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WordPress Auto Spinner rewrites WordPress posts automatically converting it to fresh new content by replacing words and phrases by its synonyms on autopilot using its built-in synonyms database or optionally...
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WordPress Auto Spinner rewrites WordPress posts automatically converting it to fresh new content by replacing words and phrases by its synonyms on autopilot using its built-in synonyms database or optionally using one of the best spinning services APIs including:-

SpinRewriter API API API API
ChimpRewriter API API API API
Languages Supported:

other supported languages: *but generates lower readability quality results (NO guarantee for the quality click the language to check a sample of the synonyms)

Italian (Beta)

Key Features

Automatically spin wordpress posts – WordPress Auto Spinner is a wordpress rewriter plugin that replaces post words and phrases by its synonyms.As example, the phrase “smart decision” it’s synonyms are “{smart decision|good move|smart move)” so if post before spinning contains the phrase “smart decision” , it will be replaced with the phrase “good move” or “smart move” which are the original phrase synonyms. That turn copied copied wordpress content to unique content .

Spin wordpress post title & slugWordpress auto spinner has the option to spin post title and also spin the post slug.

Autoblogs support if you are using an auto-posting plugin like wordpress automatic or any other plugin to post to your blog automatically, then wordpress auto spinner turns your automatic content to unique on full auto-pilot just set & forget .

Bulk Spin Support Spin already posted posts , just select what posts to spin and the plugin will queue them for spinning .

Woo-Commerce Support WordPress spinner support spinning woo commerce products so you can rewrite woocommerce products automatically .

Manual user interface for modifying rewritten post You can review the rewritten article before publishing and change rewritten synonyms using a seamless interface just hover on the rewritten word and all it’s synonyms will appear on a list where you can change current syonym

Full control over syonyms databases You can Add/Edit/Remove syonyms sets using an easy to use ajax interface

Custom Thesaurus support beside built in syonyms you can build your own thesaurus using an easy to use ajax interface

Reserved words support You can save words you don’t like to be spinned

Execluded categories support You can set specific categories to be execluded from being auto-spinned

Execluded title words from spinning You can spin post content and execlude found words from the title

Spin manually written posts support plugin have the option to spin manually written posts

Custom post types support wordpress spinner can spin custom post types .

Unlimited number of spinned articles plugin uses it’s local synonyms databases so it does not require any type of external spinning services

Queueing and cron system WordPress Spinner manage your server resources smartly by queuing all eligible for spinning posts and process them one by one using a dedicated cron job or the built-in wordpress cron job. if you have a zillion post site don’t worry the plugin knows what to do .

SpinRewriter Support By Default the plugin uses it’s internal database of synonyms to spin the posts but if you like to use the external api then it do support it. so you can spin all wordpress posts using spinrewriter so it works as a wordpress spinrewriter plugin also .

8 New apis supported Beside SpinRewriter API, more 7 most popular apis are now integrated api api
ChimpRewriter api api api

Detailed action log Detailed action log stores plugin actions like spinning an article

Multi-Site Support Plugin is tested to work with multi-site installations without problem .

What buyers say?
How to install ?

– Extract downloaded file from CodeCanyon you will find a folder called “www”. Open it and you will find the .zip file which is the right plugin file that should be uploaded to WordPress.

Need support ?

The plugin include free support . Got a problem? don’t worry we have a help desk setup just for your support. submit a support ticket and we always happy to help make you happy choosing our plugin

Please contact me before rating the item so we can fix any issue together. also if you have any question feel free to ask .

Updates log

3.7.3 – 03.04.2020
– Fix: Send to editor button now works for WordPress 5.4

3.7.2 – 02.02.2020
– Improved: better short-code protection algorithm applied
– Fix: Now my thesaurus prioritize sentences over words
– Fix: Send to editor button back to work again on Gutenberg

3.7.0 – 01.09.2020
– support
– Fix: minor code fixes

3.6.0 – 18.02.2019
– support
– NEW:WordAI perfect tense integration
– NEW: Safe mode option for spinRewriter that makes sure the content does not get deformed
– Fix: Latest update of Yoast SEO broke the send to editor button with classic editor, now sorted

3.5.0 – 28.01.2019
– NEW: Block editor (Gutenberg) support
– NEW: safe mode option for spinRewriter that makes sure the content does not get deformed
– Improved: Spinnerchief algorithm changed not to get an asterisks in the content
– Fix: Compatibility with the latest version of Yoast SEO
– Fixes: minor issues fixes

3.4.0 – 12.02.2018
– Improvements: UI facelift
– Fix: WordAI asteriscs in rewritten post sorted.
– Fix: no title from un-spin option sorted.
– Fix: rewriting some shortcodes now sorted
– Fix: Send to editor and restore buttons now works with text editor

3.3.0 – 22.04.2017
– Improvement – PHP7 compatible
– Fix – exclude single quotes was causing an issue with spinRewriter now sorted.
– Improvement – ajax requests rewritten to use built-in admin-ajax

3.2.2 – 10.08.2016
– Code fix – Editing old posts posted before installing the plugin
– Code fix – ContentProfessor Method now spins long articles
– Code fix – now pre_get_posts get removed which at some cases stopped the queue

3.2.1 – 01.06.2016
– Improvement – spinRewriter HTML now get protected before spinning to keep the layout
– Improvement – Spintax function completely rewritten

3.2.0 – 04.04.2016
– New feature – My Thesaurus backup and restore option
– New feature – unspin bulk option
– New feature – Now you can spin pending posts by sending them to the queue
– Fix – Add category link stopped working, now fixed
– Fix – My thesaurus and synonyms editing for Turkish were not taking effect, now fixed
– Fix – My thesaurus addition was not working for all PHP versions now works
– Fix – now quotes and curly quotes now get replaced after the HTML tags
– Fix – Scheduled posts was not appearing at queue when auto spin is inactive now fixed

3.1.0 – 23.03.2015
– New feature – Italian language added
– New feature – API integrated
– New feature – API integrated
– New feature – API integrated
– New feature – API integrated
– New feature – API integrated
– New feature – new options to exclude capped letters, quotes and links
– New feature – add the draft post to the queue instantly without waiting to be published.
– New feature – new option to disable the queue
– Improvement – Queue page is rewritten with better lock and more info
– Improvement – Log page is rewritten with better lock and more info
– Fix – iframe disappear issue with bulk spin fixed

3.0.2 – 11.11.2014
– Fix – some users got license deactivated automatically now fixed

3.0.1 – 28.09.2014
– Fix – Curl exist check so users who don’t have curl installed can install
– Fix – Synonyms disappear on click fixed
– Fix – Spinning title in GUI disabled
– Fix – mbstring module lack was causing fatal error now fixed
– Fix – Exclude title words from spinning at SpinRewriter added
– New feature – option to spin links texts
– New feature – Disable content spinning option
– New feature – Shuffle mode
– New feature – Spin scheduled posts instantly option added

3.0.0 – 18.03.2014
– Improved- Generated content readability now much better than before
– New feature – Woo Commerce support
– New feature – custom post types support
– New feature – new bulk spin option
– New feature – spinning queue where one post get spun every minute
– New feature – exclude title words from spinning on content option
– New feature – custom post types support
– New feature – Turkish language support
– New feature – option to enable/disable on publish spinning action
– New feature – WordPress SpinRewriter support

2.0.1 – 25.12.2013
– Bug fix – multiple links at the article caused skipping text between them from spinning
– Bug fix – excluded keywords having numbers were generating weird code now fixed
– Bug fix – excluded keywords having special characters were generating error now fixed

2.0.0 – 03.11.2013
– New feature – 6 New languages added
– New feature – custom treasures
– New feature – 6 languages added
– New feature – Treasure editing
– New feature – UI for writing
– New feature – Detailed Log
– New feature – Reserved words
– bug fix- capped letters now keep being capped
– Improvement – spinning now on publish.

1.0.3 – 07.05.2013
– bug fix – shortcodes [] are now protected from being spun.
– bug fix – manual rewrite button now more accurate and update instantly.

1.0.0 – 22.02.2013
– Released.

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