UserPro – Community and User Profile Plugin

UserPro - Community and User Profile Plugin

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User Profile WordPress plugin – UserPro (with Social Login) UserPro – A full-featured User Profile and Community WordPress Plugin Create beautiful front-end user profiles and community sites in WordPress using...
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User Profile WordPress plugin – UserPro (with Social Login)

UserPro – A full-featured User Profile and Community WordPress Plugin

Create beautiful front-end user profiles and community sites in WordPress using UserPro.

It comes packed with amazing features like,
+  Customizable login and registration forms
+  Social connect and integration
+  User badges
+  Multiple member list displays
+  Viral marketing
+  Content restriction
+  Public/ private feed
+  Verified accounts, and much more.

It is simply an all-in-one plugin to help you create a complete community site.UserPro offers beautiful front-end profiles, login and registration for WordPress. Besides these, UserPro comes with loads of other features like social connect and integration, viral marketing, user badges, verified accounts, content restriction, public/private activity feed, and more. It is simply all-in-one plugin!

With UserPro, you can do just about anything you need for your WordPress Community website
+   Build your own community with searchable members directory
+   Give each user a custom and elegant profile
+   Add front-end, customized registration and login to your websiteUserPro – All You Need To Setup A Community Website

Follow/Unfollow Feature
Follow, unfollow feature that lets your user follow/unfollow other community members. Ready shortcodes can be used to display Followers and Following

Social Activity Stream
A stream showing recent activities by users on the site like new registration, new post, new comment, new follow etc. Available in two types – Public Activity Stream and Private Activity Stream

Member Listing Layouts
Display members in standard table format or collage layout. You can also show customized member’s list

Member Directory Search
Enable members directory with standard search and filter options. Use custom filters to showcase your members in Enhanced Members Directory

Front End Publisher
Do not send your regular members to backend, let them publish directly from frontend. It supports all custom post types and post categories.

Posts Made By User
Show posts made by user/author on wide content area as well as on sidebar. Show posts by author dynamically. This fully responsive posts by user can be included in User’s profile as well.

Badges & Achivements
Manually or automatically assign badges to user roles and display the same on profile page. Supports custom badge upload feature.

Content Restriction
Restrict full page/post per user roles or for Verified Accounts. Lock entire site/specific page for logged out users.

Intuitive drag and drop administration panel
Compatible with all properly coded WP themes and plugins!
Fully responsive and looks perfect on any screen size
5 ready-to-use skins
Unlimited CSS Support – Easily create and apply custom css and styles
RTL supported
350+ FontAwesome Icons & Unlimited Google Fonts
Translation Ready and available in 12 languages
Auto Update feature available

+  Embed a fully customizable registration form anywhere you want
+  Choose which fields appear during registration, from text inputs to photo and file uploads
+  Easily organize and re-order your fields, help tooltips, field icons, and more
+  Control which tabs are collapsed, or collapsible
+  Have full control on the form/fields See Registration Form Example

+  Highly interactive front-end login
+  Ajax error handling
+  Tooltips and custom redirection support
+  Allow users with Social Media Accounts to signin/register instantly
See Login Form Example
More features :-  Front-end user profiles, login & registration for WordPress  Create unlimited custom profile fields of any type – text,drop-down,radio,checkboxes,multiselect   Custom Redirection after login / registration   Create multiple registration forms  Give each registration form an automatic assigned user role (subscriber, customer, manager, etc.)   Control which fields are required for registering, which fields users can edit, which fields are private, and more!   Send an invitation to specific users to register  Enforce strong passwords using Password strength meter  Profile and background pictures uploading from registration form  Enable user role selection on registration form  Allow users to delete their own profiles  Set specific fields as private  Display profile pictures in a Lightbox  Receive email notifications (admins) on profile field updates

Enable social connect and instant profile sync via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bkontakt, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Anyone with social account can register/sign in instantly! (auto-sync)  Viral Social Marketing! Auto post to user’s Twitter Timeline (Optional / Custom message)  Enabled auto-posting on Facebook (when a user publishes a new post via FrontEnd publisher or when a user follows someone).

Auto-sync WooCommerce fields  Integration with MyCred.User Points / Awards system is now available through myCRED add-on integration. Try it out!  Sync with BuddyPress profiles Option to synchronize UserPro profiles with BuddyPress profiles  Integration with   SVG Avatars Generator WordPress plugin (Create awesome avatars!)  Built-in   Envato Purchase Verification. Built-in integration with Envato’s API    MailChimp Integration    AWeber Integration    Campaign Monitor Integration  Integrates beautifully with your theme comments   Integrates beautifully with your   bbPress  Automatic Gravatars support, or users can upload custom profile pictures!  User-uploaded avatars work everywhere (BuddyPress, bbPress, theme comments, etc.)  Lightbox support for user uploaded avatars and photos!  Uses WordPress user meta to ensure compatibility with other plugins  An easy-to-use API, hooks and filters everywhere to help you integrate with any system and modify it to your needs!

Display members in a compact mode  Display an elegant profile card for any user  Display users by specific User Roles  Display users by custom fields  Restrict display of user profiles based on User Roles  Display Online Users  Display user country flag (optional)  Beautiful Frontend Profiles     Verified Accounts Feature

Users can set their password during registration (optional)  Users can register with e-mail address  Users may login with username or e-mail  Frontend password reset and password change. A unique front-end password reset tool! Users will never see your website’s back-end. Users receive a secret key (custom e-mail) and they can reset account password by validating their code.

Redirect user to a custom page after login  Redirect user to a custom page after registration  Refresh the same page after login/registration  Manually Approve New Users, Require e-mail validation, or Auto-Approve new signups!  Administration panel to approve/reject registrations and verify users  Improved plugin performance   Block / Unblock user accounts   CSV Export / Import Users

Create multiple front-end registration forms (Show different fields for each group)  Assign a specific User Role automatically for each registration form  Customizable Front-end Registration/Login   Customizable Front-end User Profiles  Unlimited custom fields plus many pre-defined fields  Uses WordPress user meta to ensure compatibility with other plugins  Automatic Video Embeds by video URL only (No embed code required)  Create Date Picker fields  Create unlimited file & photo upload fields  Create unlimited HTML fields (Video embeds, Google maps, any other HTML)  Create required fields (User must fill)  Create locked or private fields  Create hidden fields (visible to admin and profile owner only)  Block Usernames and E-mails from Login/Registration  Automatic Phone Number Validation  Automatic Form Field Length Validation  Allow user to hide fields from public view  Organize fields into collapsible tabs (optional)  Set specific custom fields to be accessible by specific user roles  User Badges and Achievements  Stop Spam registration on your site using Google reCAPTCHA

Replaces the default WordPress e-mail notifications  Customize the name and e-mail that appear on outgoing e-mails  Custom Welcome e-mail (New Registration)  Custom Reset Password e-mail notification  Custom e-mail notification to invite users to Get Verified!  Custom e-mail notifications sent to user  Custom e-mail notifications sent to admin

Responsive Videos automatically supported!  Responsive photo uploads with Lightbox support!

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Version (29 April 2020)
– Fixed bug: License activation issue in UserPro admin page

Version 4.9.37 (10 April 2020)
– Fixed bug: Email validation in edit profile
– Fixed bug: Mailchimp newsletter subscription not working
– Fixed bug: Datepicker is now hideable from public by user’s choice
– Enhancement: Role-based fields no longer have adminstrator option
– Enhancement: Mailchimp will now automatically unsubscribe upon deleted account
– Enhancement: In registration settings, allowed roles, administrator is no longer available
– Enhancement: Custom dropdown profile fields are now available for search in mobile versions

Version 4.9.36 (30 Dec 2019)
– Fixed bug: Date picker field not showing newer dates after picking older
– Fixed bug: Professional layout, show/hide fields now respond to user/userpro-admin interaction
– Enhancement : Emd fields are available for translation in .po files
– Enhancement : Email texts are available for translation, that are generated upon user interaction in .po files

Version (24 Sep 2019)
– Fixed bug : Remove files from Example dir.

Version 4.9.35 (24 Sep 2019)
– Security fix : Automatically remove Instagram example dir if dir exist.
– Fixed bug : The user export download link doesn’t appear.
– Fixed bug : UserPro version not increased.

Version 4.9.34 (02 Sep 2019)
– Enhancement : Refactor follow/unfollow functionality
– Fixed bug : . (dot) symbol not allowed in username
– Fixed bug : Font awesome 5 version update, follow button ajax action refactor
– Fixed bug : Restricted content redirects on subdomain not working
– Fixed bug : No alert on reset options
– Fixed bug : Media manager add-on not working with professional layout
– Fixed bug : Webcam is not working on chrome/safari
– Fixed bug : User import not working even if file is .csv extension
– Fixed bug : Post by user title goes over the borders
– Fixed bug : Facebook login breaks if social features are disabled
– Fixed bug : Removed example Instagram library directory

Version 4.9.33 (05 Jun 2019)
– Fixed bug : Appearance of recaptcha
– Fixed bug : Appearance of connection slug
– Fixed bug : Restricted content redirects on subdomain not working
– Fixed bug : Block email from registration not working
– Fixed bug : Email field not trimmed
– Fixed bug : Auto badges for roles are not working
– Enhancement : Requesting/awaiting approval users design changes
– New feature : Added buttons to accept/deny all users at once who requesting/awaiting approval

Version 4.9.32 (26 Mar 2019)

– Fixed bug : Fields lock functionality is not working.
– Fixed bug : Redirects are not working after login/register.
– Fixed bug : Connection button reloads profile page.
– Fixed bug : User waiting approval can login to the website.
– Enhancement : Users exclude from list template.

Version (06 Mar 2019)

– Fixed bug : FontAwesome 5 not working.
– Fixed bug : Manually add badge for user functionality returns Fatal error.
– Fixed bug : Restrict page functionality not working.
– Fixed bug : Admin top bar appears for all users.

Version (05 Mar 2019)

– Fixed bug : Emd layout not working.
– Fixed bug : Languages text domain not working.

Version 4.9.31 (04 Mar 2019)

– New feature : New profile layout.
– New feature : Invited users list.
– Fixed bug : Modern layout styles breaks page design.
– Fixed bug : User invitation validations.
– Fixed bug : Fixed an issue where wp top bar wouldn’t hide for non admins with back-end access.
– Enhancement : Added ability to disable Ajax for login and registration.
– Enhancement : Admin dashboard styles changes.
– Enhancement : Added CC emails to invite users functionality.
– Enhancement : Added “Rejected User Email”.

Version 4.9.30 (14 Jan 2019)

– Fixed bug : Removed GET parameter from Linkedin redirect url.
– Fixed bug : Removed GET parameter from Google+ redirect url.
– Fixed bug : Removed GET parameter from Instagram redirect url.
– Fixed bug : Removed GET parameter from Twitter redirect url.
– Fixed bug : Memberlist responsive issue.

Version 4.9.29 ( 17 Oct 2018 )

– Fixed bug : Google maps not working on user profile.
– Fixed bug : Broken email invitation link.
– Enhancement : MailChimp API version upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0.

Version 4.9.28 ( 26 Sept 2018 )

– Security fix : Register user with administrator role.

Version 4.9.27 ( 10 September 2018 )

– Fixed bug : Message “Please correct field” can’t be translated.
– Fixed bug : Facebook login works only after the second click.
– Fixed bug : Removed deprecated function openssl_encrypt.
– Fixed bug : Registration ajax bug. If display name was empty redirect not working.
– Fixed bug : UserPro settings can’t be cleared (roles that can edit other users profile, roles that can view other profiles).
– Fixed bug : If user haven’t email address get an error (trying to get property of non-object).
– Fixed bug : Conditional fields not working with select fields (trying to get property of non-object).

Version 4.9.26 ( 25 July 2018 )

– Fixed bug : Avatar upload internal server error fix.
– Enhancement : View user profile button on default WordPress User section.
– Enhancement : Pagination for User Request awaiting manual approval.

Version 4.9.25 ( 30 June 2018 )

– Fixed bug : LinkedIn social login redirect url setting validation fix.

Version 4.9.24 ( 27 June 2018 )

– Enhancement : Linkedin social login update (
– Enhancement : Google+ social login update (
– Enhancement : Twitter social login update (
– Enhancement : Instagam social login update (

Version 4.9.23 ( 25 May 2018 )

– Fixed bug : Followers and Connection pages can’t have parent page.
– Fixed bug : Login redirect on [userpro template=login] shortcode not working.
– Fixed bug : Conditional rules not working with file input field.
– Fixed bug : Linkedin auth bug fix.
– Fixed bug : Post by user filter not working.
– Enhancement : Added translatable strings in input placeholders.

Version 4.9.22 ( 16 Apr 2018 )

– Enhancement : GDPR compliance update (double opt-in changed from false to true).
– Fixed Bug : Cleaned up code, fake Avast alert problem.
– Enhancement : User verified date added.
– Fixed Bug : WP super cache, cookies caching problem fix.
– Enhancement : If form role not empty in the shortcode set user role.
– Fixed Bug : Registration email domains block fix.
– Enhancement : Email validation for blacklisted emails.
– Enhancement : Redirection fix on registration shortcode. Redirect if redirect_uri not empty.
– Fixed Bug : Trim spaces from blocked emails values.
– Fixed Bug : Chosen library dropdown fix.

Version 4.9.21 ( 13 Mar 2018 )
– Security Fix : Registration role validation fix.

Version 4.9.20 ( 28 Feb 2018 )
– Security Fix : File upload security update.

Version 4.9.19 ( 20 Feb 2018 )
– Enhancement : Added ability to translate profile input fields labels.
– Enhancement : FontAwesome updated to version 4.7.0.
– Fixed Bug : On invated user email uppercase not validate.
– Fixed Bug : Facebook modal pop-up login doesn’t refresh/redirect page.
– Fixed Bug : Removed white spaces and symbols from the email on the registration page.

Version ( 08 Jan 2018 )
– Enhancement : Chinese translation update.
– Fixed Bug : Total theme customization ‘Save changes’ button inactive.

Version ( 27 Dec 2017 )
– Enhancement : Profile title translation update.

Version 4.9.18 ( 21 Dec 2017 )
– Fixed Bug : Fatal error for the Google map
– Fixed Bug : Conflict with the WooCommerce plugin
– Fixed Bug : Fixed bbPress layout issue
– Enhancement : Added translation strings in .po languages files

Version ( 26 Oct 2017 )
– Urgent Fix : Fixed security issue about admin login

Version 4.9.17 ( 18 Oct 2017 )
– Enhancement : Added setting to clear members cache after specific interval. Setting can be found at UserPro->Settings->Quick Maintenance->Set Interval to Delete Member Cache
– Fixed Bug : while uploading the featured image from front end publisher, image height gets too large.

Version 4.9.16 ( 29 Sept 2017 )
– New Feature : Added timeline on profile page ( Note: Only new activities done by users will be shown on timeline )

Version 4.9.15 ( 10 Sept 2017 )
– Fixed Bug : For new profile layouts the social feature tabs are not getting hidden when the social features is deactivated
– Fixed Bug : Validations not working for fields set as ‘Make a field hideable from public by user’
– Fixed Bug : UserPro badges not working for bbPress forum and topics

Version 4.9.14 ( 31 Aug 2017 )
– Fixed Bug : Deleting the users awaiting manual approval not working on PHP v7.1
– Fixed Bug : Blocked users is displayed in the members directory
– Fixed Bug : bbPress warning about – userpro_get_reply_author_link()

Version 4.9.13 ( 21 July 2017 )
– Fixed Bug : Fatal error for Facebook Social login about ‘mcrypt_decrypt’ function with PHP v7.1
– Fixed Bug : When ‘Social Features’ setting is disabled from backend, the connection button still displayed in profile page
– Fxied Bug : Background Image is not displayed on connection page
– Fixed BUg : WooCommerce Shop page cannot be restricted

Version 4.9.12 ( 29 June 2017 )
– Fixed Bug : Fatal error for Multiform
– Fixed Bug : UI of bbPress Forum page not proper
– Fixed Bug : Conflict with profile picture and background image while uploading image using webcam

Version 4.9.11 ( 09 June 2017 )
– Fixed Bug : Fatal error for Twitter social login
– Fixed Bug : Memberlist search not working on home page
– Fixed Bug : The active theme name was not correctly displayed on HTML email templates

Version 4.9.10 ( 31 May 2017 )
– Enhancement : Added admin notification email when user is pending for email confirmation after registration
– Enhancement : Added tags addon support for new profile layouts
– Fixed Bug : Textarea placeholder not working

Version 4.9.9 ( 12 May 2017 )
– Enhancement : Added validation for minimun characters in fields
– Enhancement : Added setting for enabling/disabling admin notification e-mail when New user registers
– Fixed Bug : Badges not working for bbpress
– Fixed Bug : Lock fields setting not working for upload fields
– Fixed Bug : Fatal error for Google Map Activation

Version ( 17 Apr 2017 )
– Urgent Fix : Parse error on installation

Version 4.9.8 ( 09 Apr 2017 )
– New feature : Added setting for white listing email domains for registration
– Fixed Bug : Unfollow not working with php 7.1 and above
– Fixed Bug : Google Map not displayed on view profile

Version 4.9.7 ( 30 Mar 2017 )
– New Feature : Added HTML email templates (You can enable it from UserPro->Email Notifications->Enable HTML email templates)

Version 4.9.6 ( 21 Mar 2017 )
– Fixed Bug : bbpress Forum links not integrated with userpro profile
– Fixed Bug : Error message not displayed correctly if the user is blocked with php 7.1.0 and above
– Fixed Bug : Verified invite and block users featuresnot working in the users section of WPAdmin with php 7.1.0 and above

Version 4.9.5 (22 Feb 2017)
– Fixed Bug : Fields in admin area not saved
– Fixed Bug : Multiple registration form not working properly

Version 4.9.4 (16 Feb 2017)
– Enhancement : Added ability for Admin to change background image (You can find the settings at backend->userpro->Settings->Profile Settings )
– Enhancement : Users can now set privacy for their profile
– Enhancement : Administrator can now block email address domains
– Fixed Bug : Fixed Compatibility issues with PHP 7.1.0

Version 4.9.3 (02 Feb 2017)
– Enhancement : Added new “Grand layout” for profile view

Version 4.9.2 (16 Jan 2017)
– Enhancement : Added new “Classic Layout” for profile view
– Fixed Bug : Conditional Fields not working properly for fields which are marked as required
– Fixed Bug : Custom field sorting for EMD

Whole changelog can be find here:

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