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Saltstraumen X Savage Salt – Fishing for big cod, halibut and haddock in Norway

Kurt, the camp manager from Saltstraumen Fiske Camp(, are testing some of the new Savage Gear Salt products. Together with Nikolaj Korsholm from Savage Gear, they catch cod, coal fish and halibut in the relentless current of Saltstraumen. Join then when they test out our 4D Herring Big Shad, Salt DFR1 Jiggimg Rod, Okuma Azores reel, Saltwater Sandeel and lots more! Kurt is giving some tips on how to be succesfull when fishing Norweigian saltwater. Check it out!

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  1. Haha I'm actually going to northern Norway in six days!!😀

  2. This is gonna be lit!!

  3. Michael Crawford

    I can't wait

  4. Kıyı balıkçısı 35

    Epic lures

  5. How heavy are the squid jigs? Just wondering if they might be effective for wreck fishing around the UK coast?

  6. Stefan Aleksander Martinsen

    To bad it was an hour to short 😛

  7. Ferencz Kovács

    What kind of rod is he using ????

  8. Wow!


    O M G

  10. Loving the new sandeels and the squid jig 🎣👍

  11. How heavy are the new sandeels? When would they be available in the UK?

  12. Balık Günlükleri

    Very nice video 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Hi friends,

    Super nice video. Great images and a lot of useful info for all the traveller anglers.

    Please we want more long vids with lots of info and explanations.

    Super nice products, i can't wait to test the new 4D Herring Big Shad :)

    Cheers from Spain!

    • Nikolaj Korsholm

      Thanks for great feedback! We loved testing the shads ;)

    • @Nikolaj Korsholm Good Afternoon Nikolaj,

      For the next year, it's possible that i come to Norway for fishing (las time was 2015), and we are thinking about Saltstraumen, can you help us about wich is the best seasson for every type of fish in the area of Saltstraumen?

      I think that is possible that the Summer (July or August) could be one of the best seasson, is this true?

      We are looking for Halibut, Coalfish and Cod, but Halibut and Coalfish are the most important for us.

      Will be very useful to have this information from someone like you.

      Thank you very much in advance.

      Best regards from Spain.


  14. Can we have some more information about the sandeels please 🎣🇳🇴😉👍

  15. Reel drag sound, the best ASMR.

  16. Please, can you tell me the brand of your boat in this video? Thanks

  17. En vakker dag skal eg fiske der! <3

  18. Kasper amWasser

    Hammer 🎣😍 Ihr macht einfach die geilsten Köder 👌🏻

  19. Norwegian-english at it best😂

  20. unseenoutdoors s

    Are we ever going to get a real 3d trout with a pulse tail.?🤷‍♂️

  21. Where you caught these halibuts?

  22. You guys should make a baby cat shark lure,really good for reef fishing

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