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Pike fishing – Lures vs Bait – Totally Awesome Fishing!

If you like Pike fishing, or are a fan of our Pike fishing videos then THIS IS THE VIDEO FOR YOU. Father & Son Graeme & Mike Pullen take a fishing trip to the river Stour in Dorset. The aim of the adventure: LURES vs BAITS. With Graeme the more experienced fisherman, he uses the lures and mike on the deadly “Twitching Sprat” (sink and draw) method made famous by Graeme in our “pike fishing on twitched sprat” video. WHO WINS?? Watch to find out.
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  1. YEeahhhhh,a pike video….

  2. any tips for winter tenching?wanna try get one last session before winter takes over

  3. Great video as usual guys ! but intrigued about the Green tube in the back back pack ?

  4. Consistently good video's, nice one. Cheers guys.

  5. Glad you spotted it! It's for a pole mount for one of our camera's

  6. Again fantastic… Love your videos graeme and mike, love to see you and your son out fishing together, brilliant 🙂

  7. Been waiting ages of another pike video, Totally Awesome

  8. Avoid shallows,try deeper water,with plenty of red maggots.Either catapult in and floatfish over,or build the swim up with a blockend feeder. Occasionally a cocktail bait or two red maggots and a brandling will turn them on .You should be OK until the frosts hit.We used to get a few in the winter,but mostly 4/5 feet or deeper.

  9. awesome cheers.will have to try get out this weekend.we have just started a club at our local and have been doing lots of clean ups the past few weekends and building pegs =]

  10. hi guys any tips for pikeing on canals….. looking to catch my 1st ever pike

  11. where can you get those Baramundi lures?

  12. are savage gear soft lures any good in a river?

  13. I still think twitched sprat is the way to go.Plus they are really cheap to buy.Just do three casts in each swim then walk down about ten yards and try again. Best to cover as much ground as possible. Maybe check out the Pike on twitched sprat film,and do about three twitches before letting it sink a foot,then repeat the procedure.

  14. I bought them in Australia,Cairns,years ago.I doubt anyone has them in Europe,you need to see what is available in Cairns tackle shops via your search engine.That's in Queensland,which is where they do a lot of the Barramundi fishing. I'm guessing they will have something similar Good Luck

  15. Never used them. But the soft lure I used got sliced pretty much in two !!! It had a large single hook which both pike missed,so I'm currently devising a new hooking rig.Watch this space. I guess any soft lures are worth a go,whatever make they are,though how well they all hold up to the pike's teeth I don't know yet.

  16. thank you

  17. what video editor do you have

  18. Might check out "lureandmore dot c-o-m"(sorry , have to disguise link this way , otherwise comment won't show) , Australia's great lure enthusiasts site , …..sign in and link this video , surely someone over there would be able to identify the manufacturer or you might even find some through the site . Got some Aussie barra lures as well , ….pike do gladly take them , seemingly more likely compared to the big lipped curved deep divers from DownUnder . Cheers from northern Germany , 61diemai

  19. Great video , really enjoyed watching , …..just subscribed , too , ……….definately gotta try this baitfish rig , …looks like it's a lot more snag free compared to the two-treble "Drachovitch" harness , that I've been using for many years to offer dead bait on a lure rod , …….the art is to hit the right time to set the single hook , I guess . Thanks a lot for sharing , ….cheers from northern Germany , 61diemai

  20. Thank you
    and cheers from Denmark.

  21. You're welcome , ….always glad if I'm able to help out a fellow fisherman !

  22. Not at the moment.Our local Basingstoke canal isn't the greatest place for a pike film.Pretty,but mainly very small jacks. The odd big one,but you have to cover a lot of ground.

  23. Twitching sprat is the main method. You might be snagging it because your rod is not held high in the air. Wear polarising glasses to help you see the weed or snags. Well with 21lb 4oz Pike! Totally Awesome!!

  24. Hey Graeme
    Just this morning listened to Keith Arthur on his radio show and he reckoned that for Pike fishing sprats were ok but he said they;-
    "broke up too easily" and said he preferred "sardines- because they stayed together better,were more oily,less flat and more three dimensional'
    Dunno, – I thought they look pretty successful with you , but…?

  25. I don't know how much pike fishing Mr Arthur does,but I find the exact reverse is true.Sardines are soft and break up easily(but good as legered deadbaits) I use sprats because they are exactly that,"laterally compressed",so flash and sink slower through the water than sardines.I have been doing it a very long time,so its up to the individual.If he gets questions like that it shows our Totally Awesome fishing channel has publicised the cheapest baits. SPRATS RULE!!!!

  26. Hi Graeme, i love your show and were wondering if you could do a "gear talk" video, you know like showing all of your gear. Please write back if possible. 🙂

  27. If I did a "gear talk" on what tackle I use all the tackle dealers would be tearing their hair our out as most of my gear is old and probably out of production !! But still catch fish,so why would I buy new ? Tackle doesn't catch fish,knowledge catches fish(plus a little luck) and I try to pass on tips where I can. We are putting a film up shortly showing some different plug types underwater so watch out for that.Again,they might be lures you can't buy easily,but they still work.Look out for it.

  28. okay i will watch out for that. And thanks for replying!

  29. Hi Graeme

    I'm fishing pike with artificial lures and I always get alot of plants on the lure when I reel it back in, is there anything I can do to avoid plants or atleast try and get not as much plants on the lure?


  30. Lure might be diving too deep.Either wind back slower,or try another lure that runs near the surface.Or you could use a weedless Bass lure,which is generally a plastic worm,with the hookpoint going into the rubber bait.Try putting Bass Pro Shops in your search engine and see what they offer.

  31. Definitly going to try the weedless lures.

    Thanks alot!

  32. lol my first ever pike was lbs false hooked

  33. Hampshire Angling TV

    Great video, we recently have got into twitching sprats, its a killer!

  34. i have tried twitched sprat lots of times but ive not caught a single fish yet can you help


  35. thanks for putting video up .always trying different baits but the only pike I have had was a 4 pounder on roach that I caught at my local canal .

  36. would you consider fly fishing for pike if so could you upload a vid thanks

  37. It must be in your technique Jack as ive got dozens using the method. Look for over hanging trees, Bushs, Drop offs in the water, anywhere that a pike could ambush its prey and just keep twitching that bait past these features like Graemme does in the video, Keep at it, you will catch fish!

  38. Where can you get sprat from

  39. Supermarket fish counters. But they are probably out of season at present. Start looking for them around September.

  40. I have fly fished for pike but not on film. Maybe later in the winter we might do something.

  41. What other baits could I use that I could get from the supermarkets

  42. Smelts cast well, not very flashy but still catch pike.Sardines.Soft,break up easily. Better cast out once legered on the bottom, or drifted on a float.Herring,if you can get them small, are very good. Like a giant sprat and flashy. Or mackerel. Not so good twitched, better as a legered bait.

  43. Cheers

  44. Mary Kristine Agraan

    Nice size pike

  45. Bleak and roach are also very good pike baits…

  46. "I better have one more cast" I don't know how many times i must ov said that when it was time to go lol. Stayed back at least for like another 10 mins or so.

  47. FreshWaterFishers

    Me and my friend have been struggling to catch any pike with artificial lures,any advice?

  48. FreshWaterFishers

    We have caught many perch and even a chub

  49. Great video – love the stuff you've done on lures. Random question – the music you use right at the end. Do you happen to know the name of the track and who it's by? Cheers

  50. What's your views on multiplier reels for pike

  51. why do you hit three times?

  52. If I left it that long before striking I would deep hook almost everytime. Anything beyond 5 seconds in there mouth they get it into the throat

  53. Backcountry Bowman

    You make it look easy

  54. 4 pike out on deadbait, 2 pike out on lure & 2 pike missed on lure, am I right…??

    If so that would mean they both got the same amount of attention,

    The dead fish was being retrieved / twitching & imitating an injured or dying fish which is the same as using a lure really, set the dead bait on the bottom not moving and the pike have to find you resulting in less fish than what you would if you had lures moving around, any pike that will eat a dead or alive fish will do the same with a lure if used right way

    Both can be just as good as each other if used in the right way, but I'm all about the lures more interesting / better and more exciting in my own personal experience / opinion

    Nice video!

  55. Awesome video cant,wait to teach my boys fishing.I have been hunting pike for few months now only been out 4 times but on the last attempt.I got a bite but lost it so il try you sprat method and report back if I catch.

  56. Thanks for the tips.

  57. magic show as usal

  58. So do people from the UK call crank baits "Plugs" i was trying to figure out what a plug was then I'm like ohhhh now i get it….lol

  59. I want to fish with you guys now…

  60. Is 15 lb braid good for pike? If not, why?

    • Too light for braid, 15lb mono is ok though. Braid tends to fail lower than its stated breaking strain + 15lb braid is VERY thin, about the same as 5lb mono is… Braid is fantastic stuff, no stretch and no memory, unlike mono that kinks easily. 30lb braid sounds heavy but is just right

    • I use braid for lures and deadbaits I use power pro braid in 66lb light braid is a big no for pike for many reasons such as crack offs and snagging if you do get snagged the hooks will straighten out rather than leave a baited trace in the water

    • I use braid for lures and deadbaits I use power pro braid in 66lb light braid is a big no for pike for many reasons such as crack offs and snagging if you do get snagged the hooks will straighten out rather than leave a baited trace in the water

    • I use braid for lures and deadbaits I use power pro braid in 66lb light braid is a big no for pike for many reasons such as crack offs and snagging if you do get snagged the hooks will straighten out rather than leave a baited trace in the water

    • +Matt Wooldridge I use 50lb braid. When I'm chucking lures out worth a tenner I want them back. Not only that but I wouldn't want to snap off and have a pike swimming around with a big lure and trace in their mouth either.

  61. great vid thanks

  62. Another species worth fishing for in the frost is a Chub

  63. Caught my very first jack today because of you two thank you tafishing!!! +TAFishing 

  64. Supper .fishing

  65. George Shoesmith

    2 days ago I had a 14lb 2oz pike on a sprat and I use the 10 sec thing and I worked

  66. Going roving this sunday & fancy some twitching. How long does a bait normally last before the hooks pull free of the soft skin as imagine would only withstand a few casts? Will take lures/jellies too but guessing the fleshy/real fish going to pull more fish in. TAF

  67. whats the weakest rod should i use for pike only fished for 1 year

  68. so, when do they start catching some net worthy fish?

  69. lures are best ..better for the lakes too

  70. I've just started pike fishing in my lock river where would u advise to go above or below the weir

    • +Connor Pinkett Below the weir .Try right under the weir sill,but watch out for snags,its where branches can get hung up in a flood.Or any slacks on the edge of fast water.I have never done much good in front of weirs,except for Salmon if there is a Salmon stone there.

    • We don't have salmon but their is a pool with roach chub pike and trout and what would u recommend for bait?

    • +Connor Pinkett sprat

  71. Another great video guys, thank you

  72. Yesterday i tried fishing for pike for first time ever. Watched all your videos on pike tips. Thought as a newbie to pike i would start with lures. So for 5 hours walking up and down a freezing Goole canal (Part of the Aire&Calder in yorkshire) I got a PB 4ibs ……….Branch, that was hiding under the waterline. Oh well wont stop trying another time

  73. king piker add me and subscribe mate cheers

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