Friday , November 23 2018
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  1. looks amazing, wish i had some extra cash….

  2. Gonna try it tomorrow on some pike, i've got the golden ambulance and the brown one. 30cm versions.

  3. I have caught alot of pike on the Pearl olive colour, great bait! it works.

  4. борис румянц

    как купить!!!!

  5. pike bite on spinnerbait, even if they never saw something similar befor

  6. How much does one cost bc I want one

  7. It's big. Very big. I have question :effectife on the small pike(70 cm)???

  8. It's big. Very big. I have question :effectife on the small pike(70 cm- I'm from Poland ;))???

  9. #SamunB5,i've got lot of 800g pikes with 20cm eel from Finland:)

  10. Giant Mr. Twister. Good show.

  11. TheUnluckyFisherman

    I dont even musky fish but that looks damn good.

  12. man, look like a killer stripper lure.

  13. A good rule to go by for lure size is that a Pike will attack a fish or meal that is up to 1/3 of it's size.  I used these products last season and caught many many Pikes between 30 and 45 inches in length.

  14. will catch pike + will get snagged= worth the risk lmao

  15. I got one of these It snapped of on the second cast

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