Tuesday , October 22 2019
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Nashbait Cultured Hookbaits

Based on balanced 15 and 20mm core hookbaits the Culture skin breaks down slowly to release a nature identical feeding signal rich in amino acids and nucleotides, with a track record for catching the very biggest carp and quickly!
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  1. Looking good lads!

  2. What's the brake down time from start to finish

  3. NASH BAIT!!! 👍🏼👍🏼 Eddie

  4. Leandro Apolonio guia de pesca

    Manda para o Brasil?

  5. Excellent classic bait scopex well done nash 👍

  6. Look awesome

  7. Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva

    Beautiful Bait Congratulations Fisherman! 👍🎣🐟🐠

  8. 10 in a pack.

  9. Pescaria Top100

    Show friend, does it have this bait here in Brazil?
    Congratulations on the video!

  10. Would love to see strawberry crush wafters

  11. I did it with Avasva plans.

  12. struggle find buyer abrrsar when multiple online link replace prepare guest

  13. KHtreeandlandscape

    Just got a pack on its way get 25 × 14mm so worked out to about 40-50p a bait !!!! For a hookbait feel is cheap csnt wait to try them

  14. The cultured pop-ups have made my winter fishing so much better

  15. Use it with Bogey… Stick some hemp to it, as soon as it breaks down the inner is exposed with some hemp around it with the Nash Scopex powder. Good for singles 👍good one Nash adds some more tricks to our armory.

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