Sunday , November 17 2019
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Savage New Year 2019

A montage of the year that passed and a New Years Greeting From us to you!

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  1. U to Buddy :-)

  2. U to Buddy :-)

  3. Happy New Year mads do you have any job vacancies within savage Gear?

  4. Belle vidéo et de belles attaques. Bonne année et beaucoup fish.

  5. when make video about lb roach swim & jerk

  6. When is the 2019 catalogue available online?

  7. Happy New year savage gear

  8. I love Savage Gear! Tight lines for 2019 🐟🐠🐡🦈

  9. addicted to angling

    Savage gear lures guaranteed to catch numpties yup

  10. Emerald Coast Kayak Fishing

    Savage Gear is gonna be the talk of 2019!

  11. happy new year Savage Gear.

  12. 釣り時々仕事、たまに半ドン。

    It is a representative fish in Japan.

  13. When will the Pulse Tail baits be available for the US market?

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