Wednesday , January 29 2020
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Savage Gear – 3D Goby Shad

Based on a scan of a real Goby, with incredible details, hand painted colors with added DNA scent. The paddle tail makes the lure rock and kick in a super provoking way!

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  1. Nascarlover 201

    Nice bait SG!

  2. Mikael Karivainio

    Cant wait to fishing it 👊👌

  3. Ахуеть ! Где вы такую щуку ловите ? У нас уже такую давно выловили и пожарили))

  4. 😯😯😯 ❤❤❤🎣🎣🎣🎣wish we had these in Canada hard to find a lot of your lures down here
    Love yous guys and your amazing gear yous are the best pike fishermen ever!!!

  5. Will these be available to the US market?

  6. Fraser McAllister fishing

    It's my birthday next week no what I am asking for now lol💯💯😍

  7. Wedkarskie Podkarpacie

    Niceee 👍

  8. So basically a saltwater mullet design for the European market.

  9. Magnifique !! I love lure Savage ! 😍🥰

  10. This one will be bought definitely by me😍😍😍

  11. 🖐️🎣🐠🐟Super fish. A beautiful pike. You're strong.👏👍

  12. A 10 cm would be perfect for zander!

  13. Like,red back….

  14. This guy looks a bit like Ralf Moeller 🤔💪

  15. BAD Fishing BissAnschlagDrill

    Nice bait 🎣👍🏼 Check out my chanel guys✌🏻️🇩🇪✌🏻

  16. Jimi Kunnaskari

    I just bought couple of these

  17. bought one a few months ago and i have caught more pike on it than i ever have before so i definatly recomend it.

  18. leurre acheté .

  19. Fake video. Look the moment when put fish out of water lol. Cut video

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