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Pike fishing on the river Stour- Series 1- Episode 9

An epic episode of Totally Awesome Fishing Show (TAFishing). Graeme catches over 5 double figure Pike in one session on the River Stour!! With some draw-dropping slow motion Pike jumps, we’re sure you guys are gonna love this! Featuring Graeme’s famous twitching sprat or sink and draw technique that is easily the most effective way to catch river Pike in the UK! Totally AWESOME!
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Totally Awesome Fishing is a weekly free-to-watch fishing show brought to you by father and son Graeme & Mike Pullen. Our videos feature lake fishing, river fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing, fly fishing and big game fishing. As well as How-To videos. Our aim is to help the average angler CATCH FISH!

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  1. I personally like rivers as you can read the swims easier,but it doesn't really matter as long as the pike are known to be in there

  2. is it a lot cheaper to get your fishbait from a fish market than a tackle shop ?

  3. Great video I love seeing u fight the big pike!

  4. Can you give me any lure fishing tips so a can catch a pike

  5. what bait or lure would you recommend me to use in lake where pike population is really low, and pike is really hard to catch?

  6. I would catapult out a load of sardines and sprats over two areas you can cast to,maybe a dozen at a go every 3 days for about 10 days,then freeline or lightly leger a sardine or sprat in the same prebaited areas. You could also lure fish over the top of the baited area,though my money would be on a sardine getting picked up.Good Luck.

  7. So in theese cold days dead baits are better than alive fish? Thanks.

  8. is luring on canals any good for pike in winter ? or do they go for dead baits only in the winter?

  9. No,lures can catch as well.You need good clarity for both.But if the water is very cold the predators are less likely to chase a lure,and might be more readily caught on a slower twitched deadbait.Good luck with it.

  10. Hey Graeme, would you recommend the savagear 4play lures?
    Cause im maybe goin to buy some soon.
    And as allways, fantastic video.

  11. No idea,as I have never used them.I use Sidewinder for soft latex type of lures.The smallest sandeel pattern in a sort of pearly white is deadly for bass and pollack at sea. The thing is.Sidewinders are very soft but have a good action,whereas you might get a tougher rubber lure that will last longer but if the fish won't take it what's the point of using it.You want something that fools the fish.Mind you,a lot of lures out there catch more anglers than fish ! I know asa I've got some.

  12. I no I keep on saying it but I really mean it you are my role model (sorry If I spell incorrectly because I am only 10

  13. Please tell me what baits I should use, I am only a maitre

  14. Sorry about the spelling in the last comment I ment beginer

  15. The Gaming Master TGM

    hi can you make a video for spinner fishing for pike and ouher fish that you can catch on pinners and tell me what fish can you catch on spinners

  16. The Gaming Master TGM

    what sterght of line or you useing

  17. probably not this season,maybe next year as we are filming shore fishing for the next month,and then trout.

  18. The Gaming Master TGM

    2013 0r 2014 ?

  19. do you use wire trace, when your lure fishing for pike

  20. Yes,I always use a wire trace.Suggested breaking strain minimum 25/30lbs.Do nbot use single strand.It can kink and break.

  21. at least the angler had a mat..hes rough on the pike

  22. Hampshire Angling TV

    Really enjoyed that, what shot is best for twitching, SSG?
    Great video, really enjoyed it,
    Tom 🙂

  23. SSG,Swan Shot,or just a bb.It depends if you want to cast further,or if the river is fast and you need weight to get it down.I suggest about 18 inches to 2 feet down is about right for twitching sprats.If anything I like it to sink straight down,then I can keep the rod tip high and let it flutter and rise within a couple of seconds.

  24. Hampshire Angling TV

    Thanks Graeme,
    Very helpful,

  25. An earlier commenter is right. You are very rough on the fish when you are playing them. Try using a bit more finesse! It's not all about muscling them.

  26. akkapong sungkajuntra


  27. i think it broke at @07:36

  28. James' motivation

    Good video , I'm really into fishing and am starting to make my own pike fishing videos so please have a look on my profile

  29. where abouts down the stour do u fish i fish at grove ferry

  30. Lower river stour.Its tidal.

  31. what a ridiculous comment hes caught more fish all around the world than you have probably had hot dinners,its like saying steve davis could not play snooker,you need to have a read up to see what he has achieved in angling

  32. Whatever, mate. Anyone watching the video can see he is rough on the fish.

  33. I like to see them swim off.

  34. He's right, he should let them run a bit more, let them wear themselves out so you don't have to wrench them into the net,

  35. lol the soundtrack

  36. I love this guy's style, he's a natural presenter and really informative.

  37. just love your vids funny and you tell it as it is well done dont change it ever

  38. What kind of rod is that?

  39. A pike lure rod, but watch out as some of the modern ones I find are very stiff. This is an older one(20 + years) so has more fibreglass content. Therefore softer for casting and also playing the fish. Made by Ryobi.

  40. was anyone else thinking of the beginning of the song business by eminem at the beginning of the video?

  41. what type lure is the best on rivers in england

  42. more jacks r boys grow up to 12lbs

  43. If I had to use one lure it would be a Shakespeare "BIG S",in a rusty brown colour. The faster you wind, the deeper it goes. Its a floater as well, so you can crawl it back letting the current speed take it down. Make it fish in a short, sharp darting motion. Good luck.

  44. Great video again, could you check out my videos, I'll be doing more soon! I'm going lure fishing tomorrow so 🙂 thanks!

  45. What rods do you use for pike and can I use a 12 foot carp rod for it

  46. I use out of production old Ryobi rods.Yes,you could use a carp rod. Might be a bit stiff though. You only need about 1 1/2lb test curve for river pike fishing, as you don't have to cast far.

  47. try jerkbait in that river

  48. They are kind of like the alligator gar I love to fish for. I bet you would love catching big alligator gar. They have more teeth!

  49. I'm also making a series

  50. Where is that

  51. Big pikes in here

  52. Do you use braided line if so what pound line?

  53. I don't use braid for Pike, don't like it.I just use straight mono,about 12/15lb breaking strain.

  54. NotRightNow ImBusy

    hi great vids could I use a 2,5 lb 12 foot carp rod or is the poundage to low?

  55. You could use that, but its way overkill I reckon. We like a bit of sport with the rod having a bend in is.But try it first. You might be glad of it if you hook a lunker.

  56. hy , where is this river , and what is the name ? 4 meterhechte vor halb 9 ich will da auch hin , das ist doch mitten in der laichzeit oder was …
    thx greats from germany

  57. River Stour. Dorset.England(South)

  58. Hi what is your pb pike

  59. they have some teeth have you been bitten by one yet?

  60. They don't actually leap up and grab you, but they can nick you if you are not on the ball when unhooking them.

  61. I don't fish for big pike, just any pike. I am happy with whatever comes along.24/26lbs if I recall. It was on a lobworm when fishing for seatrout/barbel on 5lb line I think. Lucky.

  62. No, I don't prebait rivers as it will wash away. You could do it in lakes if you wanted to. I would just use sprats as they are cheap, catapult them out near overhanging branches, deep holes, side of weedbeds etc. Half a dozen each spot. Fish the next day if you want. Or do it a few times in a week,then try.

  63. danke und petrie heil

  64. I got my first pike ever on normail 10lb line and two maggorts and one sweet corn I was buzzing it was 5lb and only on a size 14 hook but in was in the side of it's mouth lucky!!!!

  65. You were lucky there. Well done. They normally bite through any nylon line.

  66. I know I was but it was a lovely catch thou think I'll put a wire trace on from now on!!!! i now know why people love pike fishing!!!! and thank u for your reply!!!

  67. No, always use a wire for the trace.

  68. keep making videos there great to watch i subscribed to your channel

  69. who taught you to fish, john wilson?


    what video camera do you use and what software do you use to edit

    Kind Regards alex

  71. Several cameras. Can't say which is the best to get as we don't sell them. Best to ask a proper video supplier. I think the top edit is supposed to be Final Cut pro .You can always buy add-on software for additional effects, but allow around £10,000 for decent camera and software. We use Sony. Suggest also trying a local video camera club in your area, the members will be a huge source of information on which units do what. We just point and press with ours.

  72. Hi Graham, im wanting to sstart pike fishing but i have one question and i thought id ask the best, Should i put Fox Soft Steel on or some kind of mono line or a braided line? Thanks Mate Tight Lines

  73. Never even heard of that make you mention, but if you mean steel wire,yes,use a wire trace. If you mean reel line I just use straight mono 12 to 15lb.I don't really like braid, though it has its uses in sea fishing. I just use Sufix mono or Ande premium.

  74. I caught my 1st pike last week using your twitch sprat method, 9lb. Will be going back to try and catch more, might give some lures a try too

  75. Can you tell me what music that is on the background?

  76. Pike snApped my line last night and swam off with my lure 🙁

  77. Bit disappointing he lifted the pike up in the net like that to weigh it. 

  78. I can't watch that guy, he's to funny and it isn't awesome fishing

  79. r u using barbed or semi or barbless

  80. In the spring time what fish would you expect around a mouth of a river opening to a lake? It is around 10 feet deep.One last thing what lure/live bait would you recommend?

  81. Great video ! . . I admire your relaxed angling skills.  Tight lines from Martin Griffin . . (Griffin camo leads). 

  82. Great video but I don't understand why you are leaving the pike for a while before striking …. Won't this result in deep hooking? ….. And why are you striking like you are a madman yanking and yanking like you are trying to start a lawnmower ???

    • Just the I way set the hook.The soft rods barely pull a hook in.Of course if you use rods like broomsticks you don't need to set the hook so firmly ,but I like the sport a softer rod gives. I strike when I want,after 45 years piking I have learnt to differentiate between a small jack turning a bait in its jaws and a big Pike moving off.Can't really show it on film,it comes with experience. If you strike early and miss I never worry,its probably a smaller Pike,even down to 1lb in weight.They can run off with a big bait.

    • +TAFishing
      Hi Graeme, I notice you talk of and use the VB double hooks. I've searched for them and it turns out they have now been discontinued and replaced with a 90 degree angle double for some reason. And an alternatve Drennan hook has also been discontinued. Could you please recommend a double so i dont have to go to trebles? Ta.

    • +winchuni22 hi i had the same, the 90 degree ones are fine, better in some respects as u can set them so 1 hook is each side meaning once the pike grabs u can strike early and still connect

    • +madmarthur77 Oh right, cheers. I was a little uncomfortable in the amount of time to strike on these videos – although it obviously works for him. 

      I was planning to adjust it to strike quickly which you should be able to do because its similar to lure fishing and when you get a 'hit' you strike.

      I've found static deadbaits different though. I've found pike mouth and fiddle with it and the best time to strike is when the float actually moves rather than just bobs about. That how you find it? 

  83. Great video Graeme I realized how fast your subscribers are going up keep up the awesome work.

  84. This guy absolutely creases me up lol. Just every thing about him hahaha. Hes a legend

  85. Now thats a great days fishing. Quality

  86. Another great video Graham. I can see the joy you get from fishing and not someone boring the hell outa us with rig details.

  87. jesus… you always weigh pike like that?!

  88. It doesn't beat mine .  I caught a 23lb Pike about 1956 or 1957 near the bridge that leads to Hurn Court Agricultural school.  Bob Olley the river bailiff took it back to his house in Holdenhurst Village  and weighed it on his salmon scales as my scales only went up to 14lbs.

  89. Where abouts on the River Stour is this?

  90. Absolutely brilliant video, that was some days fishing! Were you using single hooks for the sprats, if so what size? Cheers

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