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Pike fishing in rivers (Tips) – Series 1- Episode 13

In this episode of Totally Awesome Fishing Show (TAFishing), Graeme Pullen reveals the best tips and methods to Pike fishing in rivers. Twitching sprats (or sink and draw) being the method explained in this video, and its proved to be very successful as you will see!
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Totally Awesome Fishing is a weekly free-to-watch fishing show brought to you by father and son Graeme & Mike Pullen. Our videos feature lake fishing, river fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing, fly fishing and big game fishing. As well as How-To videos. Our aim is to help the average angler CATCH FISH!

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  1. graeme wat can i say,i love ur videos,u are brilliant,u have so much knolage on every type of fishing,ur tips are brilliant,i am more into fly fishing for trout and salmon on the river dee and don here in aberdeen scotland,please dont stop the vids,me and all my friends just love watching them,u are a true gentleman graeme.du fish for salmon at all,any fly tying.i really hope u can put more vids up shortly,i am gonna make up ur pike traces as well,brilliant stuff mate,ur the best


  2. thanks allot for the tips! and nice pikes once again.

  3. great rigs, stunning pike and great video. awesome matey

  4. i wasn`t going to post anything but can`t help myself- nice pike , really liked your rig with the hooks= good fishing

  5. Thanks a lot, really great tipps. What rod and fishing line do you have? Your Rod ist really sensitive and your line looks very thin. Can you give me some informations. Totaly awesome fishing! Best regards from Germany Gerhard Cieslik – Good fishing!

  6. @DerLiebeTun Hi,
    Glad you liked the film.There are another two coming on pike shortly,so keep watching.
    The rod is called a Ryobi Masterpike 2.Probably around 9 feet,but I had it break,and since mended it is about 8 feet 6 inches,but as you can see is still catching pike. A better one is called the Gord Burton "Thunderstick".Not too heavy,good for average to big pike. The line I use is called SUFIX 7kg Titanium saltwater special monofilament.0.35mm diameter.Very tough.

  7. @TAFishing Thank you – very helpful for me. I look forword to learning more 😉

  8. hey i really liked this video, would the VB hooks not slip with the simple overhand knot technique? and what is the line and reel you use?

  9. Top VB hook only slides down onto the lower hook.The idea is that you can slack it off and move it to fit the size of bait.If you take 2/3 wraps of wire around the hook shank it barely slips at all.I used this setup to hook 35 and net 25 pike on one session so it does work well .Check out our T.A.Channel for other pike videos. Reel is an old Shimano baitrunner,line can be 12/15lb minimum.I used Ande premium in clear as far as I recall for that film.Good Luck.The T/A crew.

  10. What weights etc are you using with the lures when youre after pike? Anyone? Cheers

  11. Don't know the weights of the lures,but majority we use are floaters when static, only diving when you retrieve.Good Luck

  12. hi ive noticed your fishing on the hampshire avon in this video, being a mad keen pike fisherman and hampshire not being famous for its pike (except on the avon or broadlands) could you recommend any pike waters in hampshire?
    thanks, loving your videos!

  13. I'm out of touch with the Hampshire stillwater piking.Last season I got 85 I think it was,all from the Dorset Stour and Hants Avon.I'd like to find a good pike lake myself.Used to fish pits in the Surrey area 30 years or more ago,but I think they are all club now. Good day ticket waters hard to come by.

  14. am going up Scotland for my 6weeks holiday so i will use that and to catch some monster pike thanks for that and keep up the videos

  15. what pound line were you using?

  16. wwould like fo see more videos from you there great

  17. Usually any large supermarket should supply them

  18. what line set up do you use? can you make a vid on bet set up for pike?

  19. Use at least 12lb line for pike fishing.Get an abrasion resistant make . If you look at our other pike films ,one has a piece showing how I make up my traces.Can't remember which one,but its in there somewhere. Keep it simple.I try to avoid trebles now,and catch just as many pike as I used to thirty years ago.And the hooks are easier to get out,which must be better for fish and angler.Good Luck-Graeme


  21. Size 2's and 4's. I really cannot see me using trebles on baits ever again.Lures OK,but the VB's work for me on sprats and other smallish deadbaits.Good luck-Graeme Pullen.T/A Fishing

  22. What size of double hook do you use? Also, what size is the single? Please reply? Thanks

  23. I always use a wire trace for pike fishing.You might get lucky on heavy 60lb mono for leader,but something like 30lb cabled wire will catch anything swimming in British waters. And keep your reel line to 10lb and up as well. Good luck.

  24. I Went On My First Pike Fishing Trip Yesterday Im Only 12 I Caught A 12lb 4oz Pike Is That Good.


    How come on your trace making video after this you use two single carp hooks insted of one vb hook ? cheers

  26. That's fantastic ! I never caught a double figure Pike at your age. Great catch.Why not send Mike a picture,he'll try to get it up on the Totally Awesome site for you. Well done.

  27. thanks for the tip mate ill be defo trying it when i next go

  28. Will this method work in all seasons or just one?

  29. Probably ran out of VB hooks. I hear they are now hard to get hold of .The main point is to stay away from treble hooks if using small baits. Good luck.

  30. Should work in summer as well,depending if you are allowed to fish baits then.I find it better in winter as the pike are used to prey fish getting shoaled up.Clear water obviously best option.


    would a strong specimen sea fishing single hook be ok to use ?

  32. Yes, I see no reason why not.A fishery bailiff on the River Kennet yesterday caught a barbel on a small long shank sea hook,so should be OK



  34. IF Bruce Forsyth were a fisherman

  35. Hi Graeme, can you do a pike fishing vid in an lake?

  36. Will check things out on the lake scene. A lot near to me are pretty hammered,so I will look further afield and see what we come up with.

  37. Okay good to hear, and keep up the good work. 🙂

  38. After all the big game fish you have had over the years! It's good to see your enthusiasm for run of the mill specimens. Very entertaining videos.

  39. Hi Graeme, what reel do you have mate 😀


  40. I use small Shimano fixed spools.Very old.About 25 years I should think.I don't know what the equivalent is today ,but I just don't like the giant carp reels.They are too heavy to work with all day.

  41. Hi Graeme, just recently started fishing {Float Fishing} and after seeing your marvalous video's wanted to try my hand at pike fishing through the winter. Just wanted to ask how you setup your reel, ie before the traces what type/weight line do you use.
    Many thanks Chris

  42. Fixed spool reel,not a multiplier as you need heavier baits to make the multiplier cast well. Then at least 12lb minimum,or 15lb mono for the line on the reel.I don't use braid.Never found the need to as mono is OK. The rest you can check out in our other pike videos.I used to get Ande line in Premium from the States as its abrasion resistant and hard wearing.Don't know if you can get it over here.Good luck.

  43. Hi Graeme , I fish for pike on river torne in Doncaster with a spinner, I don't use braid either , it's cruel as there's no stretch, all the best to you , Ian

  44. I've never been fishing before and It looks like it could be interesting. Can anyone suggest how I would get started? I'm in epping forest, essex- can anyone suggest a good place to fish nearby? Also I don't really want to have to throw the fish back again- that seems a bit pointless really. Can I eat the fish or do I have to put it back?

  45. your videos are good enough for television 🙂

  46. doesn't matter where you come from, you always want to live somewhere else lol

  47. You need to contact a local fishing club,but I strongly suggest you adopt the format of returning your fish alive.There's plenty to eat at the fishmonger's slab,while our natural species are all under enough pressure anyway,which is why they need to go back.Good luck with the fishing.

  48. abide by the rules or dont even bother fishing.

  49. OK. I looked up the fishing laws, it till looks like fun. i don't need to eat the fish anyway, i have enough fish. I'll try it when the weather gets better- I don't want to be fishing in the snow. I'm looking for a fishing starter kit, is this any good from Amazon uk: "Complete Starter Fishing Kit 4m Rod/Reel/Net/Hooks etc" .

  50. @08:54 Into the reeds. I hate it when that happens lol.

  51. you would be better off with a korum starter kit.if you want to eat fish you catch get a game permit and go fish on trout lakes =]

  52. Hi guys please can you check out mine and my friends new fishing channel we have put a lot of effort in to are vids. If u like them see subscribe thanks

  53. Great video mate, what is the overall length of the trace you made? PLEASE

  54. I try to make them about 18 inches

  55. All my pike tackle is very old,so your best bet would be to ask your local tackle dealer as he will advise on the latest models.All mine will probably be out of production,and I have no idea what all the latest makes and models are.Make sure they don't sell you rods and reels too heavy.

  56. This show is actually brilliant its fun and full of realistic tips with affordable tackle. Would you like a new sidekick?

  57. just ordered them double hooks since they dont have them in any store around where i live cant wait to try the twitching since i usually fish pike with live bait very excited

  58. Perfect Gentlemen

    Arek just make sure you put them back

  59. Welcome2randomness

    Gramme do you rekon the twitch sprat tech can be modified and used for sea fishing on the shore ?

  60. Only from rocks fishing into deep water I reckon,probably under a float(Check our other film pike on twitched deadbaits/floats) I think any heavy duty casting from the beach would see the sprat explode like a firework ! From the rocks you should be in with a chance of either bass,pollack,or both.

  61. nice vid Mr.Pullen. i was wonderig where bout u put the weight on that trace? couldnt see it video where u are making them. jus t started myself this method. was 2 times out-got 7 pike. a lot of irish use this,and i tell u 1 thing. they are catching pike…

  62. Yep, it's a great method and easily the best method to catch Pike in numbers. We put the weight near the nose of the bait to help give the best movement of the bait and make it sink fast.

  63. Kudos from Canada. Kinda cheesey (not in a bad way at all just editing and how excited you get lol) but I love how earnest and open you are about helping and showing others how to fish. I actually learned a thing or two from your vids and I've been fishing for 20 plus years.

    If you're ever around the great white north I'll meet ya on the lake for some secret spots! 🙂

  64. what you saying lol bit cold for barbie lol

  65. could you show a video of your rig or set up for twitching sprat

  66. well sadly today i hooked 2 pike first one gave up right as it was hooked jokes on me the net didn't get to it fast enough and it got away and the second one snap my line before i could react fully lol

  67. i love your videos its a great escape for the day and i learn so much.! but i have a few questions i dont understand fully how to use what baits and lures for certain conditions when to pop it and twitch the line when to switch lures i cant go to rivers and things like that i mostly pond fish it would be amazing if you could do a video on how to work and when to use certain lures i hope im making sense with this but id very much love it

  68. There is indeed a pause when twitching the sprat that is difficult to describe, and easier to teach. Maybe we could do a film trying to show what I do later in the autumn. Keep watching. Glad you like the films. Lots more coming, spread the awesome word !

  69. hey Mr. Pullen i'm 13 years old and am a beginner and i was wondering what size hook i would need for catching small fish like roaches or little perch. I am fishing on the river wensum if it helps. I am a massive fan.

  70. Size 16,14 and 12.Double maggot on the hook. about 3lb hooklink.Or small brandlings for the perch.

  71. HI Graeme, i love all your vids and i dont know if you have fished up there before but at the lake district on the Esthwaite water there are hge pike in there that grow to 44lb! Just thought id let you know
    Tight lines

  72. Frazer and Matt fishing

    what size hook for a 5-20 pound pike

  73. Size 8 to 2 .That's a wide range of weights. I would go for the larger size 2 or 4 if you are expecting twenty pounders. Better safe than sorry.

  74. cheers also what strength line is ideal for pike

  75. 12 to 15lb mono is OK.Always use a wire trace.

  76. What do you think of multipliers

  77. how strong do u need the line to be for pike and where would be the best place to get it

  78. I think this was the 1st TAFishing vid I ever saw……..still one of my favourites

  79. What lure is your favorite for trolling in summer?

  80. have you guys tested out live swim lures (pritty much a 3 part lure) i dont mean to plug brand names but the only brand i know of is izumi alive lures. i dont have pike in australia but barra are somewhat the same type of predator fish … love the show guys keep up the good work

  81. That was good,you's @ TAF deserve to have your own TV would blow any opposition out of the water ;]

  82. indeed a totally awesome rig and show!! thanku

  83. any way to make the vb double hooks out ov normal hooks graham

    • +pattaya partyboy (pattayapartyboy) You can whip them with wire,usually copper,and maybe try soldering them like we used to do with tag end of wire on shark traces

  84. ᵔ.ᵔRias 愛 Akenoᵔ.ᵔ

    what river is it?

  85. POLISH LUREFISHERMAN!!!!!!If you lived near me you wouldnt have left a pike with a polish fisherman,by the time you got back with the camera it would have been rolled in egg and breadcrumbs and in the pan browning nicely,dont want to upset any polish people but thats how it is in west yorkshire where I live,river calder near my house has less pike than it used to also I hear they eat perch and other species too.

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