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Go Pricing - Responsive Pricing Tables

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Go Pricing Current Version 3.3.17 – March 05, 2020 Create amazing WordPress Pricing & Compare Tables It’s super easy to create WordPress pricing or compare tables with Go Pricing. If...
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Go Pricing Current Version 3.3.17 – March 05, 2020

Create amazing WordPress Pricing & Compare Tables
It’s super easy to create WordPress pricing or compare tables with Go Pricing. If you buy this product, you won’t need anything else.

These WordPress Pricing Tables support various Media Elements like Audio, Video, Image or Map. Just give it a try! We are sure you will never use any other table plugin.

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Key Features
Easy to Use Admin Interface – Edit your tables quickly and swiftly with our clean UI. There are help texts, colours, icons to help you in the efficient navigation.Various Media Types – Make your tables more unique and engaging by adding content types like: Audio, Video or Map.Google Fonts – Take full use of the complete Google font set and find the best matching one to your site.2000+ Font Icons – Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon & Material Icons give you scalable vector icons that can be instantly customized, and they will look gorgeous on high-resolution displays.Live Preview – This function will enable you to see how your will look Pricing Table in real time.Bulk Actions – You can perform various operations on the dashboard with multiple tables, like: cloning, exporting, deleting.Column Animations – Give some vibe to your tables! Choose any of the 39 amazing transitions for each and every column according to your taste.
Customisable Responsivity – Thanks to the various configuration options you can make sure that your table provides the best possible experience on any device.
Import & Export functions – You can swiftly import demo tables, create or restore backups, and move your data between sites.
Built-in Plugin Update – You can keep your installed version up to date and utilise all the latest fixes, features and improvements.
Small Footprint – You can ensure that the content is only loaded when it is necessary.

Classic and Modern in one? Yes.
If you like traditional WordPress Pricing Tables, but you would like to get much more, then you are at the right place. You will get all the usual pricing table features, and our plugin also supports Videos (Youtube, Vimeo, Screenr) and Images optional responsivity. Enjoy this easy and quick way of creating stunning tables, and integrating them into your existing WordPress site was never easier thanks to our Admin Panel. You will surely find the one from our ready made, but customizable demo tables that fits the best for you.
What else can I do with Go Pricing Tables? We have some ideas.Beside traditional Pricing Tables features the plugin is suitable for creating Team Viewer and Compare Tables. These features can also be found in the package.
Is the system flexible? Yes.The responsivity is optional. It can be turned On and Off and customizable to adapt to your site or CSS framework (e.g. Bootstrap). You can use System or any Google Web Fonts (650+).
Can I use more than one table on my site? Yes.
You can use any number of tables on your site, or even on one single page using shortcodes.
Go. Just Create!.

Style & Layout
Column Animation  Column Transition
Price Counter

Text based ribbon (CSS)
Unlimited colors and color combination of columns
Unlimited and different number of rows in Body and Footer
Any number of columns up to 10
Configurable column space and border radius
Standard and circle Header Styles
Advanced row and column height Equalization System
Numerous column shadow and sign options
Unlimited buttons in Body and Footer
Unique tooltip style
Paypal and s2Member button shortcode support
650+ Google Web Font
1900+ Font icons  Font Awesome
Material Icons

250+ Starter Template
90+ Classic Style
150+ Clean Style

Optional and customizable responsivity per tables
Configurable Breakpoints and number of columns

Media Support
Responsive Images
HTML5 audio

HTML5 video

Google Map – Classic, Clean and custom pins
Custom iFrame

Modern user-friendly Admin Interface
Optionally Ajaxified Admin
Help System
Advanced Table Dashboard
Searching and Sorting possibilities
Cloning and Deleting bulk actions

Update Notification and built-in Update functionality
Visual Table Editor – Sort, Delete and Clone columns and rows
Advanced data Export and Import
Built-in Live Preview with responsivity settings
Visual Composer compatibility

Supports the Latest Web Technologies
Supports all modern browsers on the market
Internet Explorer (9+)

Touch support for mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows

Layered PSDs for signs and pins
Translation ready with .mo .po files

Quality & Originality
Our goal is the best quality, however issues may occur which we try to fix quickly. We continuously monitor customer feedbacks and suggestions. Always use the latest version of this product.

v3.3.17 – March 05, 2020
[IMPROVEMENT] New tooltip position possibilities and automatic alignment on mobiles
[FIX] Fix for tooltip “cut-off” issue on mobiles
v3.3.16 – November 14, 2019
[FIX] WordPress 5.3 compatibility issue fix
v3.3.15 – July 8, 2019
[IMPROVEMENT] Minor improvements in PHP code
[IMPROVEMENT] Cornerstone Page Builder integration
v3.3.14 – Jan 21, 2019
[FIX] PHP 7+ Compatibility issue fix
[IMPROVEMENT] Minor CSS improvement in the frontend CSS
v3.3.13 – Aug 16, 2018
[IMPROVEMENT] Improved API caching to prevent slow down of the admin page loading if API is unavailable
We are frequently releasing new features and bufixes to the plugin, so it is strongly recommended to keep it up do date, to make sure that you utilise all the latest fixes, features and improvements!
View our Changelog details

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