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Summer Carp Fishing with Carl and Alex

Summer carp fishing with Alex and his friends! Hope you enjoy.
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  1. Fair play to little finleyyy

  2. Going tanyard soon

  3. Hi Carl and Alex, very nice video i really enjoyed it, i was just wondering in most of your videos do you guys use a Wireless Lapel Mic or a mic that sits on your camera? Thanks Jason 

  4. Hi Alex great video what bivy did u have ???

  5. Have you guys got emails to talk about upcoming events and stuff going on as I'm in the steering group for angling development in London and it would be great to get you guys involved

  6. Is the ground hog easy to put up ??

  7. Nice video Alex 🙂 just wondering have you ever blanked ?

  8. Another great vid guys

  9. Alex and Carl you've got potential

  10. well done lads love the vids watched all of them nearly keep it up carl and alex 

  11. Great video!  You guys put together great videos–great scenics, closeups, music, creative camera angles and lenses–really nice shooting and editing.  Not only so, but your evident love of fish and fishing is inspiring and contagious!  Tight lines and wet nets!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Thanks Joseph, lovely to hear you appreciate the videos! 🙂 we sure do love our fishing, sadly video making has to come a close second 🙂

  12. Do you ever use running leads

  13. Cool thanks

  14. What test curves are your rods

  15. Thanks

  16. What lake is that at tanyard a

  17. i like your part on the nash dvd keep on the good work mates 🙂

  18. Coole Videos !!!!!! Schaut doch mal bei unserem Kanal vorbei ! Eifel carpe hunting heißen wir wenn ihr uns gut findet dann abonniert uns bitte!!

  19. I have watched almost all of your videos and this is one of my favourites! Great fishing! Great filming! Just great!

  20. It must be awful fishing with them if your name is Todd!

  21. Yet I'm 9 but I cought 2 33 stone carps

  22. The guy at the beginning can't thread his rod rings, his line has looped round his rod

    • (you probably wont believe me) but that is me in the beginning and i realised that and sorted it out soon after landing the carp!

    • Oh right mate haha, just don't want you breaking your rods

    • Haha thanks for the concern! I still use the rod now so luckily i found it soon enough, although, i think it left a mark! But i see that as a way to remember the holiday to tanyard (also the reason i watched this video again)

  23. Nice!
    Tight Lines

  24. What a nice carp video boys

  25. 15 or 50 pound nice video I really enjoyed it.

  26. Wheres +fenlandfisherman at??

  27. Guys im opening up a lake its not huge but has not been fished in 15 years i had a wee go there some 20lb wildeys hope you come visit one day in pboro wer gunna stock it with goldern orff g tench coi too

  28. Can i ask please what camera did you use? Thnks really good footage and your welcome when wevthink of a namevto our new lke in peterborugh its untouched on a abandoned farm its only a few acres but has plenty of untoched and big carp and tench and crucian the old farmer reckons ther is some 3lb roach wer see sonn hey 😉 cant wait for spring summer time

  29. Alex would you be able to tell me where you do you vlogs please can you give me a shout out liam shreeves

  30. How old do you have to be to night fish here?

  31. Aine Crowe Crowe

    Have you been sponsored

  32. The Suburban Fisherman

    In America the carp are so much different the scales are on the entire body of the carp instead f just a strip on the middle

    • The Suburban Fisherman It's because the carp in America are common carp and in the UK the carp are both common and mirror

  33. The Suburban Fisherman

    Like the ones at the pond u were at in the video

  34. The Suburban Fisherman

    I mean the first one u saw the guy catch

  35. The Suburban Fisherman

    Bruh at 10:56 I thought he was gonna kiss the fish

  36. i want more videos!!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Clim Hoeben I wish I could do these videos every day but sadly because of a full time job, and college we struggle to get many videos filmed and edited!! We have a few coming soon though!! Keep your eyes out for them!!

    • ok nice to hear that (:

  37. All i have bin thinking about for a whole moth is for your american fishing video
    😀 i can not wait !!!! what day do u think it will be up or estimated

  38. Hi your videos are so great what's the best flavour boiles to use for carp ?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +iHD Gaming To be honest all flavours seem to catch carp, but for us we use a dark coloured spicy/meaty smelling boilie in summer and spring, and a sweet/bright coloured bait in the winter. But you will catch on any type at any time of year to be honest!

  39. Ok thank you so much I live in Bracknell near to Farnham so might see you 😹

  40. Cool fish

  41. You guys have inspired me to start fishing and I'm fishing now because of u thanks so much

  42. What setup are you both fishing with??

  43. Irishfisherman 1

    nice vid

  44. Love the videos of carp fishing. I have told a lot of people over in Australia about you guys and they really enjoyed your videos. Keep up the good work

  45. Go Finley !!!! I can't help but be pleased for you – and what a great presenter !!!!

  46. hey I'm thinking of carp fishing on Saturday and the pond I might be fishing has 29lb carp in have you got any ideas for me to catch a decent carp

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Find the fish mate, if its warm and sunny look for fish on the surface, bring dog biscuits and bread and you might have a chance of catching one off the top. 🙂 The normal corn, boilies and peperami will also work well. 🙂

    • Hey thank you very much for your advice I much appreciate it 🙂

  47. that was pretty good !

    you should be proud of ya self !

  48. Robin Vandermeulen

    Really nice video! How many pounds was Finley's first carp?

  49. Ashley Concannon

    fantastic video… you have so much respect for the water's you fish other the anglers, cracking set of lads. well done

  50. Brilliant vid and I'm over in England next week for a week of carp fishing in anglers paradise.tight lines and wet nets👍🏿🐟🐟

  51. Hey Carl and Alex great vid quick question what is the name of the vid were you catch the pristine from the park lake the one that was about 32 lb

  52. your videos is one of the reasons I go fishing… great video keep them big carp coming in

  53. Hey lads it Lee Kenny hope u laugh ure tits off at my vids 🙂 u inspired me to make a channel and u do get a mention 🙂 remember I was a bit excited when I was trying to remember your names 🙂 It all adds to the comedy, any support will be appreciated.
    Love as always
    Lee Kenny

  54. Once again you made me laugh and was a pleasure to see you catching! Jack  – "Did you do your hair?" Steve (bald as a babys bottom) "Yeah" LMAO great hidden camera moment! Awesome work Carl

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +lee kenny haha Steve and Jack were brilliant. Shame they don't work at Tanyard any more really 🙁 miss the good times we had!!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing when your weighing your fish do you take off the weight that the keep net weighs???

  55. Have u ever tried lavender hall fishery it's got some really big carp

  56. Aleeeeeex. Can`t wait for the new carp clip. When will it be online? 🙂

  57. Snagged on Angling TV

    When fishing the pole how much line do you roughly leave between the float and the tip of the pole?
    Please reply

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      We normally use 10 inches or so, but go shorter if you can control the pole and longer if it is windy. Basically you dont want to keep wobbling the float in the wind when the pole moves.

  58. Allergic Too Stupid

    I live in cumbria near windermere all you get there is pike and perch, but if you go a bit south to Carnforth they have a couple of good fisheries there.

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