Friday , August 10 2018
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Surface Controller Float – Nash Bolt Machines

The classic design Nash Bolt Machines are back, there’s a size for every situation, whether it be underarm flicks or casting to the horizon plus their self hooking properties result is epic takes yet tangles are almost inexistent.

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  1. Great time to release

  2. Copy Korda why not

  3. George Naturesbaits Team

    Loving them

  4. I've been fishing with floating sbirolino's for years using mostly 30 and 40 gram models.. they cost about 2 euro a piece. I tend to make then black though seems to make carp a lot less weary

  5. Bit late to release it you dickheads hahaha

    • NASH TV Carp Fishing

      The product was launched much earlier in the year but our silly video team only just got round to finishing the video. Blame your mate Carl. 😉

  6. Żadna nowość cos jak kula wodna 🙂

  7. Think I'll just file all the tangle creating edges off the old Bolt Machines. 🙂

  8. Are these bubbles used mainly as weights to cast light baits and not as bite indicators? If so, then you set the hook when you feel the fish pull, right?

  9. When I try surface fishing the fish try to eat my float for some reason.

  10. nice one carl and alex!!!!!

  11. Can somebody tell me what size swivel these floats take in order for them to act as a bolt rig?

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