Events Schedule – WordPress Calendar Plugin

Events Schedule - WordPress Calendar Plugin

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Events Schedule - WordPress Events Calendar Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


Events Schedule – Calendar WordPress Plugin Simple but versatile WordPress calendar plugin, for an elegant display of your classes or events. You can choose one of the 12 schedule styles,...
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Events Schedule – Calendar WordPress Plugin

Simple but versatile WordPress calendar plugin, for an elegant display of your classes or events. You can choose one of the 12 schedule styles, each with different design and features.

Build your schedule in minutes, with basic WordPress knowledge, and add it in your page with our custom Visual Composer element or through an auto-generated simple shortcode.

The Weekly Tabs or the Large List styles are a great solution for a Dance Studio, Fitness or Sports Center, while the Compact List style works better for Conferences, Speakers, Workshops or Seminars. For schedules with the same classes every week, like that of a School, College, Kindergarten or University, the Weekly Schedule style gives you the perfect look. It?s suited also for Medical Centers, Beauty Parlours and other professionals who need to display the working hours. The Plain List style is our timetable solution with rich visuals, designed for a display of important events. Music Festivals, Sports Arenas, a Stadium or an Exhibition Center can take advantage of this schedule style to easily promote their events.

Because we have several different timetable styles, Weekly Class Schedule is an extremely versatile plugin, that can be used by a lot of different businesses. Filling the schedule with classes or events is quick and easy, similar with creating WordPress posts.

Easy Schedule Builder

Our builder is designed for basic WP users, you can set everything up with a few clicks. The schedule style, classes to be displayed, filters, labels and messages, colors and all other options are intuitive and easy to customize. Placing it in the page is just as easy.

Unlimited Classes

You can add as many classes as you want to your schedule and use the powerful options to save time. Adding call-to-action buttons, canceling events or setting them to appear automatically every week can be done in seconds.

Elegant Pop-up Window

A schedule should display only the important info, but you might have a lot of other useful details for your visitors. That?s why, each class accepts individual text and images, that can be displayed in a modal pop-up window.

Assign Class Types, Locations and Instructors

Visitors will be able to see right away what they are looking for, if you assign categories to your classes. Assigning Types, Locations and Instructors makes it easy to filter classes and displays important info in the schedule.

Advanced Filters

Our plugin is ready for schedules with a lot of classes, therefore powerful filters are mandatory. You can allow various filters, like Type, Location, Instructor, Day or Time of the Day and you can get the perfect design by placing them left, right or center.

Call-to-action Buttons

You can convince visitors to interact right away with your offer, by placing a custom call-to-action button for each class. The button can add the class to iCal calendars, open the mailing function or send to an internal or external link.

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Weekly Class Schedule Features List
Easy Schedule Builder for basic WP users
12 unique timetable styles that can be changed with one click
100% Responsive and Retina, ready for any four corners device
Easy VC integration with a custom Visual Composer element
Everything is fully localized and translatable
No duplicate content! Everything is loaded only once in the page
Daily Cron Job to update past repetitive events
Build unlimited schedules, each with different content
Create unlimited classes and events just like WP posts
Set classes to appear every week automatically
Assign Class Types, Locations and Instructors for each class
Add your own labels and custom messages
Easy to change colors for text and special elements
Elegant pop-up modal window for text and images for each class
Two pop-up modal layouts available, light and dark
Show a schedule with all your events, the next weeks or just a few days
Powerful live filters that work fast and look great with any schedule style
You can hide content, filters, labels and other info
Five filter categories: Type, Location, Instructor, Day or Time of the Day
Place filters left, right or center, use checkboxes or switchers
Display canceled events, marked visible in the schedule
Featured image displayed in the Plain List schedule and in the pop-up box
Call-to-action button in the Plain List and Weekly Tabs schedule style
Visitors can add the class directly in their iCal calendar with one click
Add you email address to the button so visitors can mail you for reservation
Send to URL with the event?s button or even with Type, Location or Instructor
Make classes as short as 10 minutes or as long as 6 hours
Easy date selection for your classes with a WP calendar
You can add pop-up modal windows also for Type, Location or Instructor
Choose the first day of the timetable from your WP settings
Extended documentation with screenshots and complete instructions
IMPORTANT: Please note that images are not included. The Live Preview demo has been created with Visual Composer and our own WordPress theme, Hotel Leisure.

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