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Pike fishing with twitched sprat – Graeme Pullen – Series 2 – Episode 1

In the first episode of series 2 Graeme Pullen shows you how to catch those Pike using a very simple method and rig – twitching sprats (sink and draw or wobbling deadbaits as it is sometimes known). Very cheap and highly effective! Thanks to all our subscribers so far! Your the reason we do these videos!!! Safe fishing – The Totally Awesome Team.
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  1. you have to be one of the best fishing bloggers on the web keep up the good work :)

  2. Fair play, great filming and editing, most enjoyable. Must get some sprats!!

  3. @MegaCarpcrazy check out StewartBloor, he is pretty good too!

  4. Way to start a new season dude, some nice action shots. Would be nice to hear that clutch go more often, love that sound.

  5. It is fantastic – i like your vids. They are are a marvellous thing to me.

  6. lol the way you come to the camera and say, its a really big fish, dropped it and now hes got it again so im gonna hit it, and off you go back to the swim to hit it lol.. I enjoyed this it was cool.

  7. lmao the way you show the reel spinning and earlier came to the camera and said something only to turn and just leg it off again, this was actually funny to watch, deffo going onto my fav uploaders list.

  8. great job you`ve done it again seems like you are always teaching me something new

  9. bassfisherman143

    this is awsome! great job!

  10. itss better bent, looks like a dying fish

  11. Love your stuff TA fishing

  12. how do you do when you fishing it, just reel it in or something else? :)

  13. Great Pike fishing awseome Job with Video! Whats the music at the intro called

  14. does any 1 know what they do with canal zander when the electro fish them out ? and check out my clips ;p thanks

  15. how do u know when the fish have strike the bait? :)

  16. Your an awesome fisherman

  17. Hockedonfishing is good

  18. i dont think he is

  19. probably worthwhile investing in an unhooking mat, judging by the blood and leaves on the pikes flanks @ around 10 minutes you don't have or didn't use one.

  20. will this work on a slightly faster flowing river or on a slow flowing canal? going to try this on sunday

  21. Yes but you would have to add/remove shots as weights depending on the speed of the current.

  22. When you are twitching the sprat the bale arm is obviously closed as you are retrieving it towards you. A pike grabs the sprat and pulls on the rod,whereon you have to be quick to open the bale arm otherwise it feels the resistance and spits the bait out.Allow the pike to turn back down then give it say 5 to 10s ,wind down and strike .I get a good hookup rate and no deep throaters like you do standard legering. Its actually very effective,I am not using any treble hooks.

  23. brandon pisacane

    can you make a vid of how to make your rig

  24. what was the periods of time in between all the fish

  25. All different times,as it takes me time to walk from one swim to the next./ I'll do over 43 miles on a good day,so don't use a stopwatch to mark each fish.Generally early and about an hour before dusk is best. Good luck-Graeme (PS-If the water is clear I'll fish all day,right up to dusk.Never had a pike twitching in the really low light levels though).

  26. Graeme, Awesome Videos, all of them! Im a keen Pike fisherman in Gloucestershire, I live by the thames (upper reaches) and was wondering if you have fished any good spots around here at all
    , would be great to hear from you, Cheers mate.

  27. No,don't know upper reaches.but we had 17 pike yesterday to 14lbs on twitched sprat and sardines on Dorset Stour. I fancy the River Severn.Was up there after barbel recently. I even wrote to various pike clubs/societies/secretaries saying they might be interested in promoting pike with films.Not even a reply.So we thought we'd just get on and do our own thing.Let me know if there's any good pike waters up your way.Needs to be clear though.

  28. Does this method work in Sweden's waters aswell?

  29. No idea,never been there.But should do,as it is still a flashing deadbait. If you get one,send us a picture.

  30. hi, do you know if there are any Pike in the Lower River Itchen, Southampton, thanks

  31. twitched sprat is my main method

  32. no. I know this water, there used to be a lot of pike there 30 years ago but all fished out now. Heavily overfished stretch of water. You might be lucky.

  33. My favorite method, though I call it wobbled sprat, not only pike into the twenties, but also had many chub, a few perch and a rainbow trout on this method.

  34. Im going to buy pike gear for around 400 dollars!!!
    only because of you, im really gettin in to pike fishing :P

  35. Hi Graeme, Merry Christmas!! Hope your well, I was wondering if there was any possibility of you pointing me in the right direction of the vb doubles size 4 / 6. Im guessing the one used in this vid is a 4? I am struggling to find any online in this size, Your help and infinite wisdom would be greatly appreciated…Thanks alot, tight lines.

  36. No,I don't know myself.I'm still running on old stock,which were produced by Partridge of Redditch. Someone did mention they had tracked a supplier down but delivery was end of December,but I can't find out who/where.Just keep searching,and good luck.

  37. what model you used ? can tell me know

  38. If you mean rod and reel.Rods are usually Ryobi Masterpike,but been broken and mended twice.Reels are Shimano.Various models.Best pike rod I used was called a Gord Burton "Thunderstick".Don't know if they still make them.

  39. You really should, we got the best pike fishing in the world, no doubt

  40. You could do,but reverse the hook and bind the trace to the tail of the bait using elasticated thread. Just turn the hook setup around.VB hook near the head.Single carp hook in the body,then whip trace to tail.

  41. Great informative vids looking forward to watching over the next week or so I subbed

  42. can you order those wire traces? ive never made my own before

  43. Not to the best of my knowledge as I made them up myself after many experiments with rigs. I guess someone might be copying them and selling them,but I would guess not yet

  44. Amazing and u make it look easy

  45. Hi Graeme
    Great videos. where can i buy those VB hooks ? even google cant find them (is this a world first) ?

  46. There were made by Partridge of Redditch,which were in Worcestershire.I'm still on my original stock,but I do believe somebody is producing them.Good luck finding some.

  47. ok graeme cheers.

  48. Hi Graeme, I was just wondering if there is any point trying this method during all of the flooding? I live in Gloucestershire and all the rivers are seriously flooded at the mo, or do you reckon best bet would be to get down to some of the pits and deadbait instead? Want to go in next couple of days but not too sure what to do, Cheers

  49. I'm not fishing rivers at all due to flooding and colour.Far better to go to a lake or gravel pit that is clear,at least you will be in with a chance of a take.Good luck

  50. Hi Graeme, I used your tactics here in Singapore, with small yellow tail as bait, and the results were phenomenal. Lots of toman (snakehead), temensis (big peacock bass), and a variety of red tail and tiger catfish. Many thanks for this great advice!!

  51. Does the method work as good in the loughs?

  52. I have caught on Irish loughs,but using a float and twitching it via that.Generally from a boat though and using natural deadbaits.

  53. "Twitched sprat". I must try it. No doubt about its effectiveness. I admire your enthusiasm for the Northern Pike.

  54. if you ever cum to ireland id like to go pike fishing with you

  55. robert mcmahon

    Don't you think there's no sport fishing in fisheries? :/

  56. robert mcmahon

    You will lose a lot of fish leaving slack line as you reel in

  57. you do if you are lure fishing, but this is twitching a dead bait, completely different. We have had a very good catch and release rate using this method. Probably the most successful method for catching river pike. – Mike

  58. ??? Don't know what you mean ? I don't understand the question ?

  59. James hardcore fishing

    Where can I get some of them back to back hooks you have and how much are they? Thanks

  60. will this work in canals or would leaving it under a float be better

  61. Secret is in the title. Twitched sprat. You need to keep twitching it to make it look like a live fish. Float is optional.

    • TAFishing still love watching your early videos you should do more with the twitched sprat I know you’ve done loads already but as we all know it works best its none stop action call it the return of the sprat lol loving the bushcraft videos with mike and yourself but you should get back on the bank fella you are my favourite to watch and I miss your videos try and do a few more please

  62. Great video guys as always, brilliant technique!

  63. shame you did not actually show how to work the method , and swan shot are the size , they do not vary !!!

  64. I think there's film of that in one of the many pike films we have up, where you see the sprat being twitched in the water. I use anything, swan shot,ssg,just a rough guide as to what suits me for getting the sprat down. You could pinch a string of bb on if you wanted .Just that the sprat on its own is very light, and about 2/3 feet down is an ideal depth.

  65. Christian Jensen

    does this work with roach :) ?
    plz write bak!
    great video btw!toatally awesome!

  66. Yes, any deadbait providing it is around 4 to 6 inches long and has some flash to it.Try your supermarket first before you go out and collect a load of roach.

  67. Christian Jensen

    cool …. does this work in rivers as well?

  68. Hampshire Angling TV

    Hi Graeme, I can understand if it's a scret, but what river is this and where?

  69. No secret, its in many of our river pike films. The Dorset Stour ? I won't be giving out GPS co-ordinates as to the exact swims as we have had to pay lots of day ticket money to find them. Just try anywhere. One of my best stretches was up at Hampreston,but I think that might be club water ? You need to do a bit of ground work and you'll soon find good spots. There's no secret to it.We try to give as many tips/techniques for free as possible.

  70. Hampshire Angling TV

    Thanks Graeme, much appreciated for the thurough reply and thanks for being willing to say where it was, will look into it,as my pb is only 10lb from a river!

  71. Size 2 or 4

  72. great vid
    sorry if its a silly question but would you recommend doing the same type of fishing on a lake? not on a boat

  73. Use it anywhere pike live. They love it.

  74. I don't cast far when twitching sprats. Fifteen yards or less. Mostly close range stuff. Most people try to cast too hard and break them off. Check out our film Pike on Twitched deadbaits/floats. That way you can use more casting weight if you have to get out further.

  75. Hi Graeme and Mike.
    I would love to try some of that pike fishing. Could you please show us the correct way to hold the fish when disgouging the hook? Or is there an episode where you show us how to hold the pike….I haven't seen it. I must admit that the thought of being bitten by one makes me quake in my boots! I see you are holding it just under the gill…is there a special way of doing that?
    Thanks…and fantastic series by the way.

  76. No, never hold a pike(or any fish) by the gill. It may look like I am but in fact I am holding the external opercular cover, well away from the gill rakers,which the fish uses to extract oxygen from the water. We'll see if we can make a film this winter showing newcomers how to unhook them the safest way.

  77. Ive seen allot of people trying to unhook pike very poorly and hurting the fish, maybe you could do a unhooking vid ? I will save a few pike if nothing else :)

  78. hello do u think u can catch 20s and 30s on twitch sprat I read lure and sink and draw small fish deadbait big lazy fish? looks good tho can u use this method in winter as well? thanks mate

  79. Doug TheTrophyHunter

    will this method work in lochs and resevoirs ?

  80. I went out late yesterday evening, last hour up until dark using this method with a Perch, sprats are out of season, I was soon into a Pike. I use braid in preference to heavy mono but copied your rig exactly with a double hook in the back and single through the mouth 

  81. carphunter bavaria

    Wow incredible 15 pikes! Great video!

  82. Just had a gander on eBay kamatsu and a company called Ryder do the double hooks but the hooks are offset at a 90 degree angle not back to back, can't vouch for the quality as I've not used them ( just ordered a pack of the kamatsu) as I use their trebles and they've never let me down. Great video as per usual keep em coming guys :).

  83. I was fishing this method this morning , I also used a rig with a float, I blanked ,this was on the fourth and clyde canal at dullatur Cumbernauld might still be a bit on the cold front

  84. Hi Guys, Love TAFishing! Throop is one of my clubs waters so this video is excellent to show off the stamp of pike it has! I'm really keen to get away from trebles but I can't find the VB double's anywhere. Can you point me in the direction of some? Cheers and keep up the good work!

    • Hi, glad you like the videos. Unfortunately, we have fished it a number of times since, and it has never been as prolific it was a few years ago. However, I believe they don't make these hooks anymore. They make a different version called a double ryder hook I believe – Mike

  85. Were you looking for those hooks? As you have found out, these Partridge of Redditch VB hooks are getting really hard to find. One thing one can do is make hooks for yourself, with Vic Bellars' idea in the back of your mind. I wrote about this on TAF's patreon community page.- You can avoid mistakes by reading about what did not work.- The basic idea on how to make them.– The follow up, – Kind regards, Jaak. – Consider to become a patron and really suport TAF.

  86. Would 8lb line work for jack pike

  87. alanrtment porter

    Graeme, just a thought, if pike turn their prey which they do, why does everyone point the striking hook towards the pikes throat? Normally the hook points out of the mouth?

  88. I would like to have seen the method of twitching demonstrated.. Ive never fished this method before

  89. Nice vid but you never show 'the take'. Is it visual each time or do you feel it when the sprat gets taken like with lures?

    • Mostly you just get a bump on the rod as they grab it. Sometimes they will hit it right by your feet and that really is exciting.

  90. Can u use pet Sprats

  91. What music is that in the backround 😂 sounds like van Halen eruption 🎸

  92. What size v.b you using please

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