Map List Pro – Google Maps & Location Directories

Map List Pro - Google Maps & Location Directories

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Add a Map and Store locator to your site in minutes An Easy to use, fully featured, Google map and location listing WordPress Plugin Map List Pro for WordPress lets...
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Add a Map and Store locator to your site in minutes
An Easy to use, fully featured, Google map and location listing WordPress Plugin
Map List Pro for WordPress lets you quickly display your locations in a paged, sortable, searchable, and filterable list. It comes ready to go with more than 35 styles (take a look at the screenshots for examples) and is fully customisable.

Map List Pro is perfect for creating Store locators, Office address and Contact lists.

Watch a video of Map List Pro in action on the demo page

Creates searchable, sortable, filterable lists in seconds.
Flexible width design – works well in Responsive themes.

Create categorised locations easily with the simple Location editor.

Custom markers/Icons – Add your own markers, or choose one from the hundreds included.

Category markers – set a marker for a whole category, rather than having to choose for every location.

Quickly add locations using Google’s places search.
Let the map Auto-zoom to show all locations, or manually set a starting position and zoom.

Get directions option (with print button).
Clustered markers.
Multiple infobox styles.

Sort by distance with Geo Location and location search.

Search for locations by distance with the advanced search function.

Use geolocation for directions and location distances.
Add Featured images for locations.

Custom map styles can be added easily..
Allow users to search by text and location.
Add a search form on another page.

Map only or list only options.
Change the map and list position – map above, to the right, or the left of the list.

Easy to use – Click the Map List Pro button in the editor to set up and insert a list and map.

Auto updating lists – Lists will automatically update when locations are added.

Fully customisable – Almost all features can be switched off/on.

Fully translatable.

Lots of styles – 35 different looks ready to use.
You can manually choose the locations you want to show from a list, show all locations, or show by category or categories. Any time you add extra locations the lists will update automatically if they match the criteria you chose.

Documentation and Support site
If you’re looking for advanced options, or have hit an issue of some sort, take a look at the documentation site for Map List Pro

3.12.11 –
Fixed zoom issue on the map
Fixed array warning on map listing admin page
Fixed warning for undefined search messages

3.12.1 –
Fixed count error on PHP 7.2

3.12.9 –
Fixed shortcode editor for new versions of TinyMCE

3.12.8 –
Updated marker clusterer plus to 2.1.4

3.12.7 –
Removed sensor parameter
Added underscore in for js
Fixed multicategory filtering only selecting items from the last category selected

3.12.6 –
Made categoriesMultiSelect work for additional taxonomies as well

3.12.5 (18/11/2015) -Removed debug code

3.12.4 (18/11/2015) -Closing an accordion section now closes all locations when in single category mode
Added API key option to settings
Added singlelocationzoom option to the shortcode to allow single location zoom to be set
Changed Kms text to Km
Fixed list items not expanding when in list only view
Changed the way that the search and location text gets added to stop translation issues (thanks heike-carle)
Fixed the title not respecting openinnew in infowindows
Fixed issue with infobox widths
Fixed search box showing html inside it – thanks AaronR.
Updated .pot file, en-gb and en-us translations.
Made settings page clearer

3.11.7 -Switched all taxonomies to show as list if that option is selected
Fixed hideaddress option not hiding the address in the list items
Fixed expand and contract of single item
Fixed all taxonomies as list repeating first category
Renamed php classes to stop potential clashes
Made initial sort order default after clear all
Detail page directions now respect units option from main settings
Clicking on a marker now switches the list to the page that the location is on
Fixed single location not zooming to show geo marker
Updated close cross for infowindow to use https
Added jscs style guide file (not fully implemented yet)
Fixed paging not showing correct number
Fixed locations not closing correctly

3.10.10 -Changed clusterer to always use https
Changed paths so that wp_plugin_url is replaced by https plugin friendly option.
Changed activate function to stop error on activation in some server setups (thanks Gotequity).
Added categoriesmatchall option to shortcode to allow for AND filtering instead of OR in categories.
Added initiallyselectedcategories option to shortcode to allow some categories to start preselected
Fixed list items not closing when a different location is picked on the map.
Extended sort categories option to additional taxonomies
Get directions now fires when the enter key is pressed
Updated English po/mo files
Changed throttle value for main filter
Update knockout to 3.3.0
Allowed fixed initial zoom position to be overridden by search
Fixed categorymultiselect=”false” not working in accordion mode

3.10.1 (04/02/2015) -Added span around category list in items to allow css hiding
Fixed issue on detail page that caused error $maplocation undefined
Fixed paging showing when in map only mode.
Fixed responsive issues with category boxes etc.
Fixed the hideinfowindow=”true” option so it zooms and expands list item correctly.
Added option to turn comments on in the settings.
Fixed scroll wheel disabling issue

3.9.15 -Added additional filter (mlp_location_detail_description) to allow fields to be pulled into detail page
Added filter to allow you to move the map parts about (mlp_display_parts)
Added filter to change what shows in the infobox (mlp_infobox_parts)
Added filter to show what displays in the detail page (mlp_detail_page_parts)
Fixed single select categories not working
Added workaround for MarkerClusterer Plus bug causing clusters to disappear
Fixed clusters disappearing when used with homelocation
Allow filtering by category slug
Fixed categories hiding when clicked in list mode
Added tick to selected categories in list mode
Fixed multiple taxonomies “and” filtering
Fixed custom styles not being pulled from theme directory
Message to user now shows when geocoded search fails.
Added option to disable scrollwheel

3.9.8 -Fix for location distances always using metric distances
Fix for initialsorttype stopping next attribute in shortcode from working
Removed duplicate tick box on other options
Fixed zoom issues for homelocation mode
Added additional search parameter for combo mode – locationSearchTerms & textSearchTerms can now be used
Added additional search parameter searchDistance – allows preselection of distance drop down
Updated English, French, and Hungarian po/mo files.
Added Czech language files (thanks Zefyr!)

3.9.6 -Add language parameter to edit page’s Google Maps call
Added category slug to list items for optional styling
Made accordion mode much more robust, and removed unneeded code
Fix for home location mode showing the home location twice if included in the map options.
Get directions option added to detail page
Edit page javascript error fixed.

3.9.3 -Missing localisation strings fixed
Added form tags to the search field.
Clear directions on search clear
Added the ability to work with other post types
Changed the img bindings so they shouldn’t show at all if not specified
Made Go button appear on mobile keyboard and keyboard hide on form submit.
Added initialsortype=”categorytitle” and “category” to enable the list to be grouped by category
hideuntilsearch option added in to allow locations to stay hidden until search terms are entered (Only works with manual start location and zoom).
Fixed categories hiding after clicking when in shown as a list.
Pulled custom map styles into the detail page.
Per location icons added.

3.8.2 -Added help text to lat/lng fields
Stopped address from getting overwritten when marker moved in editor
Fixed missing spaces between multiple taxonomies on list items
Added hideinfowindow option to shortcode
Drastically sped up custom icons page
Fixed single item not expanding in list only mode
Changed the permalink flush so that it is versioned
Added new image resizer in (

Added imagewidth and imageheight shortcode attributes in so that image sizes can be overridden.
Stopped infowindow showing by default on detail page
Infowindow options expanded to allow infobox, infobubbles, and standard infowindows.
Infoboxes made to work well on responsive set ups.
Added infowidth and infoheight shortcode options to specify infowindow height and width in %

Added streetview shortcode option to allow streetview to be switched off easily.

Added lots of undocumented shortcode options into the wizard (more to come!)

3.7 -Made menus hide by default after click (can be overriden with menushideonselect)
Added override for single item expansion (expandsingleresult)
Added option to make only one category be selected at one time (categoriesmultiselect)
Updated reset to clear more stuff
Added clearfix to stop layout issues for left and right layouts
Made categories label on items use text from setting
Fixed thumbnails not showing correctly on detail page
Removed timthumb script

Add custom event to resize maps (useful for when the map starts off hidden)
Updated language files for en_GB and fr_FR
Accordion style layout added
Localised kms and miles in front end
Switched to use jquery json parsing for backwards compatibility
Manual category ordering (from icons page)
New marker cluster added (Marker Clusterer Plus)
InfoBoxes switched to use infoBubbles

3.6.11 -Fixed error on location save
Added clustergridsize back in
Fixed error on expand in list only mode
Fixed issue with per category and per location filtering
Search bar now shows in map only mode

Added hidefilterbar shortcode option to hide all filter/search/sort options in one go

3.6.8 -First category hides items in list when not showing
Fixed missing close div on detail page
Improved the logic for the address filler
When only one location visible the infowindow expands
Fixed print directions issue

3.6.7 -Added ssl check for add location pages

Multicategory filtering (beta)
Added multicategory categories to list items
Per map caching
Infowindow opens if only one location found

3.6.3 -Fixed url slug
Fixed locations not sorting by distance automatically when using geolocation
Moved css enqueue to the same place as the javascript so it only gets loaded when needed
Fixed css not loading for detail pages

3.6.1 -Added 8 new “flat” styles

Added an option on the settings page to enter custom styles for the map
Added hideuntilsearch shortcode option
Added minimum zoom code for single location into core
Added style for checkboxes (works with categoriesaslist=”true”)
Fixed zoom issues when using selectedzoomlevel and keepzoomlevel together
List item closes on marker close
Return keypress now submits search
Changed the way that the detail page is rendered to make it work with most templates
Changed language file names and fixed textdomain call being made too early (Thanks foo41)
Made location slug translatable
Multi category filtering added (alpha)
Updated theme file check (Thanks Fran).
Category sort updated to work from title not slug
Updated cmb metaboxes to most recent version
Added check for do_shortcode being called multiple times
Fixed a number of minor, non-breaking issues with js file (missing semicolons and radix params)
Fixed conflict with some Woothemes
Fixed clear search button not showing

3.4.4 -Added check in editor for matching place name and first address line to stop duplicates.
Made category label on filter button configurable.
Removed trailing comma that was causing issues in ie7/8
Added category slug to each list item for styling etc.
SSL check for Google Maps API url added.
Category list sorted by slug
Reordered shortcode list for easier access
Added searchdistances attribute to shortcode for changing distance drop down
Added category slug to drop down list items
Added categoriesaslist option to shortcodes
Fixed error if no categories created
Fixed address line not keeping line breaks
Removed shadows from maplistfront.js as they are no longer supported by Google
Added directions type option into shortcode
Fixed directions type selection
Category order now set to be alphabetical
Fixed new category layout check
Updated theme file check (Thanks Fran).
Category sort updated to work from title not slug

3.3.4 -Stopped no location found message showing ahead of load.
Added post object to description filter so users can get custom fields etc.

3.3.3 -Fixed send media to editor conflict – cmb issue.

3.3.2 -Added category search to text and combo search types
Removed some console.log calls from maplistfront.js
Fixed paging count not correct after search
Abstracted current page count from html
Added focus style to search boxes to make text clearer
Fixed missing “of” localisation in paging.

3.3.1 -Expand if only a single item returned
Fixed empty address causing errors
Fixed incomplete category save causing errors
Fixed category ordering getting ignored

3.3.0 -Added day category mode – Add a category for each day to show only categories from that day

3.2.9 – Fixed no search results on passed parameter issue with simple search
Added Google Map Language option to settings page
Fixed issue with map array causing maps to be generated twice
Fixed sort drop down hiding itself staright away

3.2.8 – Fixed Google Chrome crash on directions print cancel.

3.2.7 – Fixed view location detail button still showing in info window when hidden.

3.2.6 – Fixed custom css style save not working
Fixed insert button not showing properly in IE9
Missing localisation for View Location button in infowindow added.
Missing localisation for Print Directions button added.

3.2.5 – Added css class to location list items for advanced styling.
Made Map KO objects available in javascript via an array so that they can be refreshed when used in accordions etc.
Selecting a location in the list hides all others.
Categories start off unselected – but all locations show.

3.2.4 – Simplified shortcode output so it doesn’t output defaults

3.2.3 – Added home location option

3.2.2 – Fixed bug that was stopping direction sort firing on geocode
Added initial sort by direction for parameter, and location search.

3.2.1 – Misplaced div closure for map only view moved inside correct if statement.

3.1.1 – Fixed / used instead of in icon gets

3.1.2 – Fixed issue where pins are found in root of pin folder.

3.2.0 – New filter added to allow extra fields to be added to the location editor.
New filter added to allow editing of the description, with access to all available custom fields.

3.1.0 – Fixed placeholder text stopping search in

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