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Painting Soft Baits the down and dirty way

This video covers painting soft plastic lures with permanent markers and chrome effect powder.
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Products used in the vid

Sharpie markers, available online or at any good supermarket or craft shop

Chrome nail powder, available online or at a ladies make up supplier

Mend It, available worldwide online or good tackle shops (savage gear FIX IT repair resin is a good alternative)

Correction: Mend it is a blend of solvents and does not contain any plastisol.

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  1. Once again, Paul, you've impressed. Thanks again. I'm always hanging out for your uploads.

  2. Very helpful thanks so much. Can you make more soft plastic videos in the future?

  3. the great all mighty G

    nice! great video

  4. I have been following makelure and alumilite for lure building tutorials.

    I have been buying Copic markers and I'll be using alumilite Metalic powders as well

    I have a question about heating that finger nail glitter. can you heat the plastic and bond it I think that works too ??

    • The Handmade Fisherman

      I did try this, the trouble I had is it the heat gun melted details a little so it ended up with the face a bit kind of warped., but yes it would probably work better on smooth lures with some practice, i thought about using some metal foil to protect areas i did not want to melt, give it go this powder is cheap here in the uk

    • Paul Adams have you heard about copic markers and there use with compressed air. I will be trying that myself when I finish my mold blank and start poaring my swimbaits

    • The Handmade Fisherman

      I have seen them on makelure and inspired I took a sharpie and used it with my airbrush by just holding in from of the nozzle, it did work but I am guessing not as well as the copic system

    • Paul Adams I've found metallic sharpie's produce very even and rich cover in case of blow compressed air. Most of markers with chisel tip also works well.

    • The Handmade Fisherman

      might give it a go if i can find some, thanks

  5. Thanks for sharing, going to give this a try..

  6. <– here is my own soft plastic lure. First i use the bright baits colors in the plastisol and then i use "spike-it" markers alot! they are bretty good and last for a long time.

  7. Никита Евланов

    Hello Paul, hello to you from Russia! Тhanks for your videos. I also love self-made baits, you can look at my channel. My channel is about softplastic baits amd handmade molds. Maybe something is useful for your future work. True, everything is in Russian :)

  8. Jacob V Maine Fish For You

    Fun easy way to get into lure making. I started making balsa minnows this winter after watching your videos I plan to use them on this up coming stripped bassand blue fish season here in the north east usa.

  9. "Another quality video fella, Great work, Well done!"

  10. very nice, just love your work

  11. hand made baits…fine video..

  12. Gerbrand Grobler

    Great Paul. Have you tried spray painting them?

  13. You know this job. Greetings from Türkiye.

  14. You make awesome videos

  15. Hello,
    you are the Leonardo da Vinci of Fish painting.
    Thank you for the great Video.
    I wait for the next one.
    Best wishes from Cologne/Germany🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

  16. Well done, Paul. Inspiring as always.
    Looking forward to seeing you next upload…. very intriguing!
    The quality of your videos has grown fantastically over the years mate.. well done!!

  17. To prevent the color bleeding problem you could, in theory, use more of that finger nail powder instead of permanent markers. I am sure it comes in a variety of colors. Granted it would likely take longer to apply and would most likely cost more. But I think for small details like the red fin it wouldn't take much longer. Who knows maybe there is a place where you can buy this powder in bulk quantities at a discounted price.

    It would be interesting to come back to this lure in one years time and see a side by side comparison of how big a problem this color bleeding is.

    • The Handmade Fisherman

      the bleed is not huge problem with the lighter colours and I also like that translucent effect, but powder is very cheap

  18. You are best Paul 😉

  19. Canal TRENS DE PESCA – BRASIL – Boa dica!

  20. you aren't catching enough fish if you still have soft plastics from years ago, mate.

  21. I checked out your channel and subbed. Please check out my channel and sub me back. thanks

  22. Hey paul, thanks so much for the great video content as with your inspiration I've started to make my own lures, I've only made a few so far and the first couple I actually painted with straight nail polish but now I've got my air brush to work I've been using it and actually getting some pretty good patterns which Im very happy about, thanks again for making such great and helpful videos and I hope you had a great Easter 🐣

  23. Another great video. Just wondering if you have tried to dip the finished lures in a thinned out clear plastic? I do this after applying eyes and that seams to make them bulletproof.

  24. The Largemouthed Angler

    Your videos are great. Love your attention to detail.

  25. Once again, a great watch, very informative. I just purchased some chrome nail powder from EBay to try on my own timber hard bodies…….

  26. Micas of different colors can be dabbed on a soft plastics that has been softened with a
    hot air gun. it is necessary to dip them in clear liquid plastisol to permanenetly seal.
    Clear dip may also seal sharpie colored plastics (though I haven't tried itI). for micas. I use micas in Etex for coloring my metal jigs. Alumidust is
    probably the same as micas.

  27. Aurélien Gachon

    Hello Paul is Aurélien of the team "Yes We Craft" in France, tell me, seeing your video it made me think of something.
    Do you know what sort of painting is used for the decoration of Frog "hollow body"?
    I imagine that the material used is a kind of latex but can I use classic paintings (Tamya or createx)?
    If you have the answer I am taker because I think to make for this summer.
    Thank you Paul

  28. Aurélien Gachon

    As usual … excellent work Paul! ;

  29. use heat insted of mend it, locks in all of the color and you dont have to destroy anyting by touching it :) great video and love your work! // lurebuilder in sweden!

  30. Enjoyed watching Paul. Wierd how that ink bleeds like that. Is there anythjng that would seal the plastic to keep the ink on the surface

  31. Nice video thanks for showing me this

  32. Art by Julia Blakita

    Great job!!! You are talanted! I'm painter too and making speed drawing, please check out my new video and rate it please. I hope you like it and subscribe! Thaaanks :)

  33. please write me ingredient name

  34. Short and sweet but very effective, as always quality vid, cheers!

  35. Md Delowar Hossain

    i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Mohammad Fareed Ahmad

    Excellent video

  37. Hi Paul , Great vid Great Channel , I make my own soft plastic lures , the way I colour mine is with regular glitter from hobby craft , I sprinkle silver on the sides and belly and smear it with my finger it goes shiny like chrome down to the start of the tail then the same on its back with a coloured glitter , then I hold it by the tail and dip the whole thing in hot clear thin plastic up just past the colouring for just a second , in and out , which seals it all in , then I hang it in a cardboard box I made with slots in by the tail to dry , there is a little drip on the end which i just snip off , they look loverly Jubberly,

    • The Handmade Fisherman

      I have had a go painting and dipping but never put in glitter on the outside before dipping so I may have to give that go thanks for the suggestion and sharing it

    • I tried airbrushing with acrylic but found the final dip separated after a couple of weeks , this doesn't seem to happen with glitter , I have some 2 + year old used ones that are still fine ,

  38. Deivids Baltavics

    I always used cheap baits from store but now im making my own baits thanks for you Paul.

  39. Deivids Baltavics

    Hey Paul one more thing you asked in the video how we color baits try useing nail polish.

  40. Any suggestions on alternative dyes for soft plastic? Food coloring, air brush paints, marker inserts?

  41. Spanish??

  42. great video!…do you have any advice for fish belly white?

    • Kevin Atwell he did a video about rigging soft plastics and it's goes quite in depth there about the belly weight and rigging

  43. Sergio Andrade

    saludos bonito video

  44. Please make a bait for at sea sir. Thank you very helpful video

  45. However, no matter how long it lasts, it is way longer than live bait.

  46. Wish I found this channel months ago! This is great. Will the nail polish colors also bleed through the bait in time? Also do you think regular spray paint in the can will stick and dry to large soft plastic swimbaits? Was looking for an easy way to paint my trout swimbaits white is all… Keep up the good work man.

  47. The Fisherman Builder

    Good idea! Congratulations for this wonderful Youtube channel! I subscribe without hesitation!

  48. Vaping with Hoffman

    when you paint with a airbrush do you use waterbase paint? i can only find a water base paint gun

  49. Thanks a lot, like you say that's perfect for the pike baits that anyway get chewed up quite fast as making it goes really light in time and money spent.

  50. Jorge Rodríguez González

    You are my Hero. Have been thinking on stuff to colour my lures for a couple months, and now Isee a Hanmade's Fisherman video about that topic and my reaction is "here it is, the solution" before clicking on the video. Thanks Paul

  51. Stauuppp foookin elongatinggg evuary thingggg yuuuu cunnnttt

  52. Mike Heckathorn

    I put a red soft platic bait next to a white one and forgot about it. When I found them they both were red. Funny how that happens.

  53. 👍👍Thxs for the tips !

  54. the master taught me how to make whatever the material is the teacher

  55. I use spike it and a q tip to paint my plastics

  56. Like the idea of using glue to hold glitter on the surface of the lure.

  57. TY not even making lures but I can use your technique for my project, good vid.

  58. Very nice idea

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