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Open Water Pike fishing!

footage from a boat session a couple of weeks ago, i’m not 100% happy with the footage but its better than no video I suppose…


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  1. you and your bloody net hahahahah

  2. Did you manage to snag your tripod back, hopefully camera wasn't submerged long enough to do permanent damage ?

    • no tripod disappeared into the weed, this was about 2 weeks ago and its still broken now so its not looking hopeful for it, cheers

  3. 🤣🤣🤣 good play to min 8:15 !!!

  4. A shame the camera fell, get a new one and keep the videos rolling. Don´t let this set you back!

  5. Nice! Going pike fishing Next sunday, hopefully I have the same luck.

  6. Love your videos!

  7. I love ur channel great advice for catching pike and I wanna get a really absurd lure so which do u think is best, savage gear duck, rat or bat?

  8. Your Savage Gear Line Thru Roach, is it the slow sinking? or the one that drops pretty quick.

  9. What kind of leader do u use for lure fishing ? Iv tried to get flurocarbon but can only find it up to 20lbs, I don't want something that's going to snap in a snag I want my lures back they ain't cheap these days

    • mono is no used has a leader becuase it stretches and therefore hook sets arnt so good and sensitivty is decreased. futhmore it has alot less abrasion resistance and also floats . Fluoro is just popular becuase it works very well with soft lures and is cheap, not very good jerkbaits tbh. if you hounestly want a good solid pike leader good for al lures and that will last 1000 fish easily. get some titanium, big lures like this ur looking at 75lgb-100lb titatium such has knot2kinky . id reccomend going to chicos lures (online shop) and getting a couple of his titatnium leaders, you caan easily catch 1000 fish on one leader, has lng has you dont wrap around a tree it will last alot. little pricey though, river piker uses them. ive used them. there 100%

  10. Christopher Bingle

    Please do a video of how you made the lures please and wher did you get the boat??

  11. Where is that lake and what is it called? Do you know any good areas in Yorkshire?

  12. ouch, swimming cameras = expensive!, looks like one of the eos range and they ain't cheap, unlucky mate, good fishing apart from the mishap👍

  13. Great video pal catching them on the troll can be deceptive on there size. Poor camera noooo

  14. Евгений Фёдоров

    отличное видео

  15. love how you could laugh off breaking your camera, il sub and thumb up for that lol. awesome video love catching me some pike! had nothing back jacks lately, need get myself bigger lures

  16. I use an olympus tough camera as they are waterproof. Perfect for boat fishing. Picked mine up for 250 but I reckon you can get them cheaper now. Have a look mate, nice and small but great pic and video quality. Full HD and plenty of features

  17. Where's a good pike pond in east Yorkshire

  18. I have a question i cant catch any fish during full moon. Can you catch fish during full moon or why cant i catch any fish during full moon?

  19. If all your subscribers chipped in 20p each you could get a new camera.
    Let’s all have a whip round for the poor lad 😂

  20. GREAT CHANNEL..have ye used the monster fly lure yet or any body here for that matter just wondering is it worth the cash?

  21. Hi what pound line are u using a could u plz reply

  22. Is he sponsored?


  24. You should do another lure review

  25. Great vid! And what’s your favourite lure and where did you get it?

  26. nice video what lake you fishing ?

  27. How do you find the savage gear 4 play in pike pattern 19cm?ive got this lure now and have you any advice how to use it?i seen it s few videos ago in you're lure box

  28. you should do a video on the salmo slider.

  29. Yorkshire Outdoors


  30. Make a rod and reel arsenal video

  31. Were are u this winter ,we love ur video s here in ireland

  32. Ello boss just subed love the videos. Just a quick question. How often would you change your spinner/jelly or lure if you haven't had a take. I fish for pike a lot live baiting and dead bait but not had much luck on lures

  33. Hi. what landing net do you use and what size is it?

  34. DID HE DIE.. he has not posted for a while !!!

  35. What rod u use on the canal weight etc for pike

  36. Have you ever fished the river Severn in Shrewsbury I had a 10lb pike out of the quarry park

  37. come on dude we want a winter pike fishing video already:), caught any good fish this winter?

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