ARForms: Wordpress Form Builder Plugin

ARForms: Wordpress Form Builder Plugin

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ARForms: Wordpress Form Builder Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


            Top Selling WordPress Form Builder Plugin ARForms is top selling WordPress form builder plugin of 2020. Build finest responsive WordPress forms within just minutes, No coding, no design experience needed....
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            Top Selling WordPress Form Builder Plugin

ARForms is top selling WordPress form builder plugin of 2020. Build finest responsive WordPress forms within just minutes, No coding, no design experience needed. Also includes built-in facility of WordPress popup forms. ARForms is not limited to creating just WordPress contact form, it is capable to create any type of forms like advanced forms, multi step forms, cost estimator forms, newsletter popup etc.

Better Looking & More Powerful!
The must have form builder plugin for WordPress has had a complete makeover! ARForms has an all new UI, designed to give users a real time experience, and it’s packed with powerful features so that you can prepare and process your forms at lightning speed.

Multi-Column & Resizable
ARForms comes with a fully featured multi-column facility, including the option to resize any column by simply dragging the border between fields. Easy, fast, flexible.

30 Forms Elements For Building Forms Of All Kinds

Material, Rounded and Standard Style Forms
ARForms is one of the very few form builder plugins that offers a true material style forms, as well as rounded and standard style forms not limited to create just wordpress contact forms. Your wordpress forms, your way!

Fully Responsive
Enjoy elegant, fully responsive forms straight out of the box, with clean and streamlined HTML.

Striking Color Schemes

Popups Built Right In
Great news! This advanced and complete form builder now has a built-in popup forms facility, so there’s no need to buy a specialised wordpress popup plugin. Your forms can fly in, stick to the bottom of the page, or popup on page load – all with ARForms.

Multi-Step Forms
This sophisticated WordPress form builder plugin gives you complete flexibility to create forms that suit your needs. With ARForms, you can create multi-step or survey style forms, with tabs/steps or a progress bar so that users know where they’re up to.

Survey Forms with Auto Save Form Data
ARforms has wonderful facility where you can create long survey forms without loosing data. It is common fact that many users do not fill up long survey forms completely, but even partially filled information is important for site owners. So now each field value can be saved in database automatically as soon as user insert value in input field

Repeatable Form Fields
One of the most dynamic feature, Repeatable Form Fields is now available in ARForms. You can now set any field or group of fields repeatable finite or infinite number of times.

Popup Forms from Navigation Menu
For an even smoother user experience, you can now set popup forms to open when users click on an item in your top navigation menu. so, no need additional plugins to open popup forms for wordpress from top navigation menu.

Custom Images for Radio & Checkbox
This long-awaited feature has been added to the latest release of ARForms. Now you can add your own images or icons to act as radio buttons or checkboxes.

Enhanced Conditional Logic
This powerful capability allows you to set conditions on form fields to show/hide, enable/disable, or prepopulate a set value, based on the input values of other fields. ARForms has this enhanced conditional logic built right in, so you don’t need any technical knowledge to build sophisticated forms.

Math Logic
With the latest version of ARForms you can easily perform calculations within a form, based on user input. You can calculate totals, averages and more, without any coding knowledge.

Form Submission Actions
ARForms offers 4 different types of form submission action.

Form Confirmation/Summary on Submit
Long awaited feature is here, now, user can get confirmation step upon form submission, so, if something is wrong then they can go back and modify. Or even in some cases submission summary needed to be shown

Email Marketing Ready
ARForms supports 13 of the most popular email marketing systems so it’s never been easier to build your own forms and keep in touch with your subscribers. You can integrate using Webform or API for even more advanced features. Along with the support of other email marketing software ARforms allows seamless integration with popular Mailchimp for wordpress.

Email Notifications
Automatically send email notification to admin, and to any email address provided in form itself by user, upon submission of the form. ARForms also provides shortcodes to pull values from fields within the form, so that your automated emails are dynamic, relevant and tailored

Multi-Language & RTL Support
The admin section is fully compatible with WPML so can be translated into any language. Your bundle includes 12 different pre-converted translations.

Ajax Forms

50+ Read Form Templates Available for Download
ARForms now provides many beautiful pre-built form samples which you can download for free and use it on your website right away. All samples are just one click install.

Powerful Analytics
A beautiful and effortless way to monitor all of your forms’ activity through vibrant, user-friendly graphs and charts, including a world map to show where all of your submissions have come from.

To get even more out of your ARForms plugin, check out the wide range of free and paid add-ons.

Other Features

Full List of Features:
Real Time Editor Create beautiful forms in just a few clicks, and check your changes on the front-end with an instant preview.
Any & Every Type of Forms Create wide range of fully responsive forms for all your needs: WordPress contact form, an opt-in popup form, a workshop registration form, surveys, a job application form, and many more plain and complex types of forms.

50+ Form Templates Includes 50+ ready-made form templates that can be fully customized.
30+ Elements Choose from a wide selection of elements to build forms of all kinds.
Drag & Drop Simply drag and drop your elements into your forms and arrange them in real time.
Built-in Color Schemes Choose your style from 15 pre-made color schemes.
Google Fonts Includes the huge library of Google Fonts so you can get the look you want, in any browser.
Font Awesome Icons Enhance your forms with professional vector icons, fonts and logos.
Material Style Forms Create forms in true material style, as well as rounded or standard styles.
Resizable Columns Supports multiple columns, and you can re-size by dragging the column borders.
Multi-Step & Survey Style Forms Create forms for all purposes, including multi-step and survey styles, with progress bar.
Custom Images Now you can upload custom images to act as radio buttons or checkboxes within your forms.
Embed Objects Embed third party objects, including videos, maps, and more.
Masking Options Format phone number fields to ensure that users enter valid data.
Tooltip Facility Give users a helping hand with tooltips on hover or click.
Quick Duplication Use previous forms as templates.
Custom CSS Option to add custom CSS, for even greater customization.
Advanced Conditional Logic Your sophisticated forms adapt to your users’ input, capturing the relevant data and saving time at both ends.
Built with AJAX ARForms uses seamless AJAX-based form submission.
AJAX Upload Quick and easy AJAX-based multiple file upload.
Form Submission Actions 4 different actions upon submission, including Conditional Submission and Hide Form After Submission.
Edit Entries ARForms allows you to edit form entries even after submission.
No Duplicate Entry Automatically prevent duplicate entries.
Math Logic Easily perform calculations on data, including totals and averages, with no coding knowledge.
Powerful Analytics Monitor your forms and analyze data using stunning graphs and charts.
Import/Export Import or export the data you need, or even entire forms, including all form settings.
Partial Form Data Retrieval Automatically saves users’ progress, and populates prefilled data when users return to a form.
Lightning Fast Loading Lightweight and streamlined, ARForms is fully optimized for speed.
Fully Responsive Your forms look beautiful and perform perfectly on any screen.
Multiple Browser Compatibility Supports all popular browsers, including IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and more.
Built-in Popup Options No need for an extra popup plugin! Forms can fly in, stick to the page, or popup on page load.
Direct Navigation Menu Support Popup forms directly from top menu items, without refreshing or loading a new page.
Powerful Anti-Spam Supports reCAPTCHA and custom Captcha.
Confirm Password & Strength Indicator Verify passwords and display password strength.
Email Notifications Automatically send dynamic emails to admin and relevant email addresses, upon submission, using shortcodes to pull values.
Email Marketing Ready Supports popular email marketing systems, such as MailChimp and iContact, and you can integrate using Webform or API. no need to buy separate wordpress mailchimp plugin
SMTP Support Option to send email through an SMTP server.
Multi-Language & RTL Support Fully compatible with WPML and includes 12 pre-converted translations.
Add-OnsSupports a huge range of free and paid add-ons, including ActiveCampaign, PayPal and Authorize.Net.

Change Log
Version 4.0.3 (11 February 2020)
Bug fixes
Version 4.0.1 (23 January 2020)
Bug fixes
Version 4.0 (21 January 2020)
Introducing new control: Repeater Field
Added facility to save partially filled form data to the database
Added new email marketers: Hubspot, Convertkit, and Sendinblue
Added facility to disable built-in anti-spam feature
Added facility to enable the multi-column form on widget forms
Added options for button shadow
Enable hidden field for conditional logic for ‘set value of’ action
Added new option for popup form to hide/show popup form for logged in user
Added facility to rename key for submitted fields while using ‘Send data to redirected page/post using POST or GET method’ option
Added new option to send data only in an email without storing it to database
Improved Form Editor
Improved Section Field Control
Improved add new form popup to install ARForms samples in one click
Added new Font Awesome icons
Improved Site-wide popup to display popup form once per browser session
Improved Number field validation for different language keyboard
Prevent form submission while file upload is in progress
Fixed special characters issue with import/export
Fixed spam detected message with WP-Rocket plugin
Fixed signature field issue with model forms
Fixed file upload drag & drop control issue with modal forms
Fixed site-health loopback request fail error
Other bug fixes
Version 3.7 (04 April 2019)
Introduced new field – Credit Card
Introduced Site-wide Popups. It will eliminate need of separate popup plugins at all
Added facility to install premade samples with just one click
Added in-built support for Elementor page builder
Updated MailChimp API to version 3
Updated Aweber authorization method
Added Cc and Bcc option for admin email notification
Added new shortcode for input fields for display current logged in user details
Added new argument in popup shortcode to pre-populate popup forms without passing value in URL
Added facility to make fields read-only
Added an option to round up running total
Added facility to delete uploaded file from view entry modal
Added widgets in WordPress dashboard for quick analytics and available add-ons of ARForms
Improvment in conditional logic
Other bug fixes
Version 3.6.1 (12 December, 2018)
Minor bug fixes related firefox
Version 3.6 (12 December, 2018)
Added Gutenberg Support
Added support for country flag for phone number field
Improve spam filter mechanism
Fixed PHPMailer Vulnerability
Added new shortcode for email to display the page URL where the form is placed
Fixed Elementor Plugin Conflict
Improve PHP side conditional logic
Other minor bug fixes
Version 3.5.2 (03 October, 2018)
Minor bug fixes
Version 3.5.1 (14 August, 2018)
Minor bug fixes
Version 3.5 (03 July, 2018)
Introducing new field: Switch
Added new font awesome icons
Other minor bug fixes
Version 3.4.3 (09 June, 2018)
Minor Bug Fixes
Minor bug fixes
Added support for new Opt-in tool : MailerLite
Added option to prevent storing visitor analytics data
Added an option to add GDPR privacy policy guide-line
Other Bug Fixes
Minor bug fixes
Minor bug fixes
Version 3.3 (17 April, 2018)
Added feature to change field type without losing the entry data.
Added option to change file upload path.
Added facility to send form submission data along with redirect URL.
Added facility to reset default checked radio button option from form editor.
Added some ready-made clickable regular expression validation patterns at field options.
Separate “Reply to Email” and “From Email” options at email notification.
Added image control options to change image position, height and width at mobile device.
Added styling option for placeholder opacity.
Other bug fixes
Version 3.2 (22 March, 2018)

Added facility to display confirmation/summary on form submission.
Added option to load form in Right to Left / Left to Right in RTL sites.
Added facility to export form right from the form editor.
Fixed CSS for prefix/suffix icons in fields in RTL.
Other bug fixes
Version 3.1 (10 March, 2018)

Added facility to upload multiple files
Added facility to display confirmation summary before form submission
Added facility to hide survery/wizard tabs from multi steps form
Added facility to restrict number options user can check for checkbox control
Fixed an issue for Conditional Logic and Running Total on the same field
Fixed an issue regarding to field order in exported CSV
Fixed Different Language issues due to the special characters
Other minor bug fixes
Version 3.0 (16 Feb, 2018)
Added new form creation styles: Material Style and Rounded Style
Completely redesigned Editor. Major improvement in form editor to load forms faster.
Added new resizable facility with multicolumn. Now you will be able to adjust column size with mouse drag.
Improved Conditional Logic.
Improved Running Total.
Added Two new fields : smiley and auto complete
Multi column upto 6 column
Added Conditional Redirect after form submission
Added Conditional Email to User after form submission
Added new very powerful In-build captcha mechanism so you do not need to add ReCaptcha in form.
Introducing new Email marketer : Madmimi
Improved performance of Front end form rendering.
Query Optimization to reduce database interaction.
Save partial form data from abandoned form
Post form data to custom URL
Added facility to Prevent Duplicate entries
Added facility to limit Form submission.
Added PHP mailer support to send mail.
Added new Email format support ( HTML or Plain text ).
Added new Option to load js or css in all pages.
Added more options to import form.
Export form and entries in one file and import them as well.
Given css based checkbox and radio in forms.
Added new facility to set Custom icon for Checkbox and radio.
Added new facility to set Image over checkbox and radio.
Introducing new chart types for analytics ( line chart and country wise chart ).
Fix minor bug related to MailChimpList Field for First Name & Last Name merge.
Other bug fixes
Css fixes
Version 2.7.8(23 Jan, 2017)
Fixed PHPMailer Vulnerability.
Added new facility to select double opt-in OR single opt-in method for MailChimp Email Marketer.
Added new facility to select 24/48 hours format for datepicker field.
Added new shortcode for hidden field to set current date value dynamically.
Added Confirmation for reset styling in form editor.
Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.7.7(28 Oct, 2016)
Added New Font Awesome Icons.
Improved plugin loading performance.
Improved plugin for conflict with common optimization plugins
Bug fixes and optimized with php 7.
Small CSS fixes
Version 2.7.6 (30 Dec, 2015)
Added More Google Fonts.
Added More Font Awesome Icons.
Added Facility to get value of Current User Id, User Name And User Email who submitted the form in email notification.
Added Authentication option for SMTP mail functionality.
Added Max-length option for textarea.
Added facility to set current date on minimum and maximum range.
Minor CSS Fix related to WordPress version 4.4.
Other minor bug fixes.
Version 2.7.5 (03 Oct, 2015)
small bug fixes
Version 2.7.4 (22 Sep, 2015)
Added new facility to send test mail with SMTP setting.
Ready for auto update from next major release
Change adding subscriber method according to new constant contact API changes.
Added Bootstrap Date / Time picker.
Added New Font Awesome Icons.
Added new input masks for Phone Number format.
Added more option for Popup form
Added Extended Fonts support to google fonts ( Font Subset ).
Implemented New Google Recaptcha Method.
Other minor bug fixes.
Css Fixes.
Version 2.7.3 (26 May, 2015)
small bug fixes related to language
basic improvements
Version 2.7.2 (10 May, 2015)
Added support of change background color and text color of Fly and Sticky
Added new setting to set success message duration. ( For how many seconds it should stay on page after submitting form )
Added css fixes for wordpress latest version 4.2
small bug fix of form saving issue. Other bug fixes
Version 2.7.1 (11 April, 2015)
Minor bug fixes.
Aweber integration improvements
Version 2.7 (04 April, 2015)
Added inputbox prefix/suffix font awesome icons support
Added Visual Composer support
Added New facility for confirm Email same as confirm password
Added new 4 css cloud to place custom css for popup ( Link / Link – Hover / Button / Button – Hover )
Added facility to customise admin email with many useful predefined shortcodes
Improved form submission from frontend with respect to jquery conflict
Improved Admin editor to be more lightweight now
Improved ajax form saving in admin side with respect to max_input_vars
improved sticky menu, now is also available for left and right position
Improved Import/Export functionality
improved UI for field options
Other minor bug fixes.
Version 2.6.3 (15 December, 2014)
Getresponse api is chagned according to new version.
improved javascript overall to improve experience with very large forms
Given facility to add transparent form background in normal forms ( without modal window ).
Added “media” selector for select image source ( wp media uploader) for IMAGE FIELD
Changed Tab Index for RTL
Added min length for textbox, textarea, Number and password field
Added facility for to set default value for Time Picker
Other Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.6.2 (31 October, 2014)
Added support of checkbox multiple values with Match Logic / Running Total.(NEW)

Added facility to add placeholder text for confirm password.(NEW)

Other Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.6 (29 September, 2014)
Added Color Picker Control.(NEW)

Added Image Control.
Added Running Total Facility.
Added SMTP mail functionality.
Upgraded Bootstrap version.
Added input mask in phone number field.
Added styling options for Survery “Progress Bar”.
Added support of wordpress 4.0 (CSS fixes) .
Added month / year changable in datepicker.
Other minor bug fixes.
Version 2.5.4 (11 August, 2014)
Added Conditional Logic on submit button.
Added New preset field choice for “Telephone Country Codes” for selectbox, checkbox and radio button options.
Improved CSS with respect to Responsive forms.
Improved Password strength indicator validations.
Other minor changes related to css classes and fonts.
Version 2.5.3 (31 July, 2014)
Small bug fixes related to css styling.
Improved js / css loading speed while display form in front-end.
Other minor changes related to css classes and fonts.
Version 2.5.2 (19 July, 2014)
Small bug fixes related to editor width.
Improved js / css loading speed while display form in front-end.
Improved loading speed while preview of form.
Improved all popup forms’ view. ( Popup Form / Fly Form / Sticky Form ) .
Version 2.5.1 (12 July, 2014)

Small bug fixes related to form export/import.
Small bug fixes related form title.
Version 2.5 (10 July, 2014) (Major Relese)
Complete new admin interface
Brand New Design
Added like and slider control
Added Confirm Password facility
Added facility to duplicate fields
Added new option “Onload” for display form in modal while page load
Added new template for job application form
Added new color picker
Added new validation error message style ( normal / advanced )
Added new preview style with 3 different resolution
Improved RTL
Improved form submission ( with respect to max_input_vars)
Added new phone number formats to validate the field
Added New tooltip style
Checkbox, radio and select box options are now sortable
IP Address column added in form entries
Submit button text can change from field editor
General .
Form background Color + form background image both supported.

Version 2.0.5 (28 April, 2014)
Added facility to change subject of email seding out to Administrator.
Added facility to duplicate the fields.
Added facility to change file upload text color.
CSS fixes related to WordPress 3.9.
Small bug fixes related to bootstrap error message classes.
Small bug fixes related to conditional logic rules.
Version 2.0.4 (11 March, 2014)

Small bug fixes related to file upload.
Small bug fixes related to conditional logic rules.
Version 2.0.3 (27 February, 2014)
Small bug fixes related to IE 8 And IE 9.
Small bug fixes related to form styling.
Small bug fixes related to Import / Export.
Made compatible with GEOip PHP extension.
Version 2.0.2 (15 February, 2014)
Small bug fixes related to Email Attachment.
Small bug fixes related to Localization.
Small bug fixes related to CSS in different browsers.
Version 2.0.1 (08 February, 2014)
Added more options to property / styling at field level.
Improved Site loading speed.
Bugfix: Small bug fixes related to File upload in IE 8, IE 9, Star rating.
Bugfix: Small bug fixes related to Import / Export (Forms / Entries).
Bugfix: plugin update related issues
Version 2.0 (MAJOR RELEASE) (1 February, 2014)
Additional facility of simple captcha along with recaptcha
conditional laws facility added
import/export for forms to migrate pages.
flying/sticky facility for modal forms.
editor look and feel change
google fonts support added.
form/field level css implementation (property styling).
file upload control improvement.
code cleanup and reduced external js/css usage.
loader image improvement.
better documentation

email notification part improved.
few additional options on styling tool.
New fancy checkbox / radio buttons set.
Bugfix: small bug fixes related to different theme compatibity.
Bugfix: small bug fixes related to different theme compatibity.
Version 1.2.2 (17 December, 2013)
Bugfix: small bug fixes related to different theme compatibity.
Bugfix: wordpress version 3.8 compatibility issues fixed.
small Improvement in multi step form
Version 1.2.1 (13 December, 2013)
Bugfix: wordpress version 3.8 compatibility issues fixed.
Bugfix: small css based bug fix for dropdown, fileupload and other general formatting etc.
Bugfix: invalid file tyle upload message.
Bugfix: css changes conflicting with various themes.
Bugfix: admin email message after form submission.
Version 1.2 (6 December, 2013)
Bugfix: small css based bug fix for star rating,dropdown and other general formatting etc.
Bugfix: recaptcha focus.
Added option for place form with link / button for modal window
Added support for dynamic modal height and width
Added support for transparent modal window
Added background image support for form
Added option for adding transparent fields over the form
Version 1.1.1 (28 Novermber, 2013) Bugfix: small css based bug fix for checkbox,dropdown and other general formating etc.
Added default option for chebckbox/radio button to inherit style from theme
Added option in short code
Version 1.1 (27 Novermber, 2013) Multi column support added.
Multi steps wizard style form support.
Star rating element is added.
Multi lingual support for admin section.
New set of additional checkbox and radio buttons.
Optional email setup for admin notification.
Better data about browser etc in form entries.
Small bug fixes and text changes.

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