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Pike Fishing with Lures- Series 1 – Episode 15 – Totally Awesome Fishing

In this episode of The Totally Awesome Fishing Show (TAFishing), Graeme gives you all the great hints and tips for Pike fishing with Lures. He also catches an absolute MONSTER!!! weighing in at 19lbs!!! Using different lure retrieving methods such as twitching or sink and draw this video gives you everything you need to know!!
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Totally Awesome Fishing is a weekly free-to-watch fishing show brought to you by father and son Graeme & Mike Pullen. Our videos feature lake fishing, river fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing, fly fishing and big game fishing. As well as How-To videos. Our aim is to help the average angler CATCH FISH!

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  1. I really learn a lot from your films, I just started fishing again after 45 years mostly beach fishing with a lure. Have you any films with beach and lures ?

  2. Hi, can u tell me what is name of this "green lure" what you using ,please.

  3. Great stuff Graeme! Totally Awesome as usual!!!

  4. cant wait to go fishing on Sunday 🙂

  5. Thanks for all your postings! I never bring a net with me shore fishing…just run back and pull it up to shore! That is what I thought you were finally doing on the 19 pounder but then you come running back with a net! Thanks again love your vids.

  6. +TAFishing Hello Mike or Gramme, I am starting a fishing/gaming channel this summer but because I have zero experience with making videos, my videos probably won't turn out so well. Do you have any tips or tricks about recording with a tripod? Thanks and tight lines!

    • +Andrew “Fishing Addict” Cunrod Sure – definitely USE a tripod where you can. Unfortunately we don't use ours enough hence why we get so many shakey shots, but that is part of fishing and it makes it more natural. But when filming on your own, put your tripod at different heights so it's not all filmed from the same height – do some long distance shots too. Hope that helps – Mike

    • Thank you so much Mine! I will be sure to use that tip this year. Tight lines!

  7. almost lost him 😱

  8. lol heleim

  9. Liam McRorie-Wilson

    Green barramundi lure: Barra snax shallow, old dog lures

  10. can i have some lures Please PPPPLLEEEAASe

  11. Darren anthony shortt

    hi guys if your thinking of puting a single hook what is best size hook to use .single hooks be easy on the pike and fingers .

  12. Graeme i could watch you all day mate absolutely brilliant! And you crack me up big time…

  13. Hello I'm going pike fishing Tommorow and I have some shallow lures in a grey colour kinda roach looking and I have a small deep diver which is best

  14. has to be a go-to lure and pike video for anyone. thanks

  15. Melanie & Paul Wharton

    where is that

  16. I love this guy.

  17. i'll not trust a guy that is using spinnerait box for cranks

  18. Run for the net was hilarious

  19. Christian Håkansson

    Somebody please give this man a talkshow.

  20. Hey Graeme is this at Throop in Dorset? Havent seen pike there for a good while…

    • Neither have I..last few years have been shocking compared to what it used to be like.Dare say there is still the odd big one around though. A lady recently asked me if I had seen the THREE !!! Otters that were in one area.

    • We have been fishing the Stour at Canford school (Wimborne) and saw 3 otters in a day! Also lots of reports of PIke being taken out frequently from the free stretch above Throop

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