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PIKE EVERYWHERE! Part 1 – Shallow water Lure fishing

Morning lure fishing session on a shallow lake from the boat.

Lures –
my fish – Westin shad teez – 22cm ‘headlight’ colour, shallow rigged

brothers fish – Fox Rage pro shad 23 cmc ‘silver bleak’ and ‘golden trout’ shallow rigged

My setup – Savage gear MPP big lure & jerk 150G ROD
Okuma citrix reel
103lbs daiwa j-braid

Brothers setup –
Savage gear MPP 9′ rod 180G casting
abu ambassadeur reel
power pro braid 100lbs


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  1. Christian Mauricio Salazar Breumsø

    nice fishing !! which rod is it you're using ?

  2. where is the fisherie

  3. take a shot every time you hear pike 😂

  4. what leader u using mate?0.60mm?

  5. Awsome day,weather partly cloudy Pike must be loving it.Can you explain me how you setup your silicon lures with three hooks in it? I can't find that video of yours.

  6. Those are some nice catches! I noticed that we have the same rod by the way, but you seem to have better luck with yours. I´ve had quite a few lines snapped with both monifilament and braided, costing me quite a bit in lures. One of them snapped like a gunshot, which left me with a ringing in my ear for the rest of the day. Has it ever happened with yours?

    • thanks! It did used to happen a few times when I used lighter line, I have 103lbs braid on now and its not happened since i've been using that, hope that helps!

  7. yess. the video i have been waiting for😆:-).

  8. What camera do u use? And what editing software

  9. We are live baiting tomorrow but maybe dead bait and hopefully we catch 🎣

  10. busy morning 👍

  11. So nice good pike great day 🙂

  12. well done mate !! great video.. love to come fish some of the waters down south.
    YEAH …..the favorite word ? 😂 must be near 50 times ..
    keep up the work, hopefully more sub's 👍🐟

  13. fine made pike fishing video…good.

  14. why do you not use a wire trace instead of mono/fluro? am not knocking your fishing as I like your videos and you catch a fair few,just interested in why no wire?

    • I find fluorocarbon to be just as strong as wire and it causes less damage to the pike, just my personal preference. I've had 100 + pike now since i've been using it and no issues at all, cheers!

    • each to their own my worry wouldn't be strength more tooth resistance bud. cracking videos,like the lure reviews 🖒

    • Paul Mclaughlin The first and only time I used fluorocarbon I caught my first double figure pike and had the fluorocarbon snap, I was using 20lb strain with a jig head on it and a salt and pepper fox zander shad. I was really gutted and couldn't understand why it happened. I only use drennan 7 strand pike wire now. Make my own traces. Cool days fishing, the most pikes I've caught in one day was 5.

  15. Do you use Go Pro or something else??

  16. incredible day, thumbs up

  17. christian breumsoe

    Nice video !! Quick question, I am pretty new at pike fishing, and I'm in between an 8 feet rod and a 6'6 feet long rod ( both by savage gear the mpp series ) which length would you recommend if i get the 100 gram casting weight rod ? and it is a spinning rod i am looking for.thanks in advance 🙂

    • I think it depends on what kinds of lures you are using and what length feels most comfortable to you. If you mainly use swimbaits, shads, crank baits etc (basically any lure that you can work just using the reel) then i'd get the 8ft one as you will be able to cast further and also get easier hook sets on the pike. If you will be using jerk baits i'd go for the shorter rod because I find that a longer rod can hinder how you work the baits and can get in the way a bit. I use a 7'2ft rod so its kind of a in between size for lure fishing, hope that helps!

    • christian breumsoe

      That makes perfect sense ! it definitely helped so thanks !! 🙂

  18. First one, you had the drag set but you kept your thumb on the spool.

  19. People that leave there rod in a holder like that have never lost a good rod ! Lmao I haven't but my buddy has and it shot off the boat like a middle . I learned thru laughter at him . He was and still is pissed 1 year later.

  20. nice! im assuming its hornsea. spent 4 whole days on the lake but only 2 small fish, have you got any tips to catching more there?

  21. What shads are you using in this? Savage gear herring?

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