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Night Fishing for SPOOKY FISH!

Join Graeme as he goes night fishing for spooky fish! He goes fishing on an old estate lake and targets bream in the daylight using various baits. As it gets dark, Graeme changes tactics and targets the sharp-toothed Zander! An awesome looking predator. He uses deadbaits to catch these. As usual Graeme gives you the rigs, tips and tactics to help you catch more fish using simple fishing methods. Enjoy!


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  1. Hope you enjoy this predator special! For those interested in supporting the Channel, the sweatshirt Graeme is wearing can be purchased here: or for other TA Merchandise:

    • Christopher Neely

      The most awesome predator is the toothy fellow talking to the camera. Really, no insult intended; it's no small miracle for a pensioner like yourself, "… to 'ave nary a Toof A'tall." Great stuff as always. Are you gonna steal Mike's Mallet/Peg/Bowling Pin for your Halloween Pirate get-up?

      RRRRRR E S PE C T!

  2. As usual another brilliant blog Graeme! Well done mate!

  3. Great fishing video. Bacon and eggs looked so good.

  4. i put a hook on , put a worm on and fling it out in the water! lol. i don’t know, seems like an awful lot of prep and dilly dallying!

  5. Is a zander a good eating fish?

  6. Hi mate love the video's can u tell me what app you use to edit your vids before you put it on you tube been trying to make some my self 🎣🎣🎣🎣

  7. Aaaawwwww G's, That just sent a shiver down my spine, pulling unprotected rods out a rod bag😧

  8. Haven’t watched the full video, but I would assume you can catch Zander much the same way you fish for Walleye. Here in Manitoba we use what’s called a pickerel rig, I’ve seen you use similar stuff in some ocean fishing videos. You can throw a couple salted minnows on the hooks and give it a shot! They also go after lures as well.

  9. The puns lol

  10. LOL 😄😄 I love the comment about the elastic band and your wallet. I'm the same, waste not want not 👍And I too am a great scrounger for lost or thrown away tackle. Graeme your videos are so human. No old bollocks about branded rods, hooks and the like. Just straight forward down to earth fishing techniques. Well done! Its about time you were given a TV series. ( PS. I prefere a petrol stove. Cheaper than buying gas bottles. LOL 😃)

  11. do a vid on how to make raptor oil its time u reveal it

  12. a nice walleye

  13. Great video. Love your work. Want a bacon sandwich now.

  14. Bacon and eggs? I'd be having a fish fry.

  15. has that been a year already i remember watching last years "halloweeny" zander fishing like it was yesterday

  16. Great video. Look just like our walleye or sauger here in the states. I target them at night with lures. Can't imagine toting all that gear. Head lamp. Handful of artificials and one rod and reel .

  17. Why is it that the egg always breaks up lol 😂 great video greame keep them coming brother am looking to buy one of your books well the wife is for Christmas so looking forward to that tight lines gilly

  18. Shame they've taken down the old boathouse at Bury Hill. Still a great place and I do enjoy a good fry up last thing at night or first thing in the morning!

  19. Graeme sir,
    Are the perch in the UK edible.? Like the yellow perch our Canadian cousin's enjoy. maybe it along with pike should be available at the fish markets.

  20. Man fish look so much different there than they do here in the US.

  21. Who on Earth gives dislikes to our Graeme. He is quite simply the best in this country. Every video is different and the work that must take i can't imagine. A remarkable man and we are so fortunate to have him. Nobody does it better Graeme i love you (man love) Ha Ha.
    Steve in Fife.

  22. love it, very relaxing fishing and cooking up the bacon and eggs made me hungry!

  23. Cutting worms up you barbarian;-)

  24. Andy K Johnson Johnson

    Over the pond here in Canada 🇨🇦 . We call zanda. Pickrell & we eat them 😋 , there really tasty. Especially cooks in bacon fat.

  25. I like pork pies hence my mates nickname for me 'porkpie' and I was fishing with krill groundbait and eating a pork pie and the bite alarm was screaming off it made me jump and I dropped my pork pie in the groundbait and my mate went you can't eat that now and I said I'm not wasting a pork pie so I did eat it and it tasted decent a krill flavour pork pie lovely If you think I'm joking I'm NOT it was nice this winter I'm going to be doing lots of piking whatever the weather day and night I can't wait for it I need to find some good rivers near me I live in bicester in oxfordshire if you ever are about this way Graeme then message me on Twitter or something there is some nice lakes about one of which is quite challenging.

  26. Try a live minnow next time.  Enjoyable video, thanks.

  27. what's a estate lake ? thanks………..

    • Also why did you put back the 2 silver fish that you caught a night with the teeth ? they look good to eat ? is the water dirty or polluted ? thanks…………

  28. "Nice 2 cya…2 cya nice" Another great vid Graeme Forsyth.

  29. Teddington Lock on the River Thames have Zander

  30. interesting Graeme any chance of some more shark fishing vids

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