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Small Lake PERCH FISHING – Trying out the ICROSS Kayak/Float Tube

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Small lakes can sometimes be really underrated when it comes to fishing, but here’s a fact – the harder to reach a water is, the lower the fishing pressure will be, which gives you the best chances for great fishing.

In this video, Pontus and Mille goes perch fishing in a small clear water lake using the new ICROSS kayak/float tube hybrid which is perfect for small, remote waters.

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  1. 😍🇸🇪👍

  2. Gustav Espefält


  3. kan fånga och äta abborren du fångat??

  4. Fishing With Ace


  5. Can you catch perch using bass tactics ? Near the reeds,overhang and such places ?

    • Dennis Sågström

      We use bass tactics all the time in Sweden. You could say US comes up with all techniques, and we perfect it to use it on perch/pike😏 Thanks for the influences!

    • kanalgratisdotse

      Sometimes yes, but they are still quite different from bass I’d say. But some of your techniques work great!

    • There is a youtube channel called Perch Jesus and he uses almost exact same bass lures and tactics to catch big perch but he is from the UK and mostly fishes for them in rivers.
      I'm from this side of the pond not much bass over here :)
      Thanks for both replies.

  6. What is good lures for cold water autumn fishing for perch?

  7. Looks to small for a 2 m guy like me, i have a Savagear Highrider 170 and that's is also a little bit too small for me, but for normal person it's a cool toy.

    • kanalgratisdotse

      Yes, then it might be a bit too small. The bigger one that Mille is using might work. But as you say it’s a super fun craft. 👍🏼 Thanks for watching!

  8. Really cool video guys 🤘😎

  9. Markon Messissä

    The stig fishing place.

  10. Dennis Sågström

    Härligt boys✌ Pontus börjar bli riktigt proffsig framför kameran 🙂

  11. Bra vid

  12. Christian Holm Nielsen

    Floatyak 😂🤘💪

  13. Cool video, cool little vehicle, but damn Pontus, you need to get a decent Daiwa or Shimano reel 😄 Your gears and bearings sound like a coffee grinder.

  14. What is the brand and model of your green tackle bag for soft baits and hooks?

  15. These look good but for me they are over priced , look at comparison prices on tubes and there's much better value for money in a float tube than this .

  16. seems like this icross is limited to perfect weather conditions…. little bit of wind / wave and you would be in trouble, right ?

  17. As a float tube fanatic I wouldn't buy these icross things to save my life. And as a fly fisherman the last thing I need is a 15Lbs inflatable on my back. These things are pointless in every way imaginable. Just my 2 cents.

  18. Vad heter låter som börjar runt 38sek in? :*

  19. 70 000 рублей? Да ну нахуй. Лучше пакрафт. Если деньги есть, то Alpacka Raft, если денег немного, то выбор большой: начиная с производителя Тунгуса и заканчивая Синицой, Иволгой и т.д. Про нормальные лодки не вспоминаю. А это какое-то недоразумение: неустойчивое, под дрыщом с видео чуть ли не под водой жопа. Поднимется волна небольшая или лодка проплывёт и будешь весь мокрый, если повезёт и не перевернёшься.

  20. Salut les gars très belle vidéo un gros like a bientôt

  21. catch en cook.

  22. Michael Almquist

    Grymt boys :)

  23. Vilken spöserie kör grabbarna med?

  24. Great vid guys nice to see not so good days you are very humble TITE LINES YOU GUYS

  25. Hi guys, saw this at Efttex as well. I really prefer the Sevenbass Flatform, Jungle Operator etc. Allows you to fish more styles. The lying position will get really uncomfortable after a while, spot lock with fins is much better and precise, especially when you are flyfishing…

  26. Jesper Segermark

    Kul att ni hittade till mitt hemmavatten😊👌🏼 där har man spenderat sjukt många timmmar.

  27. Liking this 👍👍 kayaks look great fun

  28. Small lake, for me in french it is the bigest lake😁

  29. Dang!

  30. Äntligen ett kanon alternativ till flytring för mig som sitter i rullstol och inte kan paddla med simfötterna längre !!! Måste helt klart kollas upp.. Som vanligt kanonfilm grabbar :)

  31. köpte ni fiskekort ?

  32. I see that I use Gunki equipment, it's great !! Greetings from Poland !

  33. Can you do more videos like this please

  34. Invented to get a cross salmon rivers look like a great idear get to places other anglers can't get to .

  35. I think benefit of float tube is free hand…and ease of getting on and off? This seems like just smaller SUP…

  36. Where do i find online store for icross???

  37. What size where they please ! J

  38. Lol its so fuckin expensive

  39. Do you prefer this thing or a traditional float tube?

  40. Those things look so cool but over 600 bucks for a chair on a air mattress is to much

  41. Hey man do you know if I can buy this in the uk

  42. Is this the icross hunter or arverure

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