Monday , November 19 2018
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River fishing for Trout, Perch and Chub! Using spinners

Awesome day fishing on the river, some nice fish caught for a change!


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  1. What rod was you using ???

  2. personally i love catching browns on spinners, fantastic looking/fighting/tasting fish
    but be careful putting these vids on here you might get murdered in your sleep by those dry fly elitists

  3. I love fishing for trout I caught a 11lb 4oz rainbow in glenkeen in ireland

  4. so exciting when you see the flash in the water, think you missed it and it smashed it again
    beauty chub and trout here mate nice river

  5. The Brook Basher

    Awesome mate really enjoyed that well done

  6. Think you need to turn ur drag up, thats why i keeps making the drag sound when u reel everytime πŸ™‚

    • maybe, I like to have it pretty loose on fast water though, I like it so I can reel fast all the time I have a fish on so when the trout swim towards me I still keep constant pressure, but also i'm not bullying the fish too much and they can run when they like with the loose drag if that makes sense, probably not right but it works and is fun to fight the fish like that, cheers!

  7. Valentin Helminger

    awesome video; you deserved 10000 sub

  8. What size spinner was that?

  9. lovely fishing mate πŸ‘,
    honestly lucky with the water you have to fish !! ( not jealous ) πŸ˜‚
    was about 3lb brown and a good one at that …. πŸ‘πŸŸ

    • thanks man! Haha yeah i'm pretty happy with the local waters, did plenty of exploring when we where kids to find a lot of the good spots

  10. If your ever up near Manchester let me know, I've had browns up 9lb and there's plenty of them.

  11. Hi db. I was speaking to a few guys that know you that said you fish near me. they also said river piker is close to?

    • cool man, might see you fishing sometime, where are you based?

    • That would be cool. very close to horbury bridge. was chucking a frog at the canal, not bad really early morning with the hot weather. Thanks for the reply bud,

    • yeah I fish up there every now and then, its about 40mins from where I live

    • if you ever need a camera or net bitch let me know, been really struggling to catch my first pike in 11 years would be nice to see what I am doing wrong ha.

  12. Superb fishing!! Well done. Brilliant energy to this vid. Great scenery. Pity to see all the "shite" lingering about the river – no doubt washed down in the flood water. Keep up the vids πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»

    • thanks! yeah unfortunately someone decided it would be a good idea to build the local tip in the river bank so every year when it floods tons of rubbish gets washed into the river, it's not quite as bad as it used to be now though so thats a plus haha

  13. Nice upload.

  14. I watch your videos a lot and your a great fisherman and inspiration to us all but the one thing that is slightly off putting is hearing u gasping for air all through the videos. Maybe just the try adjusting mike placement. Don't want to be negative like a said your awesome bud. Keep up the good work

    • thanks dude, yeah I know its sucks, I broke my good mic a few months ago and still haven't got round to replacing it, hopefully i'll get a new one soon so I don't sound like i'm dying all the time haha

  15. What camera gear you using mate?

  16. Shoreline Angling

    Subbed! Great fish, especially on light gear, and you've got some beautiful waters. Not jealous in the slightest πŸ˜‰ Where about in the U.K. are you?

  17. Cumbrian Angler

    Best video you've done, enjoyed it well done

  18. good job! i really enjoyed
    Amazing angler, amazing fish. where is this river. ?

  19. That trout was a 1b not 3b

  20. Where u fishing 🎣?

  21. Yorkshire Outdoors

    db mate, where is this?

  22. LEGENDARIest Legendary commentor

    The perch tho

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