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Rigging Soft Plastic Lures, Making the shallow corkscrew rig

This is a very popular pike rig and great alternative to using jig head and stingers. It is really great for shallow water in summer when the pike come in to warm up and chase bait. The rear hook reduces those tail nips pike often like to give that get you all excited but seldom result in fish.

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Watch yourself guys and girls (Health and Safety and disclaimer),

I know there are few younger people eager to make lures so I would like to point out I do this for fun but there is risk of injury from the methods I use.

I wear glasses when messing with wire because bits of it can fly off when cutting with snips and do some real damage to your eyes. Also wire and spinning things is not a great combination I used a cordless drill to wind up the wire as it is slow and also cut the wire into short lengths. If you are going to try this DO NOT TRY THIS WITH AN ELECTRIC DRILL. Lastly you can buy all the bits I made like the corkscrew and pins but that is not as fun or as risky.

Tools and Material

124lb American fishing wire a great alternative to this is .6 -0 .8mm s/steel mig welding wire

Jewellry Pliers, these can be bought on e-bay or amazon for about £4-£10 often called round to concave jewellery pliers

Roll pins, I bought a selection box of these from ebay via China cost about £10, Basically the barrel wraps should fit snuggly inside the roll pin and tag of the wire should pass through the slot, so whichever size suits your wire. With the selection box and heavier wires you can make very large corkscrews for much bigger baits.

Cordless drill, the reason for using a cordless drill is it can be slowed down, DO NOT TRY THIS WITH AN ELECTRIC DRILL.

For the stinger wire I normally 7 strand coated stainless steel between 20-30lb and crimps that will allow me to pass the the wire through three times snuggly .

The crimping pliers are Savage Gear but most lure companies do something similar.

There are other methods for making these screws and I have included a couple of links below to other videos from MEL Lures and Mikko’s version from Solarbaits

MEL Lures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARjfBywRI34

Solarbaits Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wWlZ675FgA&t=495s

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  1. Shartline McDingleberries

    Always happy to see you uploaded!

  2. Hey mate good video again. One ask, where can i find roll pins? thanks already.

    • AK Fishing Any local hardware should have them I would think

    • Caleb Dowling yea i will chek out, thanks mate. tight lines

    • They are also called Split Spring Dowel Tension Roll Pins.
      In the UK I can buy them from Amazon

    • Roll pins Some times know as Spring Tension Pins or Selloc Pins ,Roll pins are manufactured from a high grade carbon spring steel or where corrosion resistant is requiredroll pins 220×220 grade A2 ( 303 ) stainless steel and Heat treated for maximum strength (CARBON STEEL ONLY).
      The pins can be plated although it is not recommended due to hydrogen embrittlement during the plating process de-embrittling process should be used but there are no guaranties of cracking and pin failure this process can de done but Tasman Industries Ltd can not guarantee against cracking and advise all cusotmer's this is carried out at their own risk.
      The pins are suitable for applications where vibration is involved, by inserting one pin inside another double shear strength can be produced although one pin will be suitable for most applications producing approx 10% more strength than a solid mild steel pin.
      Spring tension pins are used in a variety of applications and industry to include Electrical , Automotive , Agricultural , White products , Turning and Milling machines. For further technical specifications call our
      – See more at: http://www.keysandpins.com/products/roll-pins#sthash.UcptMipM.dpuf

  3. Trens de Pesca

    TRENS DE PESCA – Brasil – Parabéns pelas dicas que passa e qualidade que vem fazendo seus vídeos!!!

  4. Paul, can you made an inline rattlers pleas?? 😉 nice video

  5. Vissen bij de waterkant

    Nice video agian how to do it your self!

  6. jaime arce hernandez

    Hola Me Encanta tu canal soy tu seguidor !!, Felicidades Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos !!, te Mando un Abrazo desde Teotihuacan México .

  7. Thanks Paul nice idea.

  8. if you are going to stick one of the trebles in the lure why bother with the pins

  9. Matthew Chastain

    HA 4:50 you that line across the spool made a real nasty knot on the next cast. I hate when my spinning reels do that.

    • The Handmade Fisherman

      well spotted, I only spotted that when editing, i was picking bits of seed head from the water surface and kept having to clean my line so it felt like i was casting tangles all morning, cheers

  10. Tyler DeMasters

    this kinda dope

  11. Neat idea, using the roll pin to make your screws! Do you eve catch anything other than pike?

  12. The unique feeling you get when you catch a fish with a lure you made with your own hands 👍👍👍 great great great work

  13. Nice video 👍 I see you put a homemade cast weight on the front though?

    • The Handmade Fisherman

      yep, well spotted i am going to look at weights in a separate video, this was for a particularly deep area, i fished most of the day in 3-4 foot of water without the weight

  14. Batuhan Kaygan

    You are the best Paul Adams in lure making I hope one day we will meet

  15. Traira É movimento .

    Bha amigo nota dez !!!!

  16. Fascinating. Again!!

  17. Look forward to Paul ..I've about ten lbs of lead in the garage I need to put to good use👍

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  19. have you ever thought to put feathers on the front trebel?

  20. Mohammad Fareed Ahmad

    Excellent video

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  22. RedStorm Rider


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  26. Perfect rigging, same as I do. Greetings from Finland :)

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    exelente tecnica para la pesca del lenguado la voy a poner en practica gracias por la idea

  29. patrick ́s custom

    this method for attaching the weight is new to me and it´s completely different to the known solutions i know! innovativ and simple to use. Thumbs up Paul :)

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    Show lugar

  37. Awesome video. Thanks for posting. Could you tell me which size roll pin you used please? Thank you.

  38. Юрий Лис


  39. Hey, great video, but i have some questions. Have you ever tried alternative with 0.8 s/steel wire. And I am just curious if there is any possibility that lure can fall of of the spiral wire, ever happened to you? Big thanks for answerCheers from Slovenia

  40. Hey m8. Can you give me info on which crimps you used for specific 20lb braid?im making myself the same rig and need the exact thickness lenght of crimps..thanks

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