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Our Year Of Carp Fishing 2015

The best parts of our carp fishing year for 2015. We fished so many different venues and caught big and small carp through the year. Hope you enjoy!
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  1. Good angling lads. 👍

  2. Have you guys got a P.O box and and if not. Are you planning on getting one ? 📦 📦

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      We don't actually but if enough people ask then we might have to set one up! They are a bit pricy though, so not really sure!!

  3. and keep up the good workand can you come up to the north west to rosemerrywood fishery

    • Danni D Travis Baker

      +julie wood tbh in manchester there isnt, cholton water park got big ones in bit very hard to fish not somwhere to once if u get me ,, best places if you travel,, linear fisheries oxford ways really nice always packed though (summer),, cudmore stoke ways nice cats and big carp.. borick fisheries warrington is great,, home farm isnt to far from you cat fish to 70lb carp 30 and lake is small and can pay for cabins with electric for extra 5 pound, , cheers for that advice definitely go there as I go all over but mayne summer hard work catching in this weather and blankin kills me haha

  4. great vids guys no selling just fishing keep em coming

  5. what gravel pit were you fishing at the start? cheers joe

  6. Absolutely love your video guys 👍 watched every single one the whole way through keep up the amazing videos it would make my day if you could reply pls 😀

  7. Brilliant compilation. Well filmed and keep it up guys.

  8. Them runs in America though 😩😳😳😳😳 amazing video well done lads 💯🐟🐟

  9. Great video lads, can't wait to see the next reservoir fishing.

  10. Keep up the good fishing how old was you when you started fishing


    which part of poland did youns fish in becasue i think that i fished that lake with the 2 chimneys in the background.

  12. IntrinsicPalomides

    Amazing vid as always lads, really enjoyed your reservoir series so can't wait to see more next year.

  13. You make great videos guys and I really enjoy them. Thanks for existing haha🎣💕😂

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Thanks Alex!!! :) Thanks for watching and commenting!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing- Thanks to you guys for uploading some wonderful videos and a smile to those who share this hobby that is fishing. I do not know how to write or speak English, this is written by the translator, I say it in case you do not understand very well😃🎣💝

  14. Left out your video edit software, great editing work. iMovie not likely, possible but lots of work

  15. love your videos, you guys rock!

  16. Just amazing as always. Cutting, Editing just max. professionell.

  17. See what I mean no other word for it EPICCCCCCC

  18. You could do a review your fishing things

  19. Nice fish good video

  20. Great fish this year well done

  21. Yes you shown the footage of the pristine it's wat I wanted to see for at least a year

  22. I am 10 and I love your videos

  23. Another great film lads. Been sub'd to you for years now and your content just keeps getting better. Iv learned so much about fishing since watching you guys. Tight lines for 2017! Much love from wales!

  24. Luke Hollis:Carp Fishing

    Can you guys check out my channel , both of you inspired me to start a channel thank you .

  25. You should make a winter float fishing for pike video ‼️

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Nathan Wood we are working on a pike video at the moment! It's got some lure fishing and some deadbaiting with floats :)

  26. Anyone got any info on this lake

  27. you lads doing anymore fishing vids with your old man was good seeing he got the fishing buzz quality vids lads 👍

  28. I assume you guys mean your fishing year 2016 not 2015? Quality video as usual

  29. got any tips for winter I have done 6 nights without a sniff

  30. You should do a pen rod fishing challenge for barble

  31. would love to do a session with you lads at some point

  32. back on the bank with the Beanz

    nice one boyz

  33. Nice video!

  34. Do a pike fishing video

  35. I've spent the last few days watching you videos & I'm super impressed 👌🏻

    Can you tell me what type of video recorder your using including accessories as this is something I'm desperate too get into myself 🤔

    Thanks lads 🎣

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Thanks Billy!! :)
      The camcorder we use most of the time is the Canon XA20, although other cameras we use are linked in the description :)

  36. Hey guys!
    I love your videos! It would be very cool if you would make a video where you show how you work (filming, what do you use, camera, slider etc..) :)
    Greetings from Austria ;)

  37. Nash are shit

  38. Great video and great fishing

  39. Hi lads,

    I was wondering if you could give me and my friend tips of how to start a fishing Chanel. Things like filming and editing! Thanks!

  40. hi I'm from Russia . I have my channel . I wanted to ask you to be my subscriber.

  41. Can you give me some tips on making and getting popular with fishing YouTube videos, I'm thinking of doing after years of being inspired by you guys

  42. i loved the vid guys one question What is a good tip for beginners in carp fishing?

  43. do you not mean 2016??

  44. Where can I see these videos of Polish and at all those videos from your trips to Europe ? :))

  45. Thank you for helping me for the past years on how to fish and wear to fish thank you Carl and Alex

  46. Fishing Squad The Shire

    Sick video! makes me want to go fish!

  47. Big boys … very good

  48. Mišel Zadravec Carp Baits

    Great video as always lads! Keep on the good work! Greetz

  49. Hi Guys! Fantastic video again!
    Try to go to Hungary once. This is my country. Go to Lake Harsány, or Lake Szászpa, Lake Balaton….many-many good places! :)

  50. Norfolk Angler

    The start looks like a dvla advert aha

  51. Superskaterboy9 123

    Will u ever fish the park lake again

  52. really enjoyed video can't get enough thanks

  53. Easy catching fish when there's too many in the pond don't be fooled its not that easy

  54. Its all a commercial mate

  55. Boys, come to Canada. Some great fishin' opportunities around here.

  56. Another great piece you two remind of my brother and I, we get on great and haven't had a bad word in 40 years . Keep on doing it , tight lines and wet nets

  57. Whos watching in 2018

  58. Nice vid you are the best in the world

  59. Check out a fishing lake called wontons it is epic and carp to over 50lb and some 95lb + cats

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