Saturday , December 15 2018
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Pike everywhere! part 2 – Jerk bait fishing for Pike

part 2 of the pike everywhere day, mainly fishing with jerk baits and some shads at the end also! apologies for the wind noise!

ME – westin swim with tail attached, crystal perch pattern 12cm sinking
westin swim hot sardine pattern – 12cm sinking
westin ricky the roach – 14 cm shad, 5g screw in head- lively rudd

savage gear jerkster 11.5cm – olive flash
fox rage pro shad 2 golden trout – 23cm


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  1. mental action mate, when you need two films to show a days fishing you know you've had a great day 👍

  2. pit bikes ireland

    you should do trout fishing vids now when trout fishing season has started

  3. hey i have a question. how much does your total collection of fishing lures cost?:-) great vid again. keep it up:-)

  4. What kind of trace is that bud?

  5. well done lads… what snaps svivels did you change too ? know ye hated the fox ones..

  6. what is your personal best pike?

  7. Are ye drifting or using a trolling motor?

  8. No wire trace?

  9. Hi greetings from germany…ur utc is one of the best in europe…thx for it

  10. My man thank you for this!!!

  11. What a great day's fishing, nice one!

  12. hey nice vid

  13. hi you should make a video of all you pike baits and tackle would be nice 😀

  14. Hi Guys, bone question byt what is the difference between "Jerk bait Fishing" and what you did AM "Lure fishing"? is it the way you retrieve the lure?TIA, Aand v well done, great day and enjoy your vids. Subbed.

  15. Nice Vid pal 😊👌

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