Wednesday , January 22 2020
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Pike fishing Lures giveaway! (£200+ of lures!) ENDED


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  1. Well 15lb 2oz looks about right. Yours hopefully 🤓

  2. 15lbs 10oz

  3. 15lbs 10oz

  4. can you look at the Instagram comments as well ??

  5. How much did it weigh?

  6. 18.5 lbs

  7. Good fish 17lb 15oz.

  8. 8lbs 6 ounces

  9. 14lb 3oz. Got to be

  10. 18lb 3oz. love ur vids by the way

  11. 17lb 8oz

  12. The McIntyre Brothers

    Can I have the jerk bait

  13. W.Charley Henderson Jr

    Where in the us can I get some of the softbaits you use in your videos…. reason I ask I just moved to a lake that is full of Pike and nobody here likes to fish for them and I really like catching Pike and eating them…all the pike I caught we're fishing for other species

  14. Ondřej Živný 15


  15. Tom barons Fishing & Mtb


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