Friday , November 23 2018
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  1. An awesome Lure 😉 Keep on working guys !!

  2. Simon falk nørgaard

    best softlure on Earth! love it! awesome rigging and fishing!

  3. Got 30cm for Christmas and savage gear hoodie, delighted

  4. wędkarstwo KOŁO zapraszam POLSKA

  5. Amazing! Just take my money! 🙂 Where did you catch that pike?

  6. Would never use the 40cm version without some sort of led core. It throws like shit because of the low weight.

  7. Great rigging video Mads! Lots of good tips.

  8. Great video with great ideas!

  9. 6:41 lblblbblblblblit

  10. super glue 😀

  11. wow this is awesome

  12. love savage gear

  13. can you please tell me some lakes in sweden where ther's alot of big pike???

  14. Vättern, vänern and coasline

  15. ProPikeFishingTEAM

    Vart bor du?

  16. what # leader and line?

  17. ultimatefishingzone

    definitely have to get a ton of these to try on lake St.Clair muskie

  18. Der Köder ist sein Geld echt wert:-) nice fish

  19. markus korhonen

    Hands down the best pike jig In the world

  20. I fish it with the MPP spin 2,74m->170gr. and Okuma Trio 55FD,loaded with PowerPro Aqua Green 0,28mm-20kg braid,perfect for casting and trolling,had several 1m+ pikes and a 85cm zander(!!) on it!

  21. Looks like it can be a great striper lure to , I'm gonna go find some. Thanx lol

  22. livetheoutdoors 101

    looks like it could be a good musky bait to there bigger than pike

  23. When I fished a spot for an hour with all my go to baits and nothing was butting I switched to the 30 cm real eel and on the first cast in the same exact spot I pulled in a 11 lb pike

  24. Hej Mads, it would be good, if Savage Gear would do something for the increasing eel population in europe. Cormorant, turbines etc. has allmost set an end to the european eel. So if you'd just take 25ct. from each "real eel" and invest it into glas eel setting, you would help the eel population plus you would have a wonderfull propanganda for your product too!

  25. will huge largemouth bass hit this? I imagine they would, just confirming

  26. how many cm or inches was that nothern pike ? the green glow and colours that fish has jezus christ what a beauty.

  27. This will be great for big largemouth!

  28. Can a pike rip its tail off

  29. Annemiek Barneveld

    fat man

  30. Would the small sized one be suitable to catch Rainbow and Brown trout?

  31. Делюсь своим трофеем на 30см Real Eel

  32. Mine didn't come with a jig head just a ring on the head

  33. Can you make an 8-10 cm version for perch

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