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A first proper look into all the new products we have released for Autumn/Winter 2017 – We have new bivvies, a new clothing range, new rod pods, new luggage and much more!
Keep your eyes peeled for more specific product videos in the not to distant future, but for now, Mike Wilson gives us a first look at all these new Nash goodies!

– Banklife products were shot at Durleigh Reservoir, Bridgwater.
Details at or Facebook search Wessex Water

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  1. Great vid

  2. Sick 👌🏻

  3. Great job. Thanks for sharing

  4. Martin Gorbacius

    Guess I writing my Christmas list early

  5. Looking forward to getting a heater for my titan!

  6. Some good products again nash top quality products from a top company 👍 🎣 🎣 🎣

  7. Well done Nash another great video
    Looking forward to trying out these products 👍

  8. Fantastic Video.
    Great new things.
    I'm from Germany and next Year by Zwolle (dutch) I watch all the cool Stuff 👍🏻

  9. Any one no when that Parker jacket is out I want it now

  10. Really like Nash products but feel a little bit let Down after the water pooling issue on my tc pro

    • Daniel Halliday
      I'm surprised they are still the same design as the one I had in the 90's, another rib above the door would lift the section that water still pools in around 20 years later. A pity they don't still make canvas overwraps for brollies, mine still doesn't leak after nearly 30 years.

  11. 👍👏

  12. Kids running Nash these days, where's it all going wrong kev

    • NASH TV Carp Fishing

      The bossman still makes all the decisions CC! Yes we have a relatively young team when it comes to development and marketing, but all this technology does lend itself to the youth. ;)

  13. No nash gimmickly pods this year hooray

  14. Use to love nash, Was always good value for the money but now just way too exspensive.

  15. Nash, always be innovating. Good work lads..!

  16. where the f*** is Alan???

  17. Hope this makes it to kev
    All the new clothing range is nice but they never think about the real big guys there is a real market for that right now its unreal i always like to get a size or two up from what i am as i like the room to move when fishing.No big fishing companys make it and the few places that do make bigger gear is always out of stock and normally cheap made stuff. hope this will be looked into and i think they will be surprised how well it will sell if done at a reasonable price

    • vipernight2 ture all there clothing is made for the slim guys and they prices are way over the top

    • Cos these 8 stone lads like in video are ordering everything now by the looks of things… I've used Nash for years but like people are saying, their gear as gone very expensive as well…

    • yea thats true like the t-shirts i could go out get a green one and have the logo printed on it for half the price i dont see why they have to charge so much just seem all the fishing companys are just out for money nowdays i know thats the point just seems that the care for people has been lost

    • NASH TV Carp Fishing

      Hi guys. Our latest clothing range covers sizes up to XXXL. A lot of the prices that have been quoted are RRP as opposed to the SSP. We price our clothing relative to its quality. Hopefully when the range hits the shops you'll be able to get a better idea of size and quality. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions :)

    • i think it should go to a 4xl i am normally 2xl but i like the room so i normally go to a 3 or 4xl but in most cases of fishing clothing its always smaller then what u think

  18. Little editing glitch there are 20:0620:11

  19. When are the knx rodpod 2rod comming out for sale?

  20. the specialist hunter

    changed from korda to nash.
    think that was a good idea.

  21. It's a shame the tackle costing way to much ( getting gready

  22. Thomas The Tank Engine

    It's very fucking expensive, everything Nash ive bought had broke. Big pit reels all 3 broke within 4 sessions. H gun rods broke. Dwarf rods are shocking to be fair. Way too many products to provide quality in every one, unlike korda who have a massive testing process, Nash seem to copy other ideas, nothing original anymore, it's lost it roots. I love Kevin and all the boys trying to make a living, but I won't be supporting the brand any more.

    • NASH TV Carp Fishing

      We pride ourselves on providing quality products with an exceptional aftercare service should there ever be an issue. We're sorry you've experienced an issue but please always let us know so we can handle the problem in the quickest way possible.

    • I’ve got a mate who works at Korda there testing isn’t as good as you think if something is faulty it stays an a bucket for months until they can be bothered to fix it. They bring crap stupid ideas out knowing people buy it only because it has Korda stamped on it I’m still waiting for them to trade mark a carp whistle

  23. Need a new 5 season sleeping bag desperately! Any idea when they will be in the shops/online

  24. Most probably all over rated and all over priced!!!!!!!!

  25. cracking video – Check out my new carp clothing line people –

  26. everyone at nash sounds identical!!!

  27. i like that gazebo,, very nice.. here another add on for you.. how about a small bivvi that you can use as portaloo with extra air vents and a nash portlook.. but make sure it not brown colour it saves you from walking all the way to where ever there is toilet is .if there is one at place at anytime of the night or day …

  28. Sam Caddick Passmore

    Runway taking the piss

  29. You um only saying all this to advertise it when you know it's not that real good

  30. I'm not impressed. Sorry Nash.

  31. Definitely need the roll out carpet .. don’t know how I’ve managed to fish without it till now 🤔

  32. @9:45 can't believe how far they're camping from their rods! most waters I fish say 'no unattended rods',- unattended is defined as 'within arms reach'

  33. Nash easly smashed true story…

  34. I only use Nash, the dedication and effort put in to there products. Keep up the good work Nash

  35. you have amazing products dont get me wrong but they are so expesensive and i just cant afford your products

  36. too expensive £180 for a Nash parka I can go buy a designer coat for that at least 120

  37. Does the Trax Luggage also fit on the Knx Barrow?

  38. Kütahya carp fishing ARVİŞ


  39. Przemek Skrzypik

    Fajne te jebadełka 😎

  40. Get nash gear to danmark guys the selection of everything over here is so bad!

  41. That Bivvy heater is a fucking joke

  42. Btw, it's Celsius.

  43. Any chance you guys can develop a bag for my class a drugs?

  44. 9:45 this i more like it

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