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SkinLink – Nash Tackle coated braid hooklink material

The most advanced coated hooklink yet – fast sinking, easily stripped and with a super abrasion resistant braided Kevlar core.
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  1. How can I get to work for Nash when I'm older really inspire to get out on the bank when I watch your videos and just love nash

  2. KHtreeandlandscape

    Got mine green 25lb stiff for slip d rig simple

  3. Sadly we have a pretty bad selection of nash baits and gear-.-!

  4. Really good braid and coating is spot on, sinks well too……however its very weak and therefore lets it down

  5. Hi NashGot a little issue with this skinlink. I have the Nash stripper tool and when stripping the coating it leaves frayed edges on the stripped part like the tool is cutting into the braid as well as the coating? Any ideas? Thanks,B

  6. Lovely stuff nash

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