Wednesday , December 12 2018
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  1. Great video from underwaterireland..that man is handy with the gopro.also a great lure from savage gear

  2. DarkSchneider1337

    wow amazing vid a just love Savage gear have loot off ure gear and stuffs

  3. Мужская Компания

    Круто сняли) молодцы!

  4. 0:29 what a invisible pike,  wau! amazing video!

  5. Beautiful video !

  6. Superrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. This is awesome!!!!

  8. WOW!!!! Nice!!

  9. I can only think of one word suitable to describe this video, siiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

  10. John van der Hoeven


  11. dude!  this is some of the most epic footage ever!  awesome savage strikes!

  12. This is amazing! nice work! 😀 

  13. Great footage guys, love it.

  14. Terry Shaurette

    I got to know how this is filmed? What kind of camera?

  15. Song name please?

  16. Рыбалка с Владимиром Солоповым


  17. very very nice vidéo……………….

  18. César Valladares Fernández

    Awesome strikes, Cannibal is one of my favourite lures, they work great with wels catfish too!

  19. is this underwater Ireland's footage?

  20. good video…

  21. violence pike catch shad and shake it…

  22. Excellent video! Now where can I find the Cannibal Shad online? ……. in the U.S.?

  23. zeby kobiety tak do buzi braly:(

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