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Slider Pro - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

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Slider Pro is a fully responsive and touch-enabled WordPress slider plugin that allows you to create professional and elegant sliders. This slider plugin was built with user experience in mind,...
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Slider Pro is a fully responsive and touch-enabled WordPress slider plugin that allows you to create professional and elegant sliders. This slider plugin was built with user experience in mind, providing a clean and intuitive user interface in the admin area and a smooth navigation experience for the end-users.

Slider Pro avoids unnecessary fanciness, that many times is an obstacle for end-users in getting the information they need, and instead focuses on simplicity and performance, while still providing a wide range of customization possibilities.

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Front-end features:

Fully Responsive – Slider Pro will look and work great on any screen size.

Touch-swipe – The slider offers a native-like navigation experience on touch-screen devices.

Smooth Animations – All animations use smooth CSS3 transitions (with fallback to JavaScript animations).

Animated Layers – Layers can contain any HMTL content, from simple text to videos.

Elegant Effects – The slider provides the two most popular transition effects for sliders: fade and slide.

Carousel Layout – It’s possible to show multiple, differently sized (fixed height & variable width, or the opposite) slides in a carousel-like layout.

Infinite Scrolling – The slider provides the option to scroll through slides continuously, in an infinite loop.

Full Width and Full Window – You can set the slider to automatically expand itself to the full width or full size of the browser window.

Breakpoints – You can change configuration of the slider depending on screen size.

Differently Sized Images – You can load both portrait and landscape images in the same slider.

SEO-Friendly – All the content inside the slider will be visible to search engines.

Auto Height – Optionally, the slider height can expend depending on the height of the current slide.

Customizable Orientation – The slider and the thumbnails can be oriented both horizontally and vertically.

Lazy Loading – It’s possible to load the images only when they become visible, thus increasing the loading speed and saving bandwidth.

Conditional Images – It’s possible to load separate images for different slider sizes, so that when the slider is loaded on a mobile device, a smaller version of the image gets loaded.

Retina-enabled – The slider allows you to specify a retina version for each image.

Thumbnails – Thumbnails can contain images, text and any other HTML content. Also, they can be position to the left, right, top or bottom of the slider.

Keyboard Navigation – It’s possible to navigate through slides using the keyboard.

Deep Linking – You can link directly to a specific slide in the slider.

Full-screen – Slider Pro can enter the full-screen mode in browsers that support the HMTL5 Full Screen API.

Lightbox – The slider comes bundled with the FancyBox lightbox and allows you to easily activate it for the main slide images. You also have the option to create sliders that will be opened only inside a lightbox window when the user clicks on a link, image etc.
Back-end features:

Dynamic Content – You can easily load content (featured image, title, excerpt, post content, and more) from posts. You can also create sliders from gallery images or load images from Flickr.

Automatic Updates – You can update Slider Pro directly from the Dashboard.

Caching – The plugin automatically caches all your sliders to ensure a fast loading time.

Best Practices – WordPress development best practices were implemented in order to ensure a conflict-less integration with other themes and plugins.

MultiSite – You can use the plugin in a MultiSite environment.

Import and Export – Easily export and import sliders between Slider Pro installations.

Action and Filter Hooks – If you’re a developer you will find these very handy for customizing the slider.

Powerful JavaScript API – You can control the slider programmatically.
If you have any questions or need assistance installing and using the slider, please feel free to ask; I will gladly help you. Also, if you like this slider, please take a moment to rate it


v. 4.6.0 (24 October 18)

fix Gutenberg compatibility
update Vimeo API
display a warning if the image size is smaller than the slide size
improve mouse/touch event handling
other fixes and improvements
v. 4.5.0 (20 February 18)

added option to load the slider in a lightbox window
added pagination for the list of sliders in the admin area
added multiple improvements to the slider’s JavaScript code
fixed incorrect update notifications
other minor fixes and improvements
v. 4.4.0 (11 July 16)

added support for differently sized slides
added RTL (right to left) support
added the option to align the slides to the left side in a carousel layout
improved the fade effect
other minor fixes and improvements
v. 4.3.0 (14 November 15)

edited the plugin update API for better integration with the latest WordPress versions
v. 4.2.1 (29 October 15)

fixed the initial scaling of the layers
v. 4.2.0 (3 October 15)

fixed some compatibility issues with WordPress 4.3
added option to use the name of the slider as the id attribute
added option to scale up images more than their original size
v. 4.1.1 (18 March 15)

added possibility to load JavaScript files manually
other minor fixes and improvements
v. 4.1.0 (31 January 15)

added the option to specify a target for links
fixed navigation in Chrome on machines with touch-enabled monitors
fixed automatic video control
fixed deep linking bug
fixed unintended panel dragging in the admin area
other minor fixes and improvements
v. 4.0.4 (14 December 14)

improve retina support
add ‘sliderpro_lightbox_options’ filter hook
fix lightbox appearance in admin preview
fix conflict with MooTools script
v 4.0.3 (7 December 14)

CSS changes for arrows and thumbnail pointers, to improve cross-browser consistency
v 4.0.2 (3 December 14)

minor fixes for layers
v 4.0.1 (2 December 14)

a few minor fixes
v 4.0 (27 November 14)

New major version is released. See the release announcement.
v 3.9.3 (31 October 14)

fixed missing hand cursors for touch-swipe
fixed image paths for multisite installations
added possibility to specify a custom TimThumb path
other minor fixes and improvements
v 3.9.2 (21 May 14)

fixed Flickr compatibility
other minor fixes and improvements
v 3.9.1 (27 April 14)

fixed the shortcode generator for the TinyMCE editor
other minor fixes
v 3.9 (15 April 14)

added possibility to populate alt and title fields automatically
fixed slideshow pause when lightbox is opened
fixed disable right click for lazy loaded images
fixed shortcode attributes
other fixes and improvements
v 3.8 (18 December 13)

fixed the admin interface styling to match the WordPress 3.8 style
v 3.7 (24 November 13)

added possibility to select the image size from the Media Library
added better support for the HTTPS protocol
other fixes and improvements
v 3.6 (26 April 13)

added option to disable right-clicks on slider images
added option to view all available options in the sidebar panels
added simple options to remove thumbnail border, background or glow
changed “ul” and “li” elements to “div” element to avoid CSS conflicts
added “Operator” option for “Posts Content” slides
added “Type” option for “Gallery” slides
other fixes and improvements
v 3.5 (25 January 13)

added integration with the default Media Loader
added better handling of folder permissions
added option to specify the layer’s depth
added HTML5-compliant markup for the lightbox
added more lightbox properties
other minor fixes and improvements
v 3.0.2 (12 December 12)

updated the jQuery UI Multiselect script
v 3.0.1 (15 November 12)

fixed “Invalid argument supplied” warning that occurred in v 3.0.0
added blank.gif placeholder for lazy loaded images
v 3.0.0 (13 November 12)

added animated and static layers
added touch support for thumbnails
added possibility to create HTML thumbnails
improved the smart video feature
other minor fixes and improvements
v 2.3.1 (31 August 12)

fixed a bug that occurred for videos
v 2.3 (25 August 12)

added the possibility to open the slider in a lightbox
added video shortcodes, which will make it easier to insert videos into the slider
other minor fixes and improvements
v 2.2.1 (4 August 12)

fixed video overlaying issue that was occurring in some versions of Chrome and Safari
v 2.2 (26 July 12)

added Fullscreen capability
added Flickr integration
added image search in the Media Loader
other minor fixes and improvements
v 2.1.1 (18 June 12)

added the missing ‘xml’ folder, which was throwing a warning in 2.1
v 2.1 (15 June 12)

added Update Notification
added ‘Ratio’ option
added ‘Auto Toggle’ option
added ‘Thumbnail Scroller Overlay’ option
updated the documentation
fixed timer animation for IE8 and IE7
other minor fixes and improvements
v 2.0.2 (25 May 12)

fixed the help tooltips from the admin area
v 2.0.1 (22 May 12)

improved the documentation
added support for Sublime Video
fixed support for special characters
added option to disable the tinyMCE visual editor
improved the slider’s admin bar menu
v 2.0 (9 May 12)

responsive layout
fetch data from posts (including custom post types)
touch screen support
automatic video handling
full multisite support
lazy loading support
new skins
v 1.5.8 (19 February 12)

fixed the slides’ drag&drop bug
removed the automatic adding of the ‘p’ tag in the TinyMCE editor
added the ‘Title’ field for the Slider’s custom widget
upgraded TimThumb to the current latest version
v 1.5.7 (12 January 12)

fixed a TinyMCE editor bug
v 1.5.6 (11 January 12)

added back the visual editor
v 1.5.5 (14 December 11)

upgraded to jQuery 1.7.1
temporarily replaced the TinyMCE editor with the HTML editor
in order to accommodate some changes introduced in WP 3.3
v 1.5.2 (12 August 11)

upgraded to TimThumb 2.7
added character escaping for a few text fields in the Slider’s admin area
v 1.5.1 (7 August 11)

upgraded to TimThumb 2.0
v 1.5 (3 August 11)

upgraded to the latest TimThumb version
v 1.5 (14 July 11)

added the possibility to navigate through the lightbox content
fixed a bug that was removing the ‘p’ tags from the rich editor in WP 3.2
v 1.4.4 (6 July 11)

made a few modifications to the Slider’s admin area
in order to fit the new WordPress 3.2 design
v 1.4.3 (1 July 11)

made some edits to the timthumb script to allow very big images to be loaded
fixed a bug that occurred for the ‘Align’ option
v 1.4.2 (30 June 11)

updated the timthumb script to the latest version
v 1.4.1 (25 June 11)

added the ‘alt’ attribute to all images for w3c validation purposes
v 1.4 (24 June 11)

fixed the w3c validation errors
v 1.3 (19 June 11)

fixed the Slider PRO rich editor button, which accidentally got broken in v 1.2
v 1.2 (17 June 11)

added a custom built GUI which will make it easier to insert images
from the WordPress Media Library into the slides
v 1.1 (08 June 11)

fixed a few minor issues
added a troubleshooting chapter to the documentation
v 1.0 (02 June 11)

first release

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