Monday , January 20 2020
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Join Graeme and Mike as they go fishing for perch on river and canal using dropshot and lures. Mike prefers using the dropshot rig, and Graeme uses different types of lure fishing. We hope you enjoy this episode of TA Fishing!


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  1. Who is out fishing this weekend??

    • It's a shame someone doesn't go up there and cut down some of that brush and stuff so you could get close enough to fish without snagging up on the weeds and stuff.

    • I'll be giving it a try in the moorings. Not much doing this time of year outside the dykes and leets. Had some detrimental events recently on the broads. Few weeks ago a south westerly gales coupled with a very low tide virtually drained the broads and serious salt ingress when they refilled, recent surges have pushed salt up the rivers causing further problems. Later this month we will have the large equinoctial spring tides and if the wind is north westerly as it often is in January the fish get hit again. Great to see you both fishing. All the best!

    • Considering it next two days suppose to be in the 60s

    • James Allen-Denton

      I got there to a froze lake..

    • Burnsy fishing and outdoors

      yes your 100percent right Graeme thats a beatle spin lure the Johnson lure company makes them i have them all the way up to 1/2oz size they work on almost anyfish pike bass perch take the spinner or the jig for trout love the Beatle spin have a few more monthes before i can get the ultra light out and hit the canals and lake for perch here in Canada love Perch

  2. Fresh water pike looks like a legless crocodile! Do you know if the sea-pike has any relation with barracudas?

  3. Fresh water pike looks like a legless crocodile! Do you know if the sea-pike has any relation with barracudas?

  4. Drop shot fishing is so effective

  5. Drop shot fishing is so effective

  6. Monty Dale-Thomas

    What were the perch lures called

  7. Monty Dale-Thomas

    What were the perch lures called

    • Try type in eBay small lures or perch lures or small jigs and u will find a large amount of great lures on there hope this helps…..

  8. My channel i'm ok

  9. Where were you fishing

  10. Terry Horsted-neal

    What rod you using for spinning?

  11. Lee Rudge Angling Adventures

    Great video guys, loved it! Really enjoy your vids, they give me so much inspiration to make my own videos and grow my own YouTube fishing channel! Keep it going, great stuff 🎣👍🏻

  12. greame,the ivy is due to no traditional methods of forest management,those trees no doubt were ,in times past,harvested for tree hay aka foliage for animals in the winter and the stump would be ready to crop again in a matter of a year or two,a type of coppicing ,why do they split? well i have the idea that hot dry spells weaken the fibres the wood is made from,i believe the country name for that sort of willow is 'crack willow' for this very reason.

  13. Norman Mc Namara

    Hiya guys, is there a video somewhere where i can learn to assmble the Pyramid bread bait and also how to make a Washing up liquid top into a bite indicator please ?? Norrms

  14. why bother bringing fish from home when you have fresh delicious roach in front of you? blows my mind

  15. Absolutely BRILLIANT video

  16. This is my kind of fishing

  17. You guys make great content.

  18. Graeme seems like the kind of guy I would really get along with. His passion for fishing, plants and nature is amazing. He is the kind of guy that can make anything interesting.

  19. What pound flurocarbon line is mike using on that dropshot set up mate

  20. As the dad of an 8 year old boy I hope me and my son have as good as a relationship as G and M do..

  21. "Apparently these are spreading like wildfire."I'm not surprised, you can't resist popping them, Graeme! :-D

  22. Surprising that Mr. P admires Ivy. It's the vulture of plants. Feeds on the nearly dead and thrives. An absolute nightmare for brickies as the tendril roots can easily bury into mortar and cement. Damn near impossible to get rid of once its there. You can clear the ground, rake it, propagate, change the soils at great cost. Even salt the earth! The Ivy always comes back.

  23. Put a willow blade on it so you can retrieve it slower 🤔

  24. Always like your videos. Superb.

  25. After recently subscribing to your channel, I’m ‘hooked!’ Your videos are a real inspiration, for people that struggle to escape from reality. Recently purchased some dropshot gear and can’t wait to get out and give it ago! Keep up the good work guys. Thank you

  26. Graeme…….., they spread because people touch them! Pull the plant up by the root!! that way they stay in the place you pile them!!

  27. You never, mention permissions, you appear to roam around fishing at will 😳

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