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Netting Monster Trout at Dever Springs | TAFishing

Dever Springs has a reputation for producing MONSTER TROUT! Many times we have been fly fishing for these big rainbow trout (and brown trout). In this episode, Graeme heads over to the lakes to get some exclusive footage of the netting of the lake by Sparsholt College. Check out some of the huge trout that Dever Springs can produce! More links below to fly fishing related videos:
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  1. wheel to the ramp tv

    What the biggest carp shark and roach you have caught

  2. That was different. Enjoyed it all the same. Keep up the good work guys. Love the show :)

    • +Mat Evans Glad you enjoyed it.I thought it would be interesting to fishermen that might otherwise never see how fishery management can be done. Without fishery management many waters would not produce catches to a high standard.

  3. Interesting video, as usual, always look forward to your Friday post. please keep up the great work thank you.

  4. Live and cut bait fishing with Jerry And Max

    Great video well done AAAAA+++++

  5. Why did they do this ?

      Stock take, they call it fishery management but its same thing. Just to get a good idea whats in the lake.

  6. Great vid👍enjoyed that

  7. Why do they take up all the smaller fish?

    • +a1rs0fter I guess to stop the pond becoming full of stunted fish due to competition for food

    • +a1rs0fter The small fish breed quickly and can outstrip their food supply and if left unchecked will actually result in stunted growth.A given body of water can only support a specific poundage of fish.I don't know what the stats are but its usually called a "density per acre".Coarse fish,especially carp and bream,will breed and rip up all the weed often colouring the water which prevents sunlight getting through,which in turn promotes healthy weed growth. Many waters have had carp or bream stocked to the detriment of many other species.

    • cheers 

  8. unusual subject but interesting. Where did they put them small fish? i assume they do this to give the game fish more oxygen and less competition. I would guess the opposite would occur where ever them small fish go.?

    • +David Harvey Small fish probably go to the freezer and then bait shops along with dissection since this was for a school.

    • +CrimsenKnight oh right, certainly labour intensive job.

    • +David Harvey If you leave huge quantities of small fish in they will eventually eat their way into a corner and become stunted. Managing fish stocks to keep the correct level is paramount to having a successful ,healthy fisahry.

    • +CrimsenKnight Wrong..they were all moved using the oxygenated fish transporter to the holding pools.

  9. Nice one Graeme as always excellent

    • +David Stubbs Glad you enjoyed it. I thought it would be good to show people how things work in fishery management.The Sparsholt people were very efficient,and remember most of those young people are our fishery managers of the future.We all need to learn somewhere and I personally thought they were all in there getting some hands-on experience.

  10. Cool video. I have the same questions as a lot of other people here though. What do they do with the smaller fish? I assume they were a source of food for the larger ones, how does that affect the larger fish diet?

    A follow up video talking about the process would be very appreciated.

    • +Jackson Allen Most coarse fish netted by agencies would go to other fishing clubs to help boost stocks. There are actually coarse fish dealers that can supply the clubs with new stocks for their fisheries.

  11. I have not the slightest clue wtf is going on

    • +Johnny Its called a fishery management stock check.Just imagine a retail shop that has to do an annual stock check for accountancy purposes .Same goes for a fishery.They need to know what head of fish are in a lake in order to manage future stockings.That's how so many waters can produce good fishing. I thought it would be interesting to show a film of how it happens so anglers realise how things are done .In rivers they can do the same,using a stop net downstream and a drifting boat fitted with electrodes to stun the fish.Maybe I could do a film showing how that system works as well.

    • +TAFishing thanks for the reply , I live in the is United States so I never see this but great video. I always enjoy when you post wish there was more pier fishing tho, I loved that video you made awhile ago catching all sorts of pier species !

  12. Awesome video, to old for this rap stuff, why return the pike? So many questions, cheers

    • +derrick ? Cause pike do not harm trout stocks but they might now cause they have taken all the roach out they will be forced to eat the chub and trout

    • +PulzeGaming Pike are actually in the states and canada one of the main reasons for dwindling trout numbers. The pike just destroy the small trouts.

    • +derrick ? The pike are our natural predators.They keep the balance of the water right . With less Roach in the lakes the water will go clearer and some lucky anglers will be hooking into a monster rainbow or brown trout that they can actually see take their fly. There were more Roach in the lakes than the pike will ever be able to eat. So now everything should be more balanced for all the species.

    • +CrimsenKnight pike don't kill wild trout only stocked ones brook trout are the real reason for trout decline they breed like crazy and eat all there food ( I only care about wild trout )

  13. Good to see they dont kill the pike dont exactly like culling of roach but ino why they do it

  14. what are those pike supposed to eat now… I never liked these kind of pay per hour fishing spots.. dont know why it is so popular in the uk.. over here in the Netherlands fishing is 99% in the open waters… Like I can fish over 90% of all dutch waters with my fishing licence.. we have put&take trout and carp fisheries here.. its just like more of a 1 time per year thing.. or for old folks/children who cant fish..

    • +Lars Vegas I guess its down to the extreme density of population we have here in the UK.Maybe there are stats somewhere that show the population density in relation to area of water .We have lots of very small lakes,gravel pits and ponds that provide our fishing.If we had wide open vistas of mountains,glacial streams and huge lakes I guess we would be fishing them.But we have to go with what we have. Its rare over here to find free or public fishing.Most is either a day ticket,or club membership.

    • +TAFishing Over here we do have a lot of water compared to the amount of land I guess.. Within 30 km I have about 10 decent lakes witch are all connected..(u can catch all kinds of species here, zander, pike, roach, rudd, bream, tench, carp, chubb, eel, barbel,asp,cats.. etcc). we also have some big rivers here and some decent sized gravel pits/ fenns…

       In Holland u buy a fishing licence from the area you live in (its like a club with 20-50k members.. with this licence u can fish almost all local waters and about 95% of all national waters.. Also each club has got some individual club waters (like small or even large carp lakes).. but you can only fish them on a day/week ticket if ur not a member)..
      This makes so there are not too many people on these already busy waters… 
      Its like I miss the freedom u get from walking 10 miles in a reserve to find some never caught pikes or tench while being in nature alone with the birds and the otters.. If only I hadn't broke my ankle I would be out there right now.

      Its a shame u don''t have as much diversity in your area.. U got to live with wat ur given I guess.. and atleast the sea fishing is a lot better over there.. Over here Its only crabs and some 5'' flatfish.. its like feeding the crabs while ur burning up in the sun.. (exept for some spots but then its like ur combat fishing). 

    • +Lars Vegas Yes,I'm sure that's what it is and I'm envious of all that open space and water. Sometimes you cannot get a swim(area) to fish on a lake over here in summer. I did talk to some Dutch sea anglers while filming in Courtmacshery,Southern Ireland and they confirmed pretty much what you said,that the shore fishing you have is not great.Do you have lots of flat open beaches and no rocky headlands dropping into deep water ? Of course the real best fishing spot is Ireland,even for us,as it offers good sea fishing,freshwater fishing….and less anglers.Which is why we try to film there. Thanks for your input.

  15. Judge 400 Years

    Please don't tell me they killed off all those silvers ?

  16. I think a bit more introduction to what was going on in the video would have been nice. Spend 30 sec. to tell us what where are going to see please :)

  17. Great video of a great day! was a pleasure to take part in and was really great to watch it from another's perspective! wonderful!

  18. Tom Winter Fishing

    Wicked. Some lovely Roach in there! Wonder if they'd let me pole fish it for a day ;)

  19. Can you guys do a fly fishing episode for pike here in Canada i love doing it I would like to see you give it a crack

  20. Why did they take the roach out of the water? Also at 7:37 one guys says to kill a fish, was that a chub? looked like a nice fish, why kill it? Nice to see the pike go back alive!

    • +Ollie Sheridan It was a trout.The Chub all went back.They took the Roach out of the water to move them somewhere else. It was an exercise done by people who know what they are doing.Which is why I put the film up.To try to show how a stock management check is done ?

    • +TAFishing Thanks Graeme! Just curious more than anything… I'm a bit of a chub fan is all! I'm loving the videos by the way, all the best – Ollie

  21. eldsprutandedrake

    Great video, this is interesting to watch, had no idea they did this on a yearly basis. Nice to see fishing related videos, not just pure fishing and tackle videos!

    …Also, I long for the day when people will do some basic research before asking stuff. 45 comments here and like half are asking the same things. That you have patience to answer the same question more than once is beyond me. I would answer it once and say fuck it, people need to figure out how to use their scroll wheel sooner or later :P

    • +eldsprutandedrake You are of course right,and I sometimes wonder if some people have even watched the films through,from start to finish.I do try to be patient and answer as many as I can,but we have in the region of 500 films up between our two channels .We don't seem to get it so much on the Outdoors channel and we know from the YouTube stats that the viewers watch the films longer. Which is nice.Thanks for the comment.

  22. where do you buy the net from

    • +henry Tom You need to put "Seine nets" into your search engine.Somewhere on the Internet will be making or selling them I imagine.

  23. They putting steroids in that pond?

  24. Interesting film, thanks, the music really got on my nerves…..

  25. its kinda funny seeing my old college there

  26. TheAnglingAddict

    Hi Graeme its JJCWhitey56 here. I just wanted to ask you two more important things. Has anyone else reported you guys before and more importantly, have a banned you guys from uploading your videos onto youtube?

    • +JJCWhitey56 All is ok, don't worry, we can still upload. No need to report again! – Mike

    • TheAnglingAddict

      Thank God for that! Incase you were wandering, i'd never think of reporting you guys. You are my favourite youtubers, so please forgive me for my mistake.

  27. What is the song called please

  28. Bristol Channel Marine Surveys

    Excellent video, very interesting. On the pike front do you think the would have returned a 20 LB'er had it been netted? Also to note are all the comments about removing the roach and the pike having nothing to eat. 1 the smallest roach fry would have easily escaped and will soon be large enough for the pike to eat. 2 many of the larger roach will have escaped so still food. If they caught every single roach the pike would have to be removed as they would start eating the trout. Pike can easily eat a fish almost half there size.

  29. Hi Graeme,
    Very interesting one this week. I suppose we all wonder whats in our waters and it appears your no different.
    I now have neoprene chest waders and a buoyancy vest so i will be hitting our shores over the next week as im off work.
    I have been watching a lot of your vintage sea fishing videos lately and cant wait to get out there. I reckon a lot of health problems could be solved by doing this. People dont know what their missing.
    Keep up the great work Graeme, you are an inspiration .

    Best as always, and regards to Mike for his Outdoor channel too. Fantasic !

    Steve in Fife.

  30. You ever tried trout fishing with bait

  31. fished at dever twice and caught nothing, saw loads of deformed fish swimming around though. Won't be going back.

  32. lame, anyone can raise franzilla fish.

  33. Waders in a boat ? Not very safe. Good advert for Dever springs. Those brownies were awesome.

  34. most of the roach will be dead after the superb handling.

  35. What happens to the roach

  36. Alphoenix gaming

    What music is in the back ground please

  37. what happend to the roach?

  38. Bigger the trout, better quality eggs they lay. To keep a fish like that is extremely selfish.

  39. wouldn't the trout get absolutely obscene on those roach?

  40. Understand it from a conservation point of view,but sadly not as a sport or leisure fishing operation,i would not fish a fishery,

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