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  1. why dont SavageGear create a 4 play whith some sorts marbles inside the lure so it starts to create some sort of shakie sound

  2. Adrian Trige Akhtar

    Reel is deff. an Okuma Trio, the rod i dont know 🙂

  3. they want to make realistic lures, and fish don't rattle

  4. but they can make both of them becouse sometimes it is more effektive to use lures whith sound

  5. jordan mcknight

    what size bushwhacker rod and reel do you use
    love these videos keep them coming

  6. jordan mcknight

    the spinning rod is a savage gear bushwhacker xlnt

  7. When does the Pike color come out?

  8. Best manufactured lures ever, and not to pricy.

  9. I`m a forplay user. And 1 thing i can say: there is no better lure than that! I mostly depended on sliders but since i discovered forplay savage gear lures i have only different colours of these in my pike tackle box 😀

  10. Right there !! BAAAM!

  11. Im having 4 different colours at the moment. Perfect lure

  12. Pb Edevaldo Elias dos Santos

    I'm from Brazil, now living in Ireland.
    I love this fish.
    Thanks you for vidio.

  13. Ha Hahahe , BAM!!!!!

    Awesome video……

  14. You didn't try the 9,5cm.
    I would really love to see you try it.

  15. what Polglasses is that?

  16. what weight sg braid do you guy use on the trio reels for 19 cm lures

  17. Normally we use diameters between 0.26 – 0.33mm…
    Think the SG Adrenaline in 0.29mm is a good choice for 19cm 4Plays….

  18. hey thanks very much i am getting my new SG out fit at Christmas and want to make sure i set it up perfect thank you

  19. Can we get those lip less swim baits in the U.S.?

  20. Those big lip-less lures would be deadly on Muskie here in the U.S. In fact you could even make it larger for muskies. I just sent this video to a friend of mine who makes muskie glide baits.

  21. there we gooooo !!!!

  22. these baits work so well that when you perfect your striking – every single fish gets lip hooked. It makes it so much better for you to catch and release as quick as possible. Since it has got a little bit colder I have started using them on sink and draw and they are lethal.
    Another tip which came by accident was to catch the front treble in your trace eye this makes the bait swim sideways creating a realistic injured fish.

  23. If you had to pick only 1 4play what one would you pick?

  24. what about for trolling for Cods??? what u recomend??

  25. what reel did you use

  26. What kind of leader do you use fluo ? and what diamter is it ?

  27. What is the weight of the 9.5cm 4 play ?

  28. Love it guys, that's a great lure that works so well under a large range of fishs. Hats off to you for that nice introduction !

  29. Wonder how it would work on Amazon Peacock Bass….

  30. Do you use a wire trace, looks like you have just flourocarbon attached to your mainline braid?? great vid though

  31. Great video as always but how many times can one say "BAM !!Hèhé" in one 14min video ? It gets annoying after the 5th time. Drop that phrase and you've got an even better video.

  32. Hi !

    What is the spinning rod that you are using in this video ?

    Thanks you !!

  33. i would also like to know what spinning rod you were using.

  34. hey mads what kinda boat is that you are using any specs

  35. ловил наверно в зоповеднике?
    Где ловить нельзя и рыбе есть шанс достичь больших размеров.

  36. Christina Nielsen

    God video Mads

  37. BAAM!

  38. I would guess that he is from DENMARK haha

  39. savage gear bushwacker i have also one and there awesome 🙂

  40. savage gear bushwacker i have also one and there awesome 🙂

  41. роланд роланд


  42. Hvorfor ikk dansk

  43. im geting one of them small ones

  44. Can i get them in Neterland ?:D

  45. this video makes me want to go fishing again!

  46. because 99% of the world dont speak "dansk" 😉

  47. Mads, you silly goose. fish dont have shoulders

  48. The 9.5 looks great! I have one 13cm. Where can I order a 9.5cm at??? I'd like to know what spinning set up you used in the video??

  49. Which rod do he use for the 19 cm. 4play

  50. BAAAM or whaaat:P

  51. The best lure is a REAL fish:)

  52. DanishOutdoorFishing

    Super products

  53. Eine Einheit ihr Menschen

    All right fish on Baaaaamm, I love this guy, when I would see you at water then we must start a battle 😉 Baaamm

  54. what rod was he using when he caught the first fish

  55. Jamie Rodriguez

    very nice 🙂 

  56. 4Play hardlure and Soft 4Play are my favourite lures of all time! ^_^ Love 'em.

  57. christopher mennechet

    bo leur

  58. what gear would you recommend for canal fishing perch/pike

  59. Hi. Quick question- any idea why my five in. soft 4play swimbait would be swimming sideways and upside down.

  60. what leader did he used in this film

  61. i dont get it, it seems to be so easy for him. but when i go fishing i cacht max. 1 pike

    • jablines 77

    • +zebi la mouche Zablinnnnnnnnnn

    • +anders strøm These work best from October to Mid November I fish these all the time when it's that time and I catch pike from 60 cm to 1 meter all the time 😀 It depends on the place you are fishing if it's heavily fished you can get none for hours and eventually give up so find a place where no one fishes that much

  62. What rod are you using?

  63. My favorite lure <3

  64. You must find jer den

  65. will this lure work for barramundi ?

  66. Great video, thanks!

  67. i search the pigment error  , where we can find this please

  68. One of the best lures in recent history. The 19cm liplure catches consistently for me. Another favourite is the 21cm Butch crankbait, a great trolling lure….

  69. when you hook a fish, are you saying " BAM " ? or are you saying " let's make a 40cm lure "?

  70. Ioannis Michailidis

    Hi nice video! what spinning rod you use for the 2-3 first fish? thanks.

  71. Wiked lures and wolf tails are ace too 😁

  72. Is there a better job than being a tester of a fishing tackle? I think it's more than dream coming true 🙂 All the best!

  73. never fail lures;]

  74. Black Country Piker

    I must confess I love my Savage gear lures! Mostly the 13 & 19cm liplures. real catchers when others do not

  75. What Baitcast rod/reel are you using at 10:01 if I might ask. Great video.

  76. krzysztof kieroński

    Ja proponuję autorom tego filmiku pojechać na Polskie przełowione łowiska i tam udowodnić skuteczność w/w przynęt , anie gdzieś ,prawdopodobnie w Skandynawii gdzie drapieżników jest bez liku

  77. what kind of leader do you use?

  78. I would love to try these lures on Australia's Murray cod. are they available in Australia?

  79. would be good to have a 5cm version for the perch

  80. " and this one for Pike , perch ….and Zander"
    He is a living legend. 😉

  81. this are the best lures ever

  82. Är i särklass bra, är super nöjd, leverera alltid

  83. Harno #3 ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

    I just bought today the your 3+1- 9,5 cm.
    I have yet to try, but they look really nice as realism, I think also that the quality and the price are excellentI, am very confident… I hope soon to be successful; cheers ! 😉

  84. Please mads, would it be possible to bring out a new color type pigment error for 2017? It is a color that works very well but it has become impossible to find in france

  85. i just found a sale of 25 cm herrings
    I bought myself 5 colors, caught a 50 cm pike first cast. Those guys are greedy bastards wtf

  86. Can we use this for saltwater?

  87. mr. Savage gear is there a swimbait lure that cast really far for offshore fishing but yet floats well?

  88. prob one of the best lures in the world!

  89. My lure didn't bring me any fish, until I started saying "BAM" each time I cast. That is the key to success! 😉

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