Monday , November 19 2018
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Short Perch Fishing Session With A Big Pike Surprise!

just a quick perch fishing session from the other day but ended up catching more pike than perch


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  1. yeah back with another pike vid. still my favorite!

  2. not as big as the pike i had on my gunki street rod last week lol

  3. must get out myself tomorrow

  4. Maester Aemon Targaryen

    Love the accent.

  5. i had a really fun session dropshotting perch using jelly sweets today 🙂
    also you laugh saying good perch bait with the tiny perch but i think when they hit 2lb they do get really cannibalistic.

  6. The Brook Basher

    "camera died lost fish" jesus double whammy lol. Sickening when a good fish comes off 🙁

  7. Murray Morrison

    What jig heads are you using?

  8. Were do u get your lures from they look really good

  9. Maybe just think about how you are advertising exactly where you are fishing, fished there many times but blatantly showing the name of the lock seems abit careless. Probably see much more pressure now and have a detrimental effect, not to mention EE's wanting a pike steak or a perch burger. Why not be abit more subtle with editing and protect your future fishing. Just a thought.

    • seen more fish killed on that stretch by match anglers in the winter league matches than I have by your "EE's" + theres usually 60+ in the matches everyweek from october who are well aware of the predator stocks so its not exactly a secret spot…..?

    • I could easily fall in your EE category…I don't take any fish, I fish for pleasure – pure C&R. However I see many english so called 'anglers' with no EA rod license and taking any fish they catch just to feed their dog…
      ( I do agree that advertising a small fishing spot is not the best idea, but I'm not sure I like your attitude)

    • That's tough, I've seen countless stretches of canal, river and club waters devastated by poaching and catching for the pot by groups of Eastern European's. It's not about attitude, it's what has been happening for the last 10 – 15 years on an increasing basis. Proper anglers like yourself aren't the problem. Yes everyone without a license should be prosecuted, or anyone breaking the law. Sorry if you are offended but fish theft/poaching/fyke net/,long lines/ netting, even draining stretches of canal in almost all cases I've seen over 15+ years was by Eastern Europeans, that's the truth ! It wasn't a problem before the mass influx of migrant workers. I'm just stating facts.

    • Mr Kettle I'd be more than happy if anyone who does that gets prosecuted, faces hight court charges and if immigrant then should be evicted and banned for life to re-enter the country.

    • I have also met many EE's like yourself, who respect the rules and enjoy their fishing. My original point was that I didn't think it was a good idea to show exact locations, so I've explained my reasons. Enjoy your fishing

  10. FOX Curly tails .. For the perch.

  11. Hi mate what was the rod and reel that you mate was using looked like a nice set up

  12. what bait was you friend using

  13. The damage to fish stocks by EE's is a massive problem, why make it easy for them ? I've seen the effect the boom in the popularity of lure fishing has had over the last 6/7 years and what happens when places see too much pressure. So I don't think it's wise broadcasting exact locations. Yes not exactly a secret spot, even less so now.

  14. I would love to catch a fish on thames river these days, becoming a real commodity…

  15. Hey DB you need to use the savage gear fruck for the lure challenge!!!

  16. Great video, can you do a short video to show how you do settings on a baitcaster reel?

  17. what river is this

  18. Hi Mate, what rod and reel set up are you using here? Keep up the good work, love your videos

  19. What softplastics were you using and what weight jighead

  20. What river is That

  21. Is £29.99 for a rod, reel, line and tackle box filled with lures and drop shot weights worth it?

    • Shane Maguire buy decent stuff if lure fishing cuz with lure fishing ur always holding the rod so u don't want something that feels cheap, u will enjoy it more with better gear

    • I got it, and ive landed trout up to 8lbs,perch up to 3lbs, carp and pike. definitly worth it. (and i forgot, it was £39.99)

    • Shane Maguire ahh well just me being a tackle tart then haha

  22. Nice videos ! Just one question if is ok . What action camera are you using ?

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