentuje a jak na węzłach jak z wytrzymałością ???

  8. Coming to a tackle shop near me 😱

  9. Any body know what reels hes got

  10. What’s the difference betweet the nxt and this line?

  11. will have to hope its out soon. here in the U.S. its so hard to get great line! this line will be on all my set-ups soon.

  12. Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva

    Beautiful Line Congratulations Fisherman!👍🎣🐠🐟🐠🐟

  13. Wen can we get this?

  14. 1:59-carl and alex reservoir diaries season 2

  15. Anyone know what reels they are ?

  16. just ordered some of this, the original nash bullet was the nuts, best i ever used for sure

  17. 15lb on my reels now loads of line twist feels like wire a lot to proof

    • copey92 I had the exact same problem and I made sure to follow the instructions as close as I possibly could 😭

    • Ive stripped it of i put it on my basias and it would not stop on my reel it kep twisting up i stretched 60 yards of it and still would react same.

  18. What would u say is the best nash rod for its money need a new set up for next season the set up i have at the moment has seen seen better days

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