Saturday , February 17 2018
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  1. forever savage gear

  2. Grym fisk!

  3. Savage Gear is the best of the best!

  4. Which lure was this

  5. Frederik Kastrup Dirch Olsen

    where are u fishing?

  6. It's from Copenhagen.

  7. Really nice Fish !!

  8. BAM!!
    Gosh I have to fish with this guy when I move to Sweden!
    What is his name? xD

  9. Simon falk nørgaard

    Mads Grosell

  10. Savage Gear Sandeel are fantastic

  11. Danish Feuerwerk

    Fangede en i sidste uge på jeres soft 4 play gal den huggede den som et MONSTER! 🙂

  12. What rod does he use

  13. @Harry > He uses a Savage Gear Parabellum 3-16 gr by 9,2" spinningrod. I asked it to him personally. I use it myself too for sea trout 🙂

  14. Hi just got these recently for Sea Trout, they look superb, What rig are you using on The Slug, Offset hook or Jighead.

  15. What's the method he uses? Can't really see.

  16. wich model is that size?

  17. Nice to see him put back, looks like mpp- 8' spinrod. i use 9' spin rod 90grams. its class. old video though its 3-12-15. now !!

  18. TroutHunter-Productions

    Fedt det der Mads! skal helt sikkert ud og skaffe nogle af

  19. Hej Mads, hvor er denne video optaget henne?, for everyone else, i am asking where this is filmed, seems like a very good place with all that current 🙂

  20. Det er ved slusen, Sjællandsbroen København. Godt til hornfisk.

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