Tuesday , October 22 2019
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Surface Fishing For Carp

Carl spends a couple of hours free lining with bread crust trying to catch some carp, watch to see how he gets on! Enjoy!
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  1. Love surface fishing 🎣

  2. thanks for another way of carp fishing

  3. You are the best !!!!

  4. Vincent Ceulemans

    Can you guys make a video about channel fishing for perch/pike/zander in the winter? Nice video btw ;)

  5. Looking forward to the weather warming up a bit so we can start catching off the top again. It's going to be the fly rod this year though. 😎🎣

  6. انت صياد مهار

  7. stunning fish.just goes to show they do t have to big to be beautiful.

  8. love it surface carp fishing why sit behind 3 rods in summer when ya can get off ya butt n catch em off the top great to see Karl 🎣🎣👍

  9. Arkādijs Kulačkovskis

    isnt this a reupload?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yes, this video used to be on our extra channel but we closed it, and people asked us to add the old videos to this channel so they could still watch them. Hope that makes sense :)

  10. great video keep it up lads..more tackle boxes n less X BOXES

  11. great vid keep up the good work and looking forward to weather warming and some great vids off you guys

  12. Hi lads! Another sick vid!👌🏻 as always!!
    Just wondering what reels you where using, couldn't quite make them out but they looked small! If it's not too much to ask, I was wondering if you'd be able to offer some advice, I really want a set of scopes but I'm not sure which reels compliment them best when on a tightish budget!?? Any thoughts?
    Tight lines!

  13. What song did u use plus great carp and an amazing video

  14. Fishing with Alex

    Was this vid made in the summer

  15. Nice video

  16. great vid guys

  17. Can't wait till it gets hotter where I live so I can surface fish I love it when you can see the fish take the bait

  18. Was this from ur old channel

  19. Nice catches

  20. biggest issue i always had with top water fishing for carp is the ducks and seaguls. the second they see anything floating they rush in and try to eat it. it was the strangest thing when watching my pole to see my line go upwards out of the water when a seagul took it. luckily he dropped it after a few seconds

  21. Watching your videos make me so excited for the upcoming season 😩

  22. Can you guys recommend a good pair of polarized sun glasses?

  23. Whoever disliked go die in a hole

  24. lovely as usual : )

  25. Hi I live in the same area as you guys so could I just ask where this is and great vid as always

  26. where abouts on the river lea do u fish

  27. Nice one carl, loved the video. Can't beat surface fishing.

  28. when was this filmed it is sunny?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      This was filmed in the summer, it's a video from our extra channel but because we closed the extra channel recently we are just adding all those old videos to this channel :)

  29. u should do a challenge…. the first to catch the most carp but thay have to be diffrent

  30. PGH Bottom Feeders

    Another amazing video we love watching your videos.

  31. Hi Guys,
    Nice and peaceful spot there what more could anyone want eh.
    Great stuff.
    Steve in Fife.

  32. Carry on uploading Daily , sick vids btw when was this filmed ?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Glad you are enjoying them man! These videos are actually ones from our now removed extra channel, so we are adding them to this channel at the moment. Once they have all been added we will go back to videos roughly once a week on fridays. :)

  33. what type of hooks do you use for this type of fishing? I guessing size 6?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yeah normally a 6, but a 4 if we can get away with big lumps of bread and an 8 if the fish are really shy and we have to use a tiny peice :)

  34. what line do you are you using ?

  35. How do you cast the bread so far. Whenever i just have bread and a hook on the line it casts no where or the bread comes off lol.

  36. Carlos J. Figueredo Castaño

    pls spanish barbels , comizos

  37. Carlos J. Figueredo Castaño

    or a session in Orellana +20k carps

  38. where is the tanyard

  39. Why does this look exactly like an older video

  40. What's the name of this venue??

  41. Great vid lads keep it up

  42. how do you put bread on your hook? when i cast it just falls off

  43. was the first carp a regular common carp or was it a koi or miror

  44. Do you use bread bombs

  45. Hi what are the rods called which u used in this video and what testcurve is it

  46. Wow stunning Linear

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