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Reservoir Pike sessions! Put in the work and catch more fish! UK Lure fishing

compilation of 3 days fishing on the local reservoir. trying to find patterns in the fishing and what works best!

camera –
strap –


reel –

lures –
Westin hypo teez 25cm
westin shad teez 22cm


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  1. woww long video(: I like this. (I think)

  2. Spooky mansion Fan

    That rod break omg, I wish I could've seen that reaction lol.

  3. Loving the vids were do u go

  4. fishing and hunting

    rod break – failarmy

  5. i would cry if i broke my jerkbait rod

  6. What video was it where he broke his rod

  7. удачный тебе рыбалок чувак , один из многих канал для меня англоязычных которые приятно смотреть …удачи тебе друг

  8. Reservoir vids are good but I like the canal vids even better in ma opinion 😎✌🏻😉

  9. Really cool video. Theres some big pike in there. What rod and reel combo you using. I just tried a bsitcaster for first time. Got a few birds nest. But you can definately cast further with better accuracy with baitcaster. Im using kastking to get used to it. Thanks and keep the vids coming.👍

    • thanks man, its a savage gear big lure & jerk rod with a okuma citrix reel. they can take a bit to get used to but are a lot more fun to use than fixed spool when you get comfortable with them, cheers!

    • all my reels are kastking, if your big lure fishing mate hounestly get the kastking rover in 40 size, ive never birdnested it and i have the breaks very loose. huge capacity reel and holds up to the strain of using big lures. +the drag is super smooth for fighting big fish. i have the kastking royale, stealth , tbh larger lures where them down very fast. great for lighter lures though. sharky 1500 is a beautifull ul reel.

  10. think you need some shorter spikes on that rig 😛

    • Hey Dom where are the vids man? noticed your channel says "closed for business" hope your planning on uploading again soon your videos are awesome and have really helped me.

  11. Nothing like money disappearing in front of your eyes, That french site you linked in one of your previous videos was really handy. Ordered myself a new rod, Abu jerk rod for about £45 was a steal. As a question, do you reckon you've been catching more fish of all sizes with those big shads?

    • haha yeah I know, so easy to spend money on there! Yeah i'd say i've been catching more for sure, its a much bigger target for the pike so easier for them to see and probably looks like a easier meal too, sometimes if the pike are a little finicky you can miss a lot of fish with how big they are but I prefer using them most of the time anyway, cheers

  12. nice vid and editing, thumbs up

  13. Not a good advert for Savage Gear pike rods! Snapping on a cast….what weight lure was it?

    • haha to be fair i've put that rod through some right abuse and just thrown it around so it was bound to break at some point, was only a 50g lure

  14. Heavy Baits Fishing

    I fish once lower lake bay, just by the upper one, on a sunny day, water was crystal clear. I saw two-three pikes follow my lure, after each cast. Great fun. I end up with one fish landed 🙂
    Great video 😉

    • thanks man, can be a funny water, some days its really easy and there taking anything, and then others there really cautious and just follow follow follow

  15. I've heard people talking about barometric pressure, do you pay attention to that or think it's huff?

  16. Does the Westin shad teez come rigged up or do u need to rig it up yourself?

  17. Great vid what's the lure

  18. Another goodun.

  19. Team Predator Anglers

    I feel the pain when the rod broke 😢

  20. Hi , what do you think of the diawa duckfin shad ? I've been using it for a few months now and it has caught me many fish , I just wondered if you could do a lure challenge with it or some sort of shad ?

    • They look good man, I was gonna order some the other day but realised I had no money haha. I have some shads ready to film a lure challenge with, just waiting for my new rod to turn up so I can film it, cheers!

    • Ok lol , just wanted to say as well I really appreciate you making videos every time I watch one it lightens up my day , keep at it !

  21. where a good spot on rochdale canal please mate

  22. good to seeya! nice video

  23. super these videos, well done

  24. What is the PE of your braid or how many lbs? Also, how many mm is your leader?

    • hey man, I use Daiwa J-Braid, 103lbs breaking strain, not sure in PE. My leader is about 0.91mm I think, cheers

  25. Great session again mad cool video. I have the same rods 110g and 150g hope they don't break like that…..

  26. Why do you always fish alone?

    • i've got no friends haha

    • Im in the same boat, i moved to a new town a year ago and I still haven't found any interesting friends. If you ever want to do some great zander/pike fishing come down to Warrick and give me a shout at the canal is FILLED with them! I know its a long journey but not much further than you normally travel for Zander. Tight lines.

  27. Great content! Greetings from Germany 😉

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