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River Perch Fishing from the Shore – The Stig Fishing

In this episode of The Stig Fishing, Stig will try some land-based perch fishing in a Swedish river. And the fishing turns out to be really good!

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  1. Vilka hugg på poppern, inte nå avis…. Bra film som vanligt!

  2. Where are you fishin

  3. min födelse dag e i dag

  4. Bellissimo

  5. rod and reel?

  6. Michael Jackson on fishing trip ???

  7. sick gloves m9

  8. Thanks for nice video!!!! :)

  9. good video and a great we fishing trip

  10. shycst film ;) rikigt nice fiske oxå. är du ute tidigt på morgonen eller är det bara dimma ute ?

  11. Vad är det för ställe?

  12. Afiq Juicy_chrmosome


  13. really wish i could get out fishing but someone stole my rod

  14. super !!

  15. Tror de är Edvin från team galant!

  16. pontus is stig

  17. 👍👍😉

  18. when did U shout this VID??
    One day i will move to sweden,hope soon

  19. Beautiful.

  20. What type of rod and reel is that

  21. pięknie!!!

  22. Vart kan man köpa sådan Peang? :)

  23. A Fisherman's Tale

    Nice👍 great to see perch being caught on poppers

  24. Petar Cvejanović

    Amazing video and river also! :)

  25. How do you connect your rigs with the mainline? It's going to fast to see if you use a small snap or something else.

    • +Sandro Cambruzzi With a BFT Fastach Snap size 0 or 1!

    • Sandro Cambruzzi just use a double blood knot rig to connect you leader to the braided line, most effective.

    • Jack Allen That is what I used in the past. But I like the idea to exchange the rigs on the fly without tying any knots on the water.

    • Sandro Cambruzzi well you have to use knots if yours using fly mate, a simple nail knot to your fly line is effective, if you have a Chinese finger traps they are useful, but majority of fly lines have a loop that a simple blood knot that will attach your leader. it has been quoted and perched here in Australia to use double blood knots instead of spilt rings and a simple loop knot can be used if lure fishing but i haven't flicked a lure since i was little kid.

  26. poor perch at 7:45 :(

  27. using such technical rigs for such a stupid species, use 4lb braid with a simple blood not to connect your 2lb mono back the drag off and have a mean time!

  28. när var deta inspelat

  29. Carl and Alex Extra

    Wow this looks like so much fun, and love The Stig series! We've got to give some popper fishing a go in England next spring! But I'm seriously looking forward to coming over to Sweden. 😀😀😀

  30. Александр Степанов

    Сразу видно что с рыбой в этом водоёме проблем нет)

  31. what country is this ?

  32. Is it possible to cast small spinners with this setup?

  33. Nice Video :) i will go to the water but its ice on it :p
    wanna test my new combo :daiwa steez 103 meets major craft benkei ml version.

  34. Vad är det för gäddbete som används

  35. these kinds of videos get me in to the mood for fishing indeed :)

  36. Klarar knappt av att kolla på det här, kliar i hela kroppen för sånt här fiske.
    kom igen vintern, ge dig nu!

  37. Simon Andréasson

    Det spöt alltså, drömmar!

  38. that gloves looking funny xD can u say me what is the name of the rod and the reel ?

  39. pyrofrog pyrofrog

    Vad heter sjön

  40. pyrofrog pyrofrog

    Vad heter sjön du fiskar i?

  41. Where is this ?

  42. Are the gloves for stinging plants and bugs?

    They remind me of "Clean Room" gloves used in semiconductor production.

  43. Mmm perch flavour pizza 🍕


  45. Vladimír Růžička

    I can buy this popper, but u guys dont have him now :(

  46. Var fiskade du

  47. why is the rod and reel so expensive if it wouldn't be that expensive id buy the combo

  48. Looks like a Clown is fishing I guess his girlfriend like the gloves in bed to smelly fingers

  49. Please man, don´t wear this ugly gloves!

  50. Beautiful video. Thank you…

  51. I love this video. Please can you tell me what line you are using for fishing the popper? Thank you.

  52. Lovely

  53. Better to see this, then naked without the glovesrather see feet size 36 bra size cMaybe its not a fish-fetish, just sensitiv for uv gives inflammation on you fingers that hurts and swell up no joke 🖐✌🤞🖖🤘But Sandro Sandra give no answer, guess iam wrong and is this his/ her grazy thing !

  54. Ou est le plaisir a ramené le fish aussi vite?

  55. Great video! What a river, so nice technique, the best weather, oh that nature! :) Can I ask you more info about that system at 5:40?

  56. its too esay

  57. where is the damn gas well and coal mine drainage? shit, you ruined a perfectly good river.

  58. perch are a very tasty fish. they are so small though I let them live. to many lives for a meal.

  59. Stig = Pontus sjölund

  60. Pontus we all know its you 😂😂🎣

  61. Brilliant what is the casting weight on the rod please

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