Monday , January 27 2020
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Savage Salt 3D Octopus

The 3D Octopus is based on a scan of a baby octopus, the body is lead alloy and the tentacles is made from super durable soft TPE.

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  1. SEAPATROL saltwater fishing team

    when you can buy it?


  3. Looks like a great lure but I'm thinking a 450g 30cm would be great for halibut in Norway! 🇳🇴🎣

  4. Smashed it out of the ball park with this one .. Well done Savage Gear. Cant wait for them to come down under… So When are they here?…..

  5. Get ur facts right! Octopuses don't have tentacles they're actually arms and what you called the head is actually the mantle

    • Lol, valid point! However, SG doesn't give a crap about what their consumers have to say, especially when it comes to supporting them. For example, they have not bothered replying to an e-mail for around 4 months and all I wanted was to get some help with obtaining a spare part for my rod (can't source it locally). Screw them in their octopuses….

    • @Ints Selis Well that's dissapointing

    • @Vire Yeah, it sucks. Essentially, I wasted a 100 euros on a rod that cannot be used because there is no way to get a spare tip. Never ever will I buy another SG rod.

  6. Nice !

  7. fuck you whit your scan. you mold it with a true octopus

  8. Was it shown at Icast 2019? Havnt been able to find any vids on it there

  9. Cem HOŞGÖR & Deniz Balıkçılığı

    Beatiful product for Savagear. I thing catchting many kinds predators world seas.

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